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    Instagram Effects: Where to Find Them

    Before talking to you about Instagram effects I must first explain how to find them. In this regard, to succeed in this intent you must act through the app of Instagram for Android and iPhone, using the Effects gallery, section dedicated to the research of filters and effects to be applied in the stories.

    Having said that, to start, start the app of the well-known photographic social network, pressing on its icon located on the home screen and / or in the drawer of your device, then log in to your account, if necessary.

    Now, press onicona della macchina photography located in the upper left corner and, after opening the camera of Instagram, scroll through the round icons filters, until you locate and tap the Browse Effects button.

    At this point, through the section Effects gallery that is shown to you, refer to the main categories present, such as for example Instagram, selfie o Love, to identify, respectively, the official filters created by Instagram or directly all those created by users.

    Alternatively, press onicona della lens d'ingrandimento located in the upper right corner, to search for a filter by name or by using certain keywords.

    If you have found a filter you like, tap on it to see it, then press the button Try it to prove it. To save it in your device's camera, press his name and, in the menu that is shown to you, tap on the wording Save the effect.

    If you have any doubts or problems, refer to the instructions I gave you in my tutorials on how to have filters on Instagram and how to search for filters on Instagram.

    Best Instagram stories effects

    If you wonder what the best Instagram effects, you have to take into account that, as mentioned, it is not possible to establish which are the best, as it all depends on your aesthetic tastes.

    Having said that, as anticipated, in the next chapters of this tutorial, I will show you how to find the filters on Instagram available in the section Effects gallery, in relation to some of the most popular categories.

    Funny Instagram filters

    You are looking for funny instagram filters? If so, you'll be happy to know that spotting them is super easy!

    Having said that, press on the voice Funny located in the top menu of the Effects gallery, in order to see all the filters created by users that have been categorized in this way: as you can see, there are some of the most bizarre, such as those that distort the face.

    If you want to find others, use the search engine (theicona della lens d'ingrandimento), type the term Funny and press the button Submit on your smartphone keyboard, to search for other similar ones. Good fun!

    Instagram beauty filters

    Even the Instagram filters related to beauty can be identified through the appropriate category located in the menu of the Effects Gallery. In this regard, to find all the filters that embellish your face, presses on the wording selfie located at the top.

    In this section you can find numerous filters created by users made with the intent to improve their appearance, through, for example, the virtual make-up application.

    In case the identified effects are not sufficient, type the term Beauty in the search engine (theicona della lens d'ingrandimento) Of the Effects gallery and press the button Submit on the keyboard of your device, to look for other effects dedicated to beauty.

    Instagram quiz effects

    Among the most popular effects are those that allow you to make "quizzes" in real time on different topics, such as music, movies, TV series and much more. These are filters that are usually characterized by a series of questions that can be answered. In other cases, however, they show, in a causal way, one of the results of the quiz created by the user.

    In this regard, if you want to identify them, press theicona della lens d'ingrandimento in Effects gallery. Then, in the search engine that is shown to you, type terms such as quiz, test o questions, to identify all the effects that have been achieved and categorized in this way.

    Disney Instagram Effects

    You are a fan of animated films Disney and would you like to find themed filters? In that case, press onicona della lens d'ingrandimento in Effects gallery and type the finish Disney.

    Once this is done, among the search results that are shown to you, first click on the wording that refers to the account Instagram Disneylandparis: this way you can see the official filter of the well-known amusement park.

    There are also different filters created by users: some allow you to apply stickers in real time to your face relating to the most famous characters in animated films, others allow you to create themed quizzes ... you are spoiled for choice!

    Effetti Instagram Star Wars

    If you are looking for the effects dedicated to Star Wars you will be happy to know that the official Starwarmovies Instagram account has created a filter dedicated to the characters of the film The awakening of the Force. You can find it by typing the term Star Wars in the search engine of the Effects gallery (the'icona della lens d'ingrandimento).

    Alternatively, still typing the term in question, you can also identify all the other filters created by users inspired by the famous science fiction film saga: you just have to choose the one you like best, there are many and each one has its own peculiarities .

    Animal Instagram Effects

    The search for the effects that allow you to apply the head of an animal to your face seems to be the most popular, so much so that the social network team has created a special category, highlighting it in the Effects Gallery.

    Then tap on the wording Pets, which you find in the top bar of the filters section of Instagram, in order to identify all the filters created by users that have been categorized in this way: you can indulge yourself and play the role of a sheep, but also a cow or an elephant, switching from one filter to another.

    Pok茅mon Instagram Effects

    Do you love the famous Nintendo monsters and would like to find dedicated Instagram filters? If so, I suggest you type the term Pok茅mon in the search engine of the Effects gallery, so you can identify all those posted by users.

    Also in this case, given the popularity of the characters of the well-known Japanese franchise, it is possible to find many filters each different from the other and there is really spoiled for choice.

    Christmas Instagram Effects

    Would you like to celebrate the holiday season with a themed filter? In this case, all you have to do is type in the term Christmas in the search engine of the Effects gallery (the magnifying glass icon), so you can see all the filters made by users that refer to Christmas.

    The most common are those that allow you to dress up as Santa Claus, virtually wearing his typical hat, but there are also many other filters you can choose from: you just have to scroll through those that are shown to you, to find what the more you like it.

    Best Instagram Effects

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