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    How to see last login Instagram

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  • How not to show last access Instagram
    • Give Android and iOS
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  • How to see the last access Instagram without direct
  • How to see last Instagram login even if hidden

    If you are wondering how to see the last login on instagram first of all you must know that, on the same wave line as Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp, too Instagram introduced the possibility of see the last login of users with an update released in early 2018.

    In this regard, from the moment your intent is to know the activity status of your contacts, you will be happy to know that the function is active by default for all users, regardless of the type of account held (personal or corporate. ), and is located in the section Settings> Privacy> Activity status.

    However, you should also know that it is not possible to know the last access of all users, but only of those with whom you have exchanged a private message or who have mentioned you in a story.

    Furthermore, this functionality has a reciprocity constraint and, therefore, it is not possible to see the last access of a user if the latter has disabled this functionality or if Status of activity is disabled on your account. Make sure, therefore, that you have not mistakenly disabled this feature, otherwise you will not be able to see the S.status of activity of other users of Instagram.

    Having clarified this, you will be happy to know that you can use this feature through the app Instagram for devices Android (downloadable from the Play Store or from alternative stores) e iOS / iPadOS (downloadable from the App Store) and also from PC, using the web version of Instagram or its application for Windows 10.

    How to see last login Instagram

    After the necessary introduction on the operation and the limitations of the last access to Instagram, let's get to the heart of the guide and see how to view the last access of users.

    Give Android and iOS

    To see the last login on Instagram da Android e iOS then take your smartphone or tablet and start Instagram by tapping on its icon on the home screen.

    Once this is done, if requested, enter your data in the fields Phone number, username or email e Password, then tap the button Log in to connect to your account. If you have any problems, you can read my detailed guide on how to access Instagram.

    Now, press the icon ofpaper plane present at the top right or swipe to the right, to access the section relating to private messages where you can view the contacts who have mentioned you in a story, who have sent you a private message or to whom you have sent a private message.

    Once this is done, having identified the contact of your interest, you can understand the last access by displaying one of the entries next to the user's name.

    • Active now: means that the user is online.
    • Active [number] min ago: The contact is offline, but was active a few minutes ago.
    • Active [number] h ago: the user has not connected for a few hours.
    • Active today: if the user has not been online in the last 4-5 hours, but logged in during the day.
    • Active yesterday: the contact was last accessed a day ago.

    You must know that, unlike what you might imagine, the last access viewed is not related only to the section Direct but indicates the last connection on Instagram.

    Also, you can't view it Status of activity of users who have not connected for over two days: in fact, instead of the voice Active/a you will see the last message sent or received and the elapsed time.

    Among other things, you will surely be interested to know that you can view the last access of users even by creating a new one Story.

    To do this, on the main screen of Instagram, do tap sul + button at the top left of yours photo, then customize your story by adding photos, videos and text and then press the button Send to.

    In this section, you can view the users suggested e Recent to which you can direct yours Story and, under the contact name, you will be shown theirs Last Access, identical to what you can see in the section dedicated to direct messages.

    Speaking of which, if you've never created one history and you are having trouble doing this, you can read my in-depth guide on how to put photos on the Instagram story.

    Again, in order to see it Status of activity, you must have exchanged a private message or been mentioned in one Story of the contact of your interest.

    From PC

    You can also see a user's last login from PC, by connecting to the official website of Instagram or by using its application for Windows 10.

    In both cases, log into your account, if you have not already done so and press onairplane icon located in the upper right corner, to go to the private messages section.

    At this point, identify the user of your interest and refer to the wording that is shown to you in correspondence with his name, which will indicate the day o time where you last logged in to Instagram. If currently connected, however, you will be shown a green dot and the wording Active now.

    How not to show last access Instagram

    If you don't want to show your contacts your Status of activity, you can decide to deactivate the last access to Instagram. Before proceeding, however, I remind you that disabling this feature, in addition to not showing your last login, will not even allow you to know that of your contacts.

    Give Android and iOS

    To disable the activity status from smartphones and tablets, start the app Instagram on your smartphone or tablet Android or on yours iPhone o iPad and presses on tuo profilo miniature present in the menu below, to access the section of your profile.

    Now, tap onmenu icon present at the top right and then press on the items Settings> Privacy> Activity status. Then move the lever from ON a OFF And that's it.

    From PC

    To disable the Status of activity da PC, acting from the official Instagram website or using the social network application for Windows 10, the procedures to be carried out are the same.

    Connect, therefore, to the photographic social network, by logging in to your account, if necessary, then press onprofile icon located at the top right, so you can click on the item Settings, which refers to the section of the same name.

    Once this is done, click on the item Privacy and security and finally, uncheck the item Shows the activity status.

    How to see the last access Instagram without direct

    The function Status of activity is the only solution that allows you to know exactly the last access to Instagram by a user. However, it is possible to put into practice some tricks, to know at least when the activity of the contact to be "spied" dates back.

    The first solution that you can consider is, in fact, to check the profile of the person of your interest, to see when he published the last photo in the Post or in the Stories.

    Then press the icon of magnifying glass present at the bottom left, type the name of the contact to search for in the field Search (located at the top) and tap the name of the person of your interest, among the search results that are shown to you.

    Now, press on the last one photo uploaded and scroll down to see when it was posted - if the image is recent, you can view entries [number] seconds ago, [number] minutes ago, [number] hours ago e [number] days ago, while if the photo is older you can see the exact date of publication.

    Alternatively, tap on his profile picture, if this has a red border: in this way you will be able to see the last published story and know, through the appropriate entry located at the top, the date of publication of the same. By doing this you can assume when was the last time that person was online at Instagram.

    To stay up to date on when a particular user is online, you can also activate notifications for the content they publish: by doing so, every time that person will publish a photo, an video or a Story, you will receive a notification.

    To activate notifications, search for the person of your interest, then press the button Follow (if you haven't done it yet), tap onbell icon present at the top right and move up ON the lever that is shown to you, to activate notifications related to post, stories, to videos IGTV, To Real and live video.

    How to see last login Instagram

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