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    How to see people blocked on Instagram

  • How to see people blocking you on Instagram
  • How to see people blocked on Instagram

    see people blocked on Instagram you can act as a smartphone and tablet, via the Instagram app for Android or iOS, or from a computer, by connecting to the official website of the photographic social network. In the following lines I'll explain in detail how to proceed.

    Give smartphone and tablet

    To see the list of people you've blocked, launch the Instagram on your device and log into your account. Go to your profile screen by pressing onicona dell'omino in the bottom menu, tap the button (☰) and select the item Settings from the next screen.

    In the screen that is proposed to you, reach the section Privacy and security> Blocked accounts and you will be shown the list of all blocked accounts on Instagram. The blocking of an account on Instagram, I remind you, is reciprocal: the blocked person cannot see the content you publish and, consequently, you cannot see the photos, videos or stories published by the latter.

    Having said that, you can revoke the block to an Instagram user by acting from the screen where you are: to proceed in this sense, press the name of the user you want to unblock and press the button Unlock twice in a row. If you have any doubts or problems or if you need more information on the subject, read my guide on how to unblock on Instagram.

    Alternatively, to see the list of blocked people, you can press the icon (☰) that you find on your profile screen and then on the item Settings. Then reach the section Privacy and security> Access data and presses on the voice View all, at Account you have blocked. For the rest, the steps to be taken are the ones I explained to you earlier.

    From computer

    If you prefer to act as a computer, connect to the official Instagram website and log in to your account. Then press onicona dell'omino at the top right and click on theicona dell'ingranaggio.

    In the menu that is shown to you, click on the item Privacy and security, Then View account information and finally, click on the wording View all, at the section Account you have blocked.

    In this case, acting from this screen it is not possible to unblock a blocked user. To do this, manually locate the account to be unlocked via the Instagram search engine and press the button Unlock twice in a row. For more information on this, please refer to my tutorial on how to unblock on Instagram.

    How to see people blocking you on Instagram

    Blocking a user on Instagram is a silent feature that serves to avoid being bothered by unwanted people within the social network. You can therefore imagine that, if you block a person on Instagram, they will not be notified and may not notice it.

    Having said that, you will surely have guessed that there is no real method for see people blocking you on Instagram: You can, however, deduce it by looking on Instagram for the profile of the person you think has blocked you.

    If you've actually been blocked by a user on Instagram, you shouldn't be able to find their profile within the social network. In case you still manage to find him, you will not be shown his posts, his stories or the names of the people he follows and who follow him. In short, his Instagram profile will be empty and you will not be able to follow him.

    To get a further confirmation of the block, log in to Instagram from Android and iOS or from the website, but this time using another account: if you can find the profile of the user you suspect has blocked and you can also see its contents, it is likely that you have actually been blocked.

    In case you want to learn more about how to see who blocked you on Instagram, I suggest you read this guide of mine.

    How to see people blocked on Instagram

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