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  • Preliminary information

    From the moment you wonder how to see my instagram comments, you must first know that, at the time of writing this tutorial, the social network in question does not have a section that contains in one place all the comments published under the post.

    A different discourse must be made, however, regarding the stories: the comments left in response to the latter are all on a single screen, that is, in the private messages section.

    Also, if you are wondering who can see my comments on Instagram, you should know that the comments posted in the post they are public, therefore visible to all. The only exception concerns the comments published in the posts of a private profile: in that specific case, the comments are visible only to the followers of the account in question.

    See my Instagram comments in posts

    Having said that, let's see specifically what are the steps to take to see your comments on Instagram in post acting as a smartphone, via the social network app for Android (downloadable from the Play Store or from alternative stores) and iOS, or from a computer, via the official Instagram site or the application for Windows 10 and later versions.

    Android and iOS

    The procedure to be performed for see their comments on posts it is identical on both Android and iPhone. To start, therefore, start the social network app and log in with your account data, if you have not yet done so.

    Then, once the main screen of the social network is displayed (accessible by pressing on thehouse icon), locate and tap the Profile of the user with whom you have previously interacted. Alternatively, click on the icon magnifying glass, to search for his profile.

    Once this is done, locate the content you previously interacted with and tap it. Now, press onicon with a speech bubble symbol and you will see all comments posted on that photo or video, including your message.

    Of course, you can also perform the same steps by going to yours Profile, to see the response comments you posted under your content.


    see your comments on posts on Instagram da PC, you can use the official Instagram site or its application for Windows 10 and later.

    To do this, first log in with your account details. Once this is done, locate the content posted by a user with whom you have interacted previously and click on it.

    To find a person's profile on Instagram and, consequently, the content posted, you can also use the Search Engine located at the top. Then type the name of the person and click on the corresponding search result.

    Did you find it? Yup? Very good! After clicking on the content you interacted with, you can see all comments posted for the same, including yours. In case the comments are numerous, click on the button capacitor positive (+) lead to see them all.

    See my Instagram comments in the stories

    Would you see your comments posted in Instagram Stories? Doing so is very simple, as these are located within the private messages section.

    In the following lines I will explain how to proceed both from smartphones and tablets and from computers.

    Android and iOS

    To see the section dedicated to private messages su Android e iPhone, launch the app Instagram and log into your account.

    Now, press on the symbol ofairplane which is located in the upper right corner and tap on one of the conversations present, in order to see the history of all messages sent and received within it.

    Replies to your stories are marked with an indication He answered your story, while those written by you in response to the stories of others present the indication You answered his story. You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?


    By using the official Instagram site or using its application for Windows 10 or later, you can also see all your response comments to stories posted by other users, in addition to private messages received as a response to the stories you have posted.

    To do this, click on theairplane that you find in the upper right corner of the main Instagram screen (the one with the icon cottage), then click on one of the active conversations, to see all the messages published and received.

    Comments received in response to published stories are, again, marked by voice He answered your story, while your response comments have the wording You answered his story.

    How to see my likes on Instagram comments

    Instagram does not have a section dedicated to viewing like placed in correspondence with the comments of others; however it is possible to see, in a single screen, i "I like it" posted on Instagram in other people's posts.

    This solution can come in handy if you want to see the like you put in comments on Instagram, as if you have put "like" on a post you may have done the same thing also with regard to a comment published in correspondence with it.

    So, to see the "likes" you posted in post and, presumably, also in Comments of the same, start theInstagram app for mobile devices, log in to your account (if necessary) and go to your screen Profile.

    Now, press the icon menu, at the top right, and tap on the items Settings> Accounts> Posts you like. Then press on one of the posts that are shown to you and tap on the icon of comic, to see if you have "liked" someone in the comments present.

    How to hide my Instagram comments

    You stai chiedendo how to hide your comments on instagram? Well, since the comments under other people's posts are public, the only thing you can do to hide them is to block a user. Only in this way, in fact, will you prevent those people from seeing them.

    To do this, go to the user profile of your interest using the Instagram app for smartphones or tablets or acting as a PC. Once this is done, click on the icon (...) at the top right and then on the button Block (Block this user, from PC). Finally, confirm the operation by pressing the button Block.

    For more information on this, read my tutorial on how to block people on Instagram.

    How to see my comments on Instagram

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