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    How to see Instagram without an account

  • How to see live Instagram without an account
  • How to see Instagram profiles without an account

    Before explaining to you how to see instagram without account I have to give you some preliminary information about it. In fact, you must know that there are important limitations if you use it Instagram without being registered.

    Going into more detail, although it is possible to officially see the preview of the posts published by other users without having registered to the social network, this does not apply to the stories, which can only be seen by connected users. The same is also true if you want to scroll through the entire feed: this action is only allowed if you are logged in.

    That said, to still succeed in the intent you have proposed, you can take advantage of some third-party solutions which I will tell you about in detail in the next chapters. However, keep in mind that all the alternative tools that I will talk about shortly could stop working at any time, as they are unofficial. Furthermore, Instagram may decide to have them removed completely. Then don't tell me I didn't warn you!

    How to see Instagram posts without an account

    To see the posts and comments of Instagram without an account it is possible to use the official website of the social network, accessible via a web browser.

    In that case, all you have to do is locate the profile of the user you are interested in and you can do it simply through a Google search. For example, type " instagramleague Instagram profile"On Google, to identify, among the search results, the link of my Instagram profile, which is the one marked by the URL To search for other people's names, try using their name and surname instead of mine and see if you can find their profile.

    Having said that, once you have identified the Instagram profile of the user you want, you can see the preview of the latest ones post that he has published, but not their complete content (eg comments, likes, etc.), as if you click on them you will be invited to register on the platform or, in any case, to access an account in your possession.

    How to see Instagram stories without an account

    To see the stories of Instagram without an account, on the other hand, it is necessary to make use of third-party solutions, such as those I will talk about in the next paragraphs, as the photographic social network does not natively allow users who are not registered to view them. I want to tell you, however, that such solutions only work to see the stories of public accounts, not private profiles. (Online)

    Among the resources you can employ to see the stories on Instagram without having to register on the social network there is, a website that offers this possibility in a simple, fast and free way.

    To use Instastories first connect to its official website and type, in the text field Search, the username of the person whose stories you are interested in viewing (for example @instagramleague), then press the button Submit on the keyboard of your device.

    Once the profile of the indicated user has been uploaded, click on the entry stories, click onpreview of the specific content you want to see and then on the button Download (top right) to download it locally (if you want to do that too).

    The service in question also allows you to see the featured stories: in this case, all you have to do is click on the round icons that refer to Stories in evidence created by the user.

    Story Stalker (Android)

    A smartphone or tablet is available Android, you can use the free app Story stalker (try to see if it is also available on some alternative store, in case you have a device without Google services).

    After installing and starting Story Stalker, tap on the tab Talk List, tap on the item Add New (below), search for the user of your interest by typing his username (even without the symbol @) in the search field at the top and tap on the wording Search.

    Then press on the right profile to view the story and, in case you want to download one of the contents, press the icon of speech bubble with arrow pointing down e granted to the app to access the multimedia contents of the device. Easier than that ?!

    Storized (iOS / iPadOS)

    Su iPhone e iPad, to succeed in the intent to see the stories of Instagram published by other users without registering with the well-known photographic social network, you can download the free app Storized. Basically the app is free, but to eliminate advertising (decidedly invasive) and view unlimited content, you have to subscribe, which starts at 1,49 euros / week.

    To use it, connected to the iOS / iPadOS App Store, locate the app in question via the internal search engine, download it, install it and start it. When opening the app, all you have to do is use the text field Search, to type the username of the person whose stories you want to see (including @), wait for the search results to be shown and tap on user profile that you actually want to see.

    Once this is done, click on the item Story and then on preview images possibly available, to see all the multimedia content that the user has published in the Instagram stories. Storized also allows you to download them locally, if you are interested in it: after opening a content, press the button (...) (top right) and then select the items Save e OK (if you did not allow the app to access the multimedia files of the device in use).

    How to see live Instagram without an account

    Would you like to see the directed of Instagram users but you are not subscribed to the social network? In that case, I must inform you that, unfortunately, this is not directly possible.

    However, if the user who made the live has decided to save it and publish it in the featured stories, you can succeed in seeing it without being registered on Instagram. In this case you can take advantage of the services and apps I mentioned earlier.

    How to see Instagram without an account

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