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    How to have black Instagram

    Preliminary information

    Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to have black instagram, I think you might be interested in learning more about the Dark Mode and why it can be useful.

    Well, the dark theme is often implemented by developers to allow users to rest your eyes, especially when using mobile devices in contexts of low light. Also, the dark theme allows you to save battery, especially with regard to smartphones that mount a OLED panel and therefore they can reproduce absolute blacks by turning off the pixels that reproduce this color.

    In short, having one available Dark Mode to Instagram it can be particularly useful for both your health and that of your smartphone (or tablet). In this regard, below you will find all the details of the case to proceed both on Android that of iPhone.

    How to have black Instagram on Android

    If you are wondering how to activate the dark theme in the Instagram app for Android, you should know that this setting is automatically activated, following the enabling of the dark theme in the device settings.

    In this regard, I inform you that the Dark mode on Android is available starting with Android 9.0. Having said that, to activate it, go to the Settings (the app with gear icon), locate the entry Display in the menu that opens and tap on the item Subject, in order to activate the dark mode.

    One smartphone is possiedi Huawei, to do this you have to go to the menu Settings> Battery I will post your ON the wording Dark colors interface.

    After completing this operation, the dark mode will automatically be applied to all apps that support it and, therefore, on Instagram you will be able to see the black background applied.

    In case you encounter any problems activating this mode, check for an update for the Instagram.

    Then tap onicona from Play Store located on the home screen of your smartphone, press on the item My apps and games located in the side menu, refer to the tab Updates and press pulsating Update, to start updating the app Instagram, if available.

    Alternatively, if you no longer want to worry about manual app updates, you can turn on automatic updating via the menu Settings of Play Store.

    On this screen, tap on the item Automatic app update and activate the wording Only via Wi-Fi o On any network, to update the apps automatically over Wi-Fi or even under the data network. In case of doubts or problems related to updating the apps, please refer to my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

    How to have black Instagram on iPhone

    After explaining to you what the black theme is for, I would say that you are ready to set it on the official Instagram application for iPhone.

    Let's start by saying that, to get the dark theme in the social network application, it is necessary to have activated the dark mode in Settings of your device. On the iPhone this possibility is available starting from iOS 13; consequently, if the smartphone in your possession is upgradeable to the new version of the Apple operating system, you must have already carried out this operation.

    If so, go to the Settings iOS, pressing onicona dell'ingranaggio located on the home screen. Once this is done, click on the item Screen and Brightness, then tap on the item Dark, to activate dark mode.

    Once this is done, dark mode will also be automatically activated in all apps that support it. So, starting Instagram you should automatically see the black background.

    In case the Dark Mode in Instagram is not yet active, make sure you have updated the app to the latest version available. Go, therefore, toApp Store say iOS (an "A" icon white on a light blue background), then tap on yours profile icon, located in the top right corner, and check for an update for the Instagram on the next screen that is shown to you. If successful, press the button Update, to update the app.

    Furthermore, you no longer want to worry about app updates, I remind you that you can also activate the automatic update of the same.

    To do this, go to the section Settings> iTunes Store and App Store and move up ON the lever located in correspondence with the wording App updates. In this regard, in case of doubts or problems, refer to my tutorial on how to update apps on iOS.

    Other solutions to have black Instagram

    Your smartphone Android it is not upgradeable to version 9.0 of the Google operating system? You are in possession of an old man iPhone and you don't have the option to activate the dark theme, because you can't upgrade it to iOS 13? If so, keep reading this guide of mine - I'm going to tell you about some workarounds for have black instagram.


    Su Android, a workaround to set the Dark Mode on Instagram is to go through the Web version of the social network and for Chrome, the Google home browser.

    In fact, Google's mobile browser implements a native dark theme that also works on Instagram. In case you don't have Chrome, just open the Play Store, search "google chrome", press onicona dell'app (a circle with the classic colors green, red, yellow and blue) and press the button Install, in the screen that opens, to install the app of the well-known browser.

    Once the application is launched, press on address bar, at the top, and type chrome :/ / flags via the virtual keyboard of the smartphone. At this point, use the search bar present at the top left to type dark mode".

    Fatto ciò, first prize Default placed next to the items Android Chrome UI dark mode e Android web contents dark mode, select the voice Enabled and tap on the blue button Relaunch Now, located at the bottom right.

    At this point, connect to the official Instagram website and choose to open it with Chrome, in case you are asked. A warning should appear on the screen asking you to add Instagram to the home screen of your smartphone: then press on the item Add to home screen and then Add, to install a link to Instagram Web on the home of your device.

    Now, tap onthree vertical dots icon present in alto a destra and selects the voice Settings from the menu that opens. If everything went well, you will find the voice Temi in the section Basic settings.

    In case this item does not appear, try restarting manually Chrome, then tap on the item Temi and select the writing Dark, to activate the Dark Mode of Instagram.

    Now you just have to go to the main screen of the smartphone, tap on the icon Instagram (the one just created with the social logo on a white background) and select the item first Active and later that Allow, to enable notifications and correctly use the new "application" with implemented Dark Mode.

    I remind you, however, that what you have created is a simple link to the Instagram site, which opens with Chrome. Dark Mode will then be activated on all content displayed in the browser.

    To turn off the dark theme, go back to the page chrome :/ / flags and move up Default the voices Android Chrome UI dark mode e Android web contents dark mode.

    Also, you should know that, online there are several sites that offer modified APK packages of Instagram or hacks of various kinds designed to implement, in an alternative way, the Dark Mode on the famous social network. Well, my advice is to leave these methods alone, since they could compromise the security of your device and your account.


    If theiPhone in your possession is not upgradeable to iOS 13, you can still get a dark version of Instagram via some accessibility features found in iOS 11 e 12.

    To do so, go to the screen Home of your iPhone and press the icon Settings (the symbol ofgear). After that, tap on the item Generali, then on the following menu items Accessibilità, Screen Adjustment e Invert colors.

    Perfect: now you just have to move on ON the lever next to the item Smart inversion and you will activate the dark theme. This mode acts on all applications and also on system screens but, in reality, it simply reverses the colors for those who are looking at the smartphone (this means that the screenshots may not show Dark Mode).

    Otherwise, some contents may not be displayed correctly, even if the mode Smart inversion keeps the colors of the multimedia contents unchanged and therefore you shouldn't have any problems with Instagram.

    In case you want to turn off the dark theme, go back to Settings> General> Accessibility> Screen Adjustments> Invert Colors and move up OFF the levetta relating to Smart inversion.

    To conclude, I invite you to stay away from modified applications and hacks that promise Dark Mode, as they could compromise the security of your smartphone and your account.

    How to have black Instagram

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