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    How to detox from Instagram

    Check your Instagram activity

    How to detox from Instagram

    Check your Instagram activity, then ascertaining how much time you actually spend on this social network can help to reduce your presence on it. Often, in fact, those who become social addicts spend many hours a day on their account without actually realizing it.

    To check your activity on Instagram, you can take advantage of an ad hoc function that has been implemented precisely to help users monitor the time spent on the social network. To use it, start the official Instagram app on your Android or iOS device and then tap on thelittle man which is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

    At this point, pigia sul pulsating (≡) located at the top right, tap on the item Your activities (the icon ofclock) from the side menu on the right and that's it. On the screen Your activities, you will be able to see a summary of the time you spent on Instagram.

    In the Time on Instagram, the daily average of the time you have spent on the social network in the last week. L'histogram located a little lower, however, it provides you in detail the time you spent day by day in the app: by tapping on one of the indicated days (eg. Mon, Mar, More, Thu, Fri, Today, etc.), a comic will open containing the minutes or hours spent on the platform.

    If from this verification you have ascertained that you actually spend too much time on Instagram, I advise you to resort to drastic measures, such as setting a maximum time of use, deactivating notifications or deactivating the Instagram account temporarily, as indicated in the next chapters of the guide.

    Please note: the count of the time spent on Instagram only concerns the activity carried out through the app installed on the device in use. Therefore, time spent on other accounts or on other devices is not included in the calculation.

    Set a maximum usage time for Instagram

    How to detox from Instagram

    Set a maximum usage time for Instagram it is definitely a great way to start a "detox" process from the social network. Instagram meets this need by providing a tool that is included on the screen Your activities, which I referred to in the previous chapter. Let me tell you how to best use it.

    To begin with, start the official Instagram app on your Android or iOS device, tap on thelittle man which is located in the lower right corner of the screen, press the button (≡) which is located at the top right and, in the menu that appears laterally on the right, tap on the item Your activities (marked with theclock).

    On the screen Your activities that opens on the screen, locate the section Manage your time (it is located a little further down the section Time on Instagram) and tap on the item Set a daily reminder, so as to access the tool that allows you to receive notifications every time the time you set will be reached. In the box that opens, select the maximum time of use of Instagram by selecting the ore and minutes from the appropriate drop-down menus and confirm the operation by pressing the button Set a reminder And that's it.

    When you reach the maximum time of use of Instagram that you have set yourself, a box will open in which you will find written: You spent [total time spent] on Instagram today. Press on the button OK to close the alert and then close Instagram following what you had established.

    If you use an iPhone, you can set usage restrictions using a function introduced with the release of iOS 12. To use it, you need to go to the menu Settings> Screen Time> App Restrictions, tap on the item Aggiungi LIMITATION OF USE, select the voice Social network from the menu that opens, presses on the item NEXT located at the top right.

    Then set the usage time from the appropriate menu that appears on the screen, move to ON the lever next to the item Freeze when the limit runs out (to prevent using the app once the set limit is reached), tap on the item Add And that's it.

    Disable Instagram notifications

    How to detox from Instagram

    Disable Instagram notifications is another trick that you can help you "detach" from the photographic social network. To complete this operation, start the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device, log into your account, tap on thelittle man located at the bottom right, press the button (≡) situato in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Settings located at the bottom of the sidebar that appears on the right.

    Now, tap on the items Notifications> Push Notifications and, in the screen that opens, set the option No on the various notifications you want to disable (I like it, Post comments ,  I like the comments, “I like” and comments on the photos in which you are, New followers, etc.). The changes will be effective immediately.

    If you want to disable push notifications only temporarily, instead, move to ON the switch lever placed in correspondence with the wording Disable push notifications and select the setting you prefer (eg. 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, etc.) from the menu that opens.

    Deactivate the Instagram account temporarily

    How to detox from Instagram

    Spending a few days or even a few weeks without accessing Instagram can certainly help detoxify you from the photographic social network: you can do this by deactivating your Instagram account temporarily.

    To complete this operation, access Instagram from its login page through your favorite web browser, click on the icon of thelittle man placed at the top right and presses the button Edit the profile. On the page that opens, click on the tab Edit the profile, scroll to the bottom and click on the link Temporarily disable my account located in the lower right.

    In the new page that opens, indicate the reason why you intend to deactivate the account by selecting one of the options in the menu Why are you deactivating your account? (Eg. Too busy / too distracting, I need a break, etc.), enter yours Password in the appropriate text field and presses the button Temporarily disable the account.

    Following the steps above, your Instagram account will be deactivated instantly and temporarily. In the meantime, your photos, your comments and all likes will be hidden until the account is reactivated.

    If you change your mind, you can reactivate your account by simply logging in again. If you want more information on how to disable Instagram accounts temporarily, consult the guide I just linked to you.

    Other useful tips for detoxing from Instagram

    How to detox from Instagram

    There are other useful tips to detox from Instagram that you would do well to put into practice. Among these is that of cultivate your passions and interests.

    Remember that the world is only what you can appreciate and see from the screen of your mobile: try to consolidate relationships with your friends and family, take care of your favorite hobbies and pastimes and do not isolate yourself by being on Instagram and others all day social network.

    If you really can't do without Instagram, consider also the possibility of unsubscribe from Instagram. If your addiction is such that nothing or no one has been able to free you from it, this drastic action could be very effective. If you don't know how to unsubscribe from Instagram, I recommend reading the guide in which I explain in detail how to do this.

    Finally, if the situation seems to have gotten out of hand, you can think of seek the help of a doctor to overcome your addiction. Also talk about it with your loved ones, without being afraid of being "scolded" or laughed at: you will find many people ready to help you and tackle the problem together with you, I assure you.

    It might also help you deal with the thing in discussion groups, both physical and online: find someone and share your experience. Comparison with other people in the same situation as you will certainly benefit you.

    How to detox from Instagram

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