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First get to the heart of this tutorial and explain yourself how to take off black instagram, it is necessary to make a necessary premise relating to the dark mode of the famous photographic social network. In fact, at the time of writing this guide, Instagram does not yet offer its own function that allows you to have all the screens of the social network in dark color.

What the developers of Instagram limited themselves to doing was to release an update of the app to make the interface of the latter automatically turn black when dark mode is activated on a device with Android 9 and on iPhones (and iPads) updated to iOS 13 / iPadOS.

If, therefore, you see Instagram in black, it means that you have activated the dark mode from the settings of your device which allows, in fact, to darken the system interface and compatible apps, in order to both reduce the effort. eyes and protect your eyesight while using your smartphone that extend the battery life on devices with OLED screens (which turn off the pixels to reproduce the black color).

That said, if you're still wondering how to remove black instagram background, all you have to do is access the settings of your smartphone or tablet and disable the so-called “dark mode”. Doing so, however, will disable dark mode for all applications and for the entire system interface: it is not possible to disable it only for Instagram. Having clarified this, let's see how to proceed.

How to remove black Instagram from Android

As mentioned in the previous lines, all you need to do for remove black instagram on android is to access your device settings and turn off dark mode.

To proceed, take your smartphone, tap on the icon rotella d'ingranaggio present on the home screen or in the drawer, to access the Settings of Android, click on the option Display (o Screen) and, in the new screen displayed, tap on the item Subject, to disable dark mode.

Note that the steps to turn off Dark Mode on Android may vary slightly from device to device. For example, if your intention is remove black Instagram on Huawei, to turn off Android's dark theme you need to go to Settings of your smartphone (by pressing the icon of rotella d'ingranaggio) and select the option Battery. Once this is done, locate the item Dark colors interface and move the relative lever from ON a OFF.

If you prefer to have black Instagram in certain time slots and have a device equipped with Android 10, you can schedule Android dark mode on / off as you see fit. To do this, log back into Settings of your device, press on the item Display (o Screen), tap on the option Dark theme, choose the item Planning e seleziona l'opzione Active from dusk to dawn, to activate the dark mode in the evening and at night.

Please note that, even in this case, the procedure may differ depending on the smartphone in your possession. Also, you should know that on some devices it is also possible to program the exact activation / deactivation time of the dark mode.

Trying to put my instructions to deactivate dark mode on Android into practice, have you noticed that this is already deactivated but, despite this, both Instagram and the interface of your device are still black in color? Then you may have activated an accessibility feature that inverts all the colors of the screen, called Color inversion.

To check it, and eventually disable it, take your smartphone, tap on the icon rotella d'ingranaggio, to access the Settings of Android, select the option Smart assistance and tap on the item Accessibilità.

Now, click on the option Color inversion and, if its lever is set to ON, it means that this feature is active. Then move the lever in question from ON a OFF, to restore the "original" colors of the Android interface and return to the clear mode of Instagram.

How to take off black Instagram from iPhone

remove black Instagram on iPhone, hang your "iPhone by", press the icon of rotella d'ingranaggio, to access the Settings iOS, and tap on the item Screen and brightness. In the new screen that appears, put the check mark next to the option Chiaro, to turn off dark mode and make the Instagram interface clear again.

As with Android, even on the iPhone it is possible to activate / deactivate the dark mode automatically, by specifying the time slots of your interest. If you are interested in this feature, access the section again Screen and brightness and move the toggle next to the option Automatic da OFF a ON.

At this point, fai tap sulla voce options and choose the option of your interest between From dusk to dawn, to activate dark mode from when the sun sets until dawn, or Personalized programming, to specify the activation and deactivation time. In the latter case, tap on the items Appearance - Clear e Appearance - Dark and specifies the time when the two modes are to be activated automatically.

If dark mode is already off or you are using an iPhone that doesn't have dark mode, then you have activated it Invert the colors, an accessibility feature that allows you to invert all colors of the iPhone interface, including those of applications.

If this is your case, click on the icon of rotella d'ingranaggio, to access the Settings iOS, tap on the item Accessibilità and, in the new screen that appears, select the option Screen and text size.

At this point, move the toggle next to the feature you activated between reversal (which inverts all the colors of the screen) e Smart inversion (which inverts all colors but does not change the style of images, media files and apps that use dark mode) from ON a OFF and you should see both the "normal" iPhone interface and the original Instagram look.

How to take off black Instagram

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