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    How to know if a person is online on Instagram

    Preliminary information

    How to know if a person is online on Instagram

    Before we get to the heart of this guide, there are a few preliminary information about that you need to know.

    As anticipated at the beginning of the article, to understand if a particular user is currently active on Instagram, just take advantage of a special function, called activity status, made available by the same social network, which allows you to find out the status of other people's activities, as well as to understand when the last time you accessed the service.

    The feature is very useful and can be used both by mobile devices, via the Instagram app for Android and iOS, which gives computer, through the web version of the service and through the application for Windows 10.

    However you have to take into account some limitations: it appears to be functional only if both you and the user of your interest have enabled the aforementioned function and only if you have not blocked the other user and vice versa. Another thing to consider is that it is not possible to see the activity status of all users, but only those with whom you have exchanged private messages or who have mentioned you in their story.

    Considering the limitations, you will learn that there are also other systems that could be useful to understand if a user is connected to Instagram or not, such as the activation of targeted notifications related to specific activities carried out by a given account and the analysis of statistics related to stories e live.

    These latest solutions, however, cannot be considered 100% accurate to determine whether a user is connected to Instagram or not, as they are not designed for the purpose in question. In any case, by crossing the obtained data you should get a more or less clear idea about it.

    How to know if a person is online on Instagram

    Having made the necessary clarifications above, we can finally move on to real action. So, if you want to know if a person is online on Instagram, there is nothing else to do but take advantage of the various systems I mentioned and that you find detailed below.

    Status of activity

    How to know if a person is online on Instagram

    To find out if a person is online on Instagram, you can first take advantage of the feature that allows you to track him activity status of a user and that allows you to understand even when the latter has made the last access.

    To benefit from mobile devices, take the device, unlock it and start theInstagram appby selecting the relevant icon (Quella with the retro camera) present on the home screen or in the drawer, then log in to your account (if necessary).

    Once the main screen of the app is displayed (the one accessible by pressing the icon in the shape of casa at the bottom), tap on the icon with thepaper airplane located at the top right or swipe from right to left on the display.

    After displaying the Direct, you will be able to view the list of all private conversations with other users. Identify, therefore, the one relating to the account of your interest and check that there is a corresponding to the avatar green dot and that the wording appears under the name Active now: if you present the user in question is currently online.

    If the account is not connected, looking at the writing under the name you will still find indicated when it was the last time. To be precise, the labels that can be displayed are the following.

    • Active [N] min ago - indicates that the user is not currently online, but was until a few minutes before (those that are indicated).
    • Active today - indicates that the user has logged in during the day, but has not accessed his account for a few hours.
    • Active yesterday - indicates that the user has not accessed his Instagram account for a day.

    To take advantage of the activity status from a computer, instead, access the Web version of Instagram, starting the browser you usually use to surf the Net from a computer (eg. Chrome), by going to the home page of the service and logging into your account (if necessary). Instead, if you are using theInstagram application for Windows 10, select the relevant collegamento that you find in Start menu and, also in this case, log in (always if necessary).

    In the screen you now see, click on the icon with thepaper airplane which is located at the top right and check the wording that you find under the name of the user of your interest in the list of conversations, similar to what I have just indicated for the mobile side.

    If you are unable to view the information relating to the activity status and the last access for any user, it is most likely because you in turn have not previously enabled the appropriate function on your account, provided that, as I said at the beginning, it is essential to obtain the data in question. To remedy this, do the following.

    • From mobile - tap on thelittle man located in the lower right part of the Instagram screen, press the button with the lines horizontally located at the top and choose the item Settings from the menu that appears. Next, tap on the wording Privacywhy are you cheating? Status of activity e carries his ON the switch located next to the item Shows the activity status.
    • From computer - click on tua photo at the top right, then on the icon of thegear on your profile screen and select the wording Privacy and security of the menu that opens. Then, check the box next to the wording Shows the activity status present in corrispondenza della sezione Status of activity which is on the right.

    If the activity status doesn't appear this way either, make sure you don't have it bloccato the user in question: if so, unblock him, by implementing the instructions I gave you in my guides on how to see people unblocked on Instagram and how to unblock people on Instagram.

    Sincerely. Furthermore. that the other user has not blocked you in turn, trying to put into practice the instructions in my post on how to see who blocked you on Instagram.

    Targeted notifications

    How to know if a person is online on Instagram

    If you can't find out if a person is online on Instagram using your activity status, you can consider turning on targeted notifications for a given account, so that you are notified when it publishes new posts and stories, when it broadcasts on IGTV and when it is live, all circumstances in which it should therefore be online.

    The notifications in question can only be enabled from the Instagram app for smartphone. To do this, start the application, and go to the profile of your interest, by tapping on the icon with the magnifying glass located at the bottom of the screen, by typing the name in the search field located at the top and first selecting the tab Account and then the relevant suggestion.

    On the next screen, if it's a user you don't follow yet, tap the button Follow which is located at the top. Later or in any case if you were already a follower of that user, click on the button Follow already, touches the voice Notifications present in the menu that opens and leads up ON the indicators next to the items Post, Stories and / or IGTV, depending on the notifications you want to enable.

    As for the live broadcasts, however, by default you only receive notifications for some of them. If you want to change this behavior, tap on the item Live video that you always find in the menu and choose the option you prefer.


    How to know if a person is online on Instagram

    Even your own stories they can be useful to understand if a person is currently connected to Instagram or not. To be specific, it can help to consult the list of people who have watched them. In fact, if you have recently shared a story and the account of your interest has just appeared among the users who have viewed it, most likely it is currently online.

    With that in mind, first share a story on Instagram (if you haven't already, of course) by following the instructions I gave you in my specific guide on how to share a story on Instagram.

    Later, both from smartphone that computer, select the your profile picture that you find at the top of the main Instagram screen (the one you can reach by pressing the icon of casa), select the voice Viewed from present at the bottom left and you can see the list of users who have watched the story.

    Since from the same screen from which it is possible to create the stories it is also possible to transmit the directed, I inform you that this function can also allow you to find out if a user is online or not, always consulting the list of users who are watching.

    In this specific case, all you have to do, always be from smartphone that computer, is to start broadcasting a live broadcast (as I explained to you in my specific guide on how to do live on Instagram) and press on number top left, indicating how many users are following the live. Subsequently, a box will open with the list of all users who are currently watching the live broadcast.

    In any case, keep in mind that every time a new user starts watching the live, in the lower part of the screen of the same appears the writing Username is now participating indicating the thing.

    How to know if a person is online on Instagram

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