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    How to see who is sharing your Stories on Instagram

    Preliminary information

    How to see who is sharing your Stories on Instagram

    Prima di enter the live of this tutorial and spiegarti how to see who is sharing your Stories on Instagram, it is my duty to provide you with some preliminary information about the procedure you are going to follow.

    The first thing I want to tell you is that you will not always be able to trace the identity of those who share your Stories on Instagram, and for a very simple reason: Instagram does not offer the possibility of sharing the Stories of others through official functions. The only exception concerns the Stories in which you are tagged, which can be reposted on your profile with the simple press of a button, thus using a special Instagram function.

    For all other Stories, the repost can only be done by turning to unofficial solutions, such as taking screenshots or using apps like the ones I told you about in my guide on how to repost Stories on Instagram. This means that when a Story is shared, the user who originally posted the content is not informed, unless mentioned in the Reposted Story.

    In the past it was possible to find out, at least potentially, when there was a repost of one's own Story because the social network warned the original author of the content of any screenshots made by other people, revealing their identity. This function, however, was removed in the first months of 2018 and we do not know if it will be restored or not.

    In light of what has just been said, being able to know if someone posts their Stories on Instagram is not easy: you should scroll through the list of your followers and see the Stories of each of them, to find out if someone has reposted a content without permission. There are only a few exceptions, which I'll tell you about shortly. Then you can only act upstream, going to preventively block the display of the Stories to suspicious people, that is, to those who are feared may repost a content without permission.

    How to see who is sharing your Stories on Instagram

    How to see who is sharing your Stories on Instagram

    As I told you in the previous chapter, Instagram unfortunately removed the function that allowed you to be notified when another user took a screenshot of the published Stories, and screenshots are the main means used by users on Instagram to "capture" the content to be reposted.

    Therefore, the only time you can find out if someone has reposted a Story is when the content of the repost also has a tag to the original author. Let me explain: as I have already explained to you in another guide, when you tag a user in an Instagram Story, he receives a notification of what happened with an automatic message sent on Direct (eg. [username] He mentioned you in his story).

    Therefore, if a user decides to repost your Story and decides to tag you in it, you will receive a notification on Direct that will inform you of the sharing. As you can well understand, to see who actually shared your Stories on Instagram you just have to hope that the repost author has the good sense to tag you, citing you as the original source of the content (he could do it either through the sticker @MENTION than by writing your username preceded by the symbol @).

    In all other cases, when a user shares your Story on their profile without mentioning your username (and therefore without acknowledging the authorship of the content), you will not be informed and you will hardly be able to learn about it, unless you accidentally manages to come across a Story in which there are photos or videos that you have made, but as you can well understand this is a rather unlikely eventuality.

    How to protect Instagram Stories

    How to see who is sharing your Stories on Instagram

    After realizing that you can't know for sure who actually shares the Stories you post on Instagram, would you like to have more control over who can view them and, therefore, repost them? I figured it, then let me explain how to protect Instagram Stories selecting the users who can view them.

    To begin with, start the official Instagram app on your Android or iOS device, log into your account (in case you haven't already) and tap thelittle man or thumbnail of your profile photo located at the bottom right (if you use multiple accounts).

    At this point, pigia sul pulsating (≡) located at the top right, select the item Settings from the menu that opens on the right and presses on the items Privacy and security e Story options. In the screen that opens, select the item Hide the story a, choose the names of the users you want to hide the Story from and first tap on the symbol (✓) and then on the voice end, to complete the operation.

    In case you want, instead, to share the Stories on Instagram only with a small circle of people, tap on the item Closer friends (always on the screen you reached by pressing on the items Privacy and security> Stories option), tap the green button Add, placed next to the friends with whom you want to share the Story, then press on the item end.

    From this moment on, the Stories you post on Instagram will not be able to be viewed by any of the people who follow you, except by those you have decided to include in the list of your closest friends. If you want to learn more about the functioning of the Stories and get more information on how to hide them, take a look at the guides that I linked to you: they will certainly be very useful.

    How to see who is sharing your Stories on Instagram

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