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    Instagram for PC

    Before explaining in detail how to take advantage of all the solutions at your disposal relating to Instagram for PC, I would like to provide you with some preliminary information in this regard.

    You must first know that Instagram it is designed to be used on smartphones, therefore there are limitations relating to its use from a computer: I mainly refer to the impossibility of caricature photo your Instagram gives PC via the Instagram application for Windows 10 or via the official website of the well-known photo social network.

    However, there are alternative solutions that can be considered in order to succeed in this specific intent, such as the use of the Facebook Creator Studio tool or the use of extensions that are used to modify the user agent of the browser. To find out more, read on.

    Instagram per PC Windows 10

    Instagram for PC

    If you own a PC or tablet equipped with Windows 10, you can first take advantage of the application of Instagram for Windows 10, through which you can interact with all the multimedia contents on the social network.

    However, as mentioned above, the application of Instagram for Windows 10 does not allow you to upload photos and / or videos to Instagram in the Feed nor to publish multimedia content in the stories of the social network.

    Having clarified this, follow the instructions that I will give you in the next chapters to find out how to use this official application of Instagram.

    Instagram per PC: download

    Instagram for PC

    In order to download the Instagram to Windows 10, first start the Microsoft Store, in order to identify, through the search field (located in the upper right corner) the application of Instagram.

    Once this is done, proceed with the installation of the same, first pressing on his icon and then on the button Install. Finally, at the end of the download and automatic installation, click on the button starts, to start it.

    Instagram for PC: view and interact with content

    Instagram for PC

    After downloading and launching the Instagram to Windows 10, log in with your account data and start using it to view and interact with user content.

    In this regard, you should know that the application of Instagram to Windows 10 it is quite immediate, as well as very similar to that relating to the application of the social network for smartphones.

    The main screen is, in fact, thehouse icon, through which you can view all the content posted by users in post as well as in the stories. You can also interact with them, for example by putting "I like" (theheart icon) or commenting on (thefumetto icon).

    To send private messages to users, instead, refer to the section with theairplane icon, through which you can view active conversations and send new messages (Send Message).

    THEcompass icon, then, is the "Explore" section, through which you can view, in a single screen, all the popular content posted by users.

    Instead, if you want to access your profile screen, in order, for example, to make some changes to it, click on yours profile picture located in the upper right corner and then click on the items Profile> Edit Profile, to access all the options for its modification (name e biography, for example).

    That said, in case of doubts or problems, or for more information about it, I suggest you consult my tutorial dedicated in depth to the functioning of Instagram.

    Instagram for PC: Upload photos

    Instagram for PC

    Since the Instagram application for Windows 10 does not allow you to upload photos and / or videos in posts, to do this from a computer, the solution I propose to use is the official one given by the Facebook Creator Studio, accessible for corporate Instagram accounts. connected to a page Facebook.

    After connecting to the instrument in question, press the button Create postIn public mode I will publish a content Instagram feed or your IGTV, selecting a content from the memory of your computer (Add Content> From Uploaded Files) or give your Facebook page connessa (Add content> From Facebook page) in order to publish it, by clicking on the button Public.

    In the case of dubbi or problem, oppure per avere maggiori informazioni riguardanti il ​​funzionamento di questo strumento, tigesuggerisco di leggere questo my tutorial dedicated in maniera più specifies all'argomento.

    Instagram per PC Online

    Instagram for PC

    Now let's talk about the Web version of Instagram, which is accessible from any browser to browse the Internet, such as for example Chrome, Firefox o Safari.

    By logging into Instagram from the Web, in fact, in addition to viewing the photos and videos you have uploaded to your profile, you can view those of your friends and comment on them. You can also view stories, reply to private messages, search for content posted by other users, become their followers and edit your profile. The functioning of Instagram from the Web is, in short, completely identical to the Instagram application for Windows 10.

    You can also "like" and comment on your friends' photos, respectively, by clicking onicon of the cuoricino and typing the comment in the field of testo Add a comment. If, on the other hand, you want I will close the photo of all Instagram users (even those you don't follow yet), use the search bar placed at the top.

    Dopo see digitato a termina e e individuato il relative contenuto, puoi diventare follower dell'utente che ha postat il contentuto: per riuscirci, fai prima clic sulla dell'immagine miniature and then on the button Follow Present high up on the page that shows you.

    You want to view your photos and / or edit your profile information, such as, for example, name e email address? Nothing easier. Click on tuo profilo miniature and then press on the items Profile> Edit Profile.

    Instagram for PC

    And to upload photos? Officially, as mentioned, you can't caricature photo your Instagram gives PC through the official website of the social network, as this functionality is not supported.

    However, if you wish, you can get around this limitation through the use of an extension that modifies theuser agent (i.e. the identifier with which the visited site recognizes the browser). In this way, in fact, you will disguise your browser and make it look like that of a smartphone or tablet. If you want to take advantage of this solution, so that you can upload photos to Instagram even from a PC, you have to resort to installing some extensions per i principali browser Web.

    Before proceeding, however, I remind you that installing this type of extension can involve privacy risks, as these tools, in order to work, require you to be able to access data relating to the websites you visit. Consequently, use them only for the time strictly necessary.

    Detto ciò, was used Google Chrome or a browser based on its own engine (eg. Edge o Opera), you can install the extension to switch user agent named User Agent Switcher, by visiting the relevant page of the Chrome Web Store and clicking on the button first Add and then Add Extension.

    After installing the addon in question, click on its icon located at the top right and select the user agent of any portable device in the menu that is shown at the top (eg. Android > Android KitKat).

    When you're done using the extension, remember to reset Chrome's default user agent by clicking on its icon and selecting the option Chrome> Default In the menu that comes mostrato.

    Using the browser Firefox , invece, puoi installare l'estensione User-Agent Switcher, premendo prima sul pulsado Aggiungi to Firefox and then Install.

    Once this is done, to use it, click on its icon that is shown to you at the top right (the globe) and selects a qualsiasi delle icone presenti nella sezione Select a mobile device nel riquadro che ti comes mostrato. Infine, make the page rich, but I will modify it for you.

    Instagram for PC

    Dopo aver usato l'estensione, ricordati di ripristinare l'user agent predefinito di Firefox, clicking sull 'icona di User-Agent Switcher and pressing on checkmark che si trova in basso a sinistra nel riquadro che ti comes mostrato.

    Purposes MacOS and the browser Safari? In this case, you will be happy to know that Apple's browser has a fully integrated user agent switching tool. So go to the menu Safari> Preferences che si trova in alto, select the scheda Advanced nella finestra che ti comes shown and metti il ​​segno di spunta accanto alla voce Show menu Sviluppo nella barra dei menu.

    Then, visit the official Instagram site, go to the menu Development> User agent Say Safari in mode will select one of the user agent relativi ad iOS.

    Instagram for PC

    At this point, regardless of the browser and extension you are using, after changing the user agent, in order to post a photo on Instagram from the Web, log in to the photo social network and click on the button capacitor positive (+) lead located in the lower center, in order to select the image to load from your computer's memory.

    Fatto ciò, click on your button NEXT, enter a description and degli hashtag da associare alla foto. Infine, pigia sul pulsating Share located at the top right, to publish the image on Instagram.

    Instagram per PC: Mac

    Instagram for PC

    Unlike Windows 10, an application of Instagram dedicated to Apple computers. Therefore, for use Instagram on Mac you simply have to use Instagram from the Web, by connecting to its official website of the social network, as explained in the previous chapter.

    Other solutions to use Instagram on PC

    Instagram for PC

    As for the workarounds for use Instagram from PC, I suggest you first consider using BlueStacks. If you have never heard of it, in fact, know that it is one of the most famous emulation software of the Android operating system that, available on Windows and macOS, allows you to run any application for the operating system of the green robot on a computer.

    In this case, then, using it you can view and, above all, upload photos to Instagram from PC, using the social network application for Android, downloadable from Play Store or by manual installation with APK file.

    If, on the other hand, you are looking for a program that allows you to scaricare instagram photo, contact 4K Stogram. It is, in fact, a software that can be downloaded for free for Windows and macOS, through which it is possible to download the photos published by the users of the photographic social network.

    However, its free version has limitations in the number of photos that can be downloaded and therefore, for unlimited use, it is necessary to purchase the paid version, the price of which starts at € 12,14. For more information about it, read my guide in which I talk about it in more detail.

    Instagram for PC

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