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    How to find out Instagram password

    How to find Instagram password

    How to find out Instagram password

    There are several hacking techniques that make it possible find out Instagram password and which, unfortunately, are used successfully by crackers to the detriment of a growing number of users. To defend yourself against this kind of cyber attack, you obviously need to know the "weapons" used by the "enemy", including keyloggers, spy apps, phishing emails and "social engineering" approaches. What is it about? I'll explain it to you immediately in detail.

    Keylogger software

    One of the hacking techniques most used by cybercriminals involves the use of software keylogger, rather advanced programs that are able to "sniff" the keyboard, that is, they are able to capture everything a user types on the keyboard, including passwords, and send them to malicious people (who then often make a profit by reselling the data stolen).

    In addition to the more advanced keyloggers, which record the text typed on the keyboard and send it to crackers who can then act remotely, there are also less powerful keyloggers that can also be used by users who are not very familiar with the world of hacking. One of these is Home KeyLogger, a spy software that I told you about in depth in a tutorial I wrote some time ago.

    Spy applications

    Since everything that belongs to the world of computing can potentially be "hackable", even smartphones and tablets are not immune from cyber attacks. The latter, in fact, could host spy-app which, like keyloggers, record the text typed by the user. They also keep track of incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, online activities and much more.

    To find out if spy applications are installed on your device, monitor its energy consumption (often the spy apps "eat" a lot of battery). Maybe you can get help from an energy consumption monitoring app like Wakelock Detector (which I also told you about in the tutorial where I explain in depth how to check for the presence of spy apps). If you want to have some more information on the functioning of Wakelock Detector, I suggest you read the article in which I show how to save battery on Android containing in-depth information on its functioning.

    Sometimes even some apps for the parental control and applications Theft Protection they are used for "malicious" purposes (perhaps by their own family members!). An example is the Qustodio app I told you about in detail in the guide where I explain how to spy on an Android device.


    Another hacking technique I want to warn you about is the Phishing. How is it used? The cracker sends an email that appears to come from the Instagram team to the potential victim. A link is included in the message in question: by clicking on it, the user is redirected to a login page that closely resembles that of Instagram and in which the user is asked to enter the username and password: if the user "takes the bait", the login details entered on the fake Instagram site will end up directly in the hands of cybercriminals.

    Defending yourself against phishing is pretty easy, as you just need to ignore the fake emails from Instagram. Despite this, an increasing number of users fall into this apparently harmless, but very effective trap. The best thing to do is ignore all emails requesting access or changing the password of Instagram. If you want to log into Instagram or need to change your account password, connect to the page from the browser, log in with your account credentials (or using your Facebook account) and go to the profile password settings by first clicking on thelittle man (top right), then on the icon ofgear and infine your voice change Password.

    Social engineering

    THESOCIAL ENGINEERING is another hacking technique I warn you about. In this case, the bad guys who use this particular technique approach the user and, with any excuse, ask him to lend him the smartphone, tablet or computer. Once in possession of the victim's devices, the criminals take advantage of the situation to access the victim's accounts and personal information.

    You ask me how can you defend yourself against such a threat? Simple: if someone were to ask you to lend them one of your devices, don't agree for any reason in the world (unless, of course, they are super-trusted)!

    Passwords saved in the browser database

    Do you usually save passwords to your accounts directly in the bowser? Bad very bad! If a cracker were able to access the database of the browser you use to log into Instagram, they would have no problem sneaking into your account. And in this case, in addition to the damage, you should also suffer the insult since you yourself would have facilitated the "work" of the cybercriminal on duty.

    If you don't believe what I'm saying, try taking a look at my tutorial on how to recover passwords saved on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome: you will realize how simple it is to do this!

    How to avoid getting your Instagram password stolen

    How to find out Instagram password

    Now, after having considered the most used hacking techniques to steal the Instagram password, it is time to move to the "counterattack" and find out how to defend yourself. Follow the suggestions I am about to give you carefully and find out how to secure your account.

    Use a long, hard-to-guess password

    How to find out Instagram password

    Use a long, hard-to-guess password it is very important to avoid unpleasant "intrusions" in your Instagram account. How long should your password be? At least 15-18 characters, alternating numbers, letters and symbols (eg. !, £, $, %, &, /, #, *, =, +, ?, ^, ç, @, etc.). In addition to this, I recommend that you change the password of your Instagram account at least once a month, to make it even more difficult to find it.

    Since you are most likely subscribed to numerous online services and social networks, you may find it difficult to remember all the passwords of your multiple accounts. If so, you can solve the problem by using a password manager like 1Password LastPass, which I told you about in detail in the guide where I explain how to manage passwords.

    Enable two-factor authentication

    How to find out Instagram password

    Another way to keep dangerous intruders out of your account is enable two-factor authentication. From the moment you activate this important security setting, you will be able to access Instagram from a new device or a new browser only after entering a second access key that will be sent to you by the Instagram team via SMS. In this way, even when someone intercepts your password, they will not be able to access your Instagram account (since only you will receive the second access key via SMS).

    To activate two-factor authentication, open the official Instagram application on your Android or iOS device, tap thelittle man located at the bottom right and, on the next screen, presses on the symbol (...). Then scroll the screen you see and tap on the item Two-factor authentication found in the section Account and, in the screen that opens, move up ON the relative levetta all'opzione Request security code.

    Compliments! You just turned on two-factor authentication and now your account is more secure! Within a few minutes, you should receive an e-mail confirming the activation of this very useful security system.

    Do not access public Wi-Fi networks

    How to find out Instagram password

    When you are away from home, connect to the Internet via your carrier's 3G or 4G LTE network and avoid public Wi-Fi networks, since they are more vulnerable to cyber attacks and are easy prey for crackers who try to "sniff" the data of unfortunate users.

    Also, start using one VPN to encrypt the data traveling on your connection and make it inaccessible to attackers and providers. VPNs also allow you to bypass online censorship, access overseas catalogs of streaming services, and more. There are many to choose from: I personally recommend you NordVPN (which I told you about in depth here) and Surfshark which are among the most complete, work on smartphones, tablets and computers and have low prices.

    How to recover Instagram password

    How to find out Instagram password

    Have you lost your Instagram account password and now you don't know how to log in? In that case you can do a simple one password recovery procedure to log back into your account and return to post photos and videos to share with your followers.

    If you decide to act mobile, start the Instagram app, tap on the item Get help with logging in located a little below the login form and follow the wizard to reset your account password. To recover your password from your computer, instead, visit this page, enter yours username in the appropriate field that you see on the screen and follow the guided procedure to retrieve the access key of your account.

    If you find it difficult to perform the password recovery procedure, do not hesitate to read the tutorial in which I explain how to recover your Instagram password. I'm sure you will find this reading very useful too.

    How to find out Instagram password

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