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    Best Instagram bots

    Preliminary information

    Best Instagram bots

    Before going into the heart of this tutorial, it seems only right to give you some preliminary information that you cannot fail to know before starting to use (possibly) one of the services listed below. The first thing I want to do is explain to you a little better what are bots.

    In the IT field, the muzzle (short for “robot”) is nothing more than software capable of automating tasks that would be too burdensome or complex for “real” users to perform. By translating this concept specifically to Instagram, the bot is a service that, by exploiting the API (Application Programming Interface) of the photographic social network - that is the programming tools made available to developers to facilitate their task in the creation of external apps and services - automatically performs a series of operations (eg puts "Like", comments , start following other people, watch stories, etc.), which otherwise would have to execute the user "manually".

    Since the more interactions you have on Instagram (and social networks in general), the more likely you are to gain new followers, many use bots to gain new followers relatively quickly. While many bots can actually work, I still recommend that you consider whether they are worth using or not. For what reason? There are at least a couple of reasons you should consider.

    First of all, know that Instagram doesn't like automatic actions performed by bots: if you take too much advantage of the latter, exponentially increasing your interactions on the photographic social network, therefore, you could run into the deactivation of your account or even its total closure.

    Secondly, know that some services may resell user data to third parties. If you have come to this article with the intention of identifying the best free Instagram bots, therefore, be careful: even if you do not pay for the use of these solutions with money, you could use your personal data as a "bargaining chip". Disturbing, right?

    As for the trial versions of paid bots (which are the ones I will talk about in the next lines), you should know that, usually, these do not last long and thus do not offer the possibility of making objective assessments about their real effectiveness.

    For the reasons mentioned above, therefore, I strongly advise against using bots to grow on Instagram. It is much better to implement more "intelligent" social strategies, as well as ethically more honest. Sure, they won't allow you to increase the number of people who follow you overnight, but with a little effort and persistence, they can be really effective. If you want to know more about it, read the in-depth analysis in which I explain how to increase followers on Instagram for free: it will be useful!

    Given the necessary premises above, I would say that we can take action and analyze some bots for Instagram, among those available online.


    Best Instagram bots

    If you have decided to still use Instagram bots despite what I told you in the initial chapter of the guide, give it a try Viky. This bot is simple to use, thanks to its user friendly user interface which greatly exemplifies its use. The cost of the service starts from 14,95 euro / month, but its functionality can be tested for 5 days.

    To use it, go to Viky's main page, click on the orange button Sign up today placed in the center of the screen and fill in the proposed form, providing in the appropriate text fields name, last name, e-mail (twice) e cellular (optional). Then indicate, through the appropriate menu, if you are a company or a VAT number (Yes o No) and provide the Password with which to protect the account (twice). In conclusion, put the check mark on the box relating to the acceptance of the conditions of use of the service and click on the button Proceed!.

    On the page that opens, click on the button Instagram and then Continue (twice in a row). Next, connect the Instagram account you want to "feed" to the bot by filling in the fields Instagram username e Passwords on Instagram and then click on the button Connect your account securely. In case you are asked to verify your account, enter the security code that was sent to you and carefully follow the instructions that appear on the screen to continue.

    Once you have linked your account to Viky, you should be in front of the service dashboard. The first thing you need to do is add profiles that are in line with your profile: to do this, type their username in the text field Search Instagram profiles and by clicking on the button capacitor positive (+) lead placed in correspondence with the account of your interest. After adding at least five profiles, click on the button It begins!, I will continue.

    On the page that opens, then define the actions that the bot must perform, using the box on the right. Then click on the button Stopped o starts, located in correspondence with the wording Following, to stop or start the function that allows you to automatically follow other profiles, and move up ON the lever of the switch located in correspondence with the wording Follow and / or Unfollow, based on the action you are interested in automating.

    Do the same thing with the viewing the Stories and like of interaction. Now you simply have to wait for the bot to do its duty and analyze the results obtained.


    Best Instagram bots

    Another service you can turn to to automate your Instagram account is Ingramer. The service works in a similar way to the one mentioned above. It also allows you to program in advance some specific actions to be carried out on the connected Instagram profile and, using artificial intelligence, promises optimal results in a relatively short time. It costs $ 19 / month, but its functions can be tested for a period of 3 days.

    To use it, go to the main FollowPlanner page, click on the button Try it for free and fill out the form displayed on the screen, indicating your address e-mail and Password you want to use (both in the Password and Repeat password). Then put the check mark on the box I'm not a robot and click sul bottone Sign Up For Free. Then log in to the mailbox indicated and click on the link that was sent to you, in order to confirm your identity.

    On the page that opens, provide Username e Password of the Instagram account you want to connect to the bot and click on the button Sign In. On the page that opens, click on the button Settings and fill in the sections Tags e Hypertarget: to do this, just type thehashtag or username say you are interested appropriate text field, give Submit on the keyboard and then click on the label or profile you want to use to automate actions with the bot by clicking on it.

    At this point, the bot will perform automatic actions for you, taking advantage of the information you gave it just now. To monitor the progress made, i.e. the new followers obtained in the last 24 hours, in the last week or those obtained by using the bot, click on the button Stats and monitor the situation.


    Best Instagram bots

    Another bot you may find useful is InstaZood. Its operation is almost similar to that of the services already mentioned above and allows you to automate various actions: like, comment, view stories and so on. Starts from $ 11,99 / month and it is possible to test its functionality for 3 days.

    To use InstaZood, go to its home page, click on the button Start 3 Days Free and fill out the form you see on the screen, providing yours name, your email address and yours Password (twice) in the appropriate text fields. Then put the check mark on the box I'm not a robot and, after placing the check mark in the box relating to the acceptance of the conditions of use of the service, click on the button Active.

    On the page that opens, then, click on the button Add Your Account, fai clic sull 'instagram icon (top left), type yours username Instagram in the appropriate text field and select your account from the menu that opens. Then open the menu Select a category and choose the category your profile falls into. Then click on the button Add profile I will continue.

    On the page that opens, click on one of the buttons located at the top to access the various functions of the bot: Growth plan to start the operation of the bot by inserting hashtags related to your profile, the name of profiles, etc .; Manual growth, to manually select the ideal audience to interact with, setting filters and reference targets and so on; Hot leads, to indicate the filters through which the bot must act (eg number of likes, comments, followers, etc.); Post programming, to schedule in advance the publication of the contents to be published on your Instagram account and so on.

    Other Instagram bots

    Best Instagram bots

    I conclude this article by talking to you about other Instagram bots that you might find useful. Their operation does not differ much from those I told you about before: you sign up, connect the Instagram account to the bot and select the preferences related to the activity that the latter must carry out.

    • Boostgram - is another rather well-known bot, which allows you to automate the addition of likes, followers, unfollows and even schedule posts to be published. You can test its functions for three days, then it costs the "beauty" of $ 99 / month.
    • Grammar - allows you to automate some rather basic actions, including the addition of automatic likes, the addition and removal of users to follow, by selecting the speed of action of the bot that you prefer to set. It costs $ 39,99 / month.
    • Masslooking - if you are looking for a bot that specializes in automating the viewing of other people's Instagram stories, this is the solution that could be for you, since the service specializes in just that. It's free for 14 days, then it costs $ 14,99 / month.
    Best Instagram bots

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