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    How to start a chat on Instagram

    How to start a conversation on Instagram

    How to start a chat on Instagram

    I start this tutorial by explaining to you in detail how to start a chat on instagram from the technical point of view, using the app of the well-known photographic social network for Android (downloadable from the Play Store or from alternative stores) or for iPhone (downloadable from the App Store). Also, you will be interested to know that you can also proceed from PC, via the official Instagram site or its application for Windows 10.

    To proceed from a smartphone, then, start the app Instagram by pressing on its icon located on the home screen and in the drawer of your device. Once this is done, log into your account (if necessary), in order to view the Instagram home screen (thehouse icon), and go to the section dedicated to private messages of the social network, by tapping onairplane icon located in the upper right corner.

    Now, to start a private conversation with a person you've never interacted with before, tap onpencil and sheet of paper icon located in the upper right corner. Once this is done, in the menu that is shown to you, put the check mark in correspondence with the username of the person you want to chat with or type their username directly into the text field Search, up. Then tap on nominative, to select it and, finally, press the button Chat located at the top right.

    By doing so, you will be shown the private chat screen with the selected user: you can then write a message by typing it in the text field Send a message. Eventually, you can also use the other functions of the social network, such as sending voice messages (themicrophone icon) or sharing multimedia content (thegallery icon) Finally, to send the message, click on the button Send.

    As for, however, the ability to send private messages on Instagram from PC, I would be happy to know that both the official website of the social network and its application for Windows 10 support this possibility. Therefore, in this specific case, all you have to do is log into your account (if necessary) and press theairplane icon located in the upper right corner, to access the section dedicated to private messages.

    How to start a chat on Instagram

    Once this is done, press onpencil and sheet of paper iconselect il nominative of the person you want to chat with (or search for him via the internal search engine) and press the button NEXT, in order to display the screen dedicated to private chat.

    At this point, all you have to do is type the message to be sent, in the text field at the bottom, and send it by pressing the button Send. In case of doubts or problems, refer to my guide in which I tell you in more detail how to chat on Instagram.

    How to start an Instagram conversation with a boy or girl

    How to start a chat on Instagram

    Now that you understand how to use the Instagram dedicated to private messages, you are wondering how to start a conversation on instagram with a guy o how to start a conversation on instagram with a girl, since you would like some advice on how to approach this person in the right way? Then you will be happy to know that I have several general suggestions for you in this regard.

    The first thing you need to know is that there is no 100% "right" way to start a chat with a girl or a boy, but surely you can start by taking a cue from the content that the person in question publishes. For example, take a look at her profile bio Instagram, or even at photo that he recently published: maybe in addition to the photos themselves, there may be some Captions accompanying person and you could use the information in them as a starting point for an interesting conversation.

    Of course, if it's someone you don't know very well, it might also be useful to look at them stories that he publishes, to understand what type he is and what his interests are. Taking a cue from this information you will surely find the right idea to start the conversation.

    Once you've found the starting point to start the conversation, you need to try to make a good impression, especially with the first message. In this regard, try to be original and don't use clichés: write a message trying to arouse the interest and curiosity of the person you want to chat with, perhaps even asking a question at the end of the sentence, to stimulate the continuation of the conversation.

    Still talking about the form of writing, I want to remind you that this is very important: in the Instagram private chat there are no character limits, therefore, I suggest you avoid using abbreviations and any type of SMS-style language. This is not only an aesthetic question, but also a necessity, since abbreviations could lead to misunderstandings of the written text.

    It is equally important, to make a good impression, take care of the spelling and grammar of your messages: it might seem obvious to say it, but a message full of errors certainly does not make a good first impression.

    Last but not least (indeed!), Always remember to be kind and polite, Over which patient: If you have written a message to a girl or a boy and this person does not reply immediately, do not insist on getting an answer immediately, otherwise you could be "annoying" and cause this person to have a negative feeling towards you.

    How to start a chat on Instagram

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