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    How to see Instagram photos without being subscribed

    See photos of Instagram posts without being subscribed

    If your intent is to see photos of posts on Instagram without being registered, you will be happy to know that to succeed you can act through the official website of the famous photographic social network. The latter, in fact, can also be accessed without registration and can be used in the same way through a browser to surf the Internet, both for destkop computers and for smartphones and / or tablets.

    Having said that, to succeed, you must first search Google for the profile of the Instagram user you are interested in, in order to then be able to see the photos he publishes in the posts. These specific contents, as mentioned, are visible even without registering with the social network, if the user in question has not set his profile as private. In the latter case, in fact, you cannot see the content he publishes if you are not subscribed to Instagram and if, moreover, you are not part of the people who follow him.

    If the profile is public, however, there are no problems. So, for example, if you want to see the photos I posted on Instagram, type in Google " instagramleague Instagram".

    Once this is done, in the Google search results, you will be shown the link that refers to the public view of the Instagram account. It is usually one of the first results available and the hyperlink is of the type[nomeutente].

    After identifying it, press on it: both if you are browsing the Internet from a computer or from a smartphone or tablet, the Instagram profile page of the user you want will be opened.

    I do this, you can at any time scroll the screen displayed, to see all the posts published on Instagram by the selected user, even without having registered to the social network. Easy, right?

    See photos of Instagram stories without being subscribed

    As for the possibility of see the photos and / or videos published in the stories of Instagram without being subscribed, the matter is a little more complicated. Instagram, in fact, by default, does not allow those who are not registered to see the stories. That said, to still be able to do this, it is possible to use some third-party tools, such as those I will tell you about in the following lines.


    One of the first recommended solutions to see the photos and videos posted in Instagram stories concerns the use of the online service Storyinsta: it is a website accessible via computer browser and also from mobile, which allows you to see Instagram stories without having to register on the social network.

    To use Storyinsta, connect to its official website and use the text field Username you see in the center, to type the username of the person you are interested in (for example, to see the stories I post on Instagram type my username, instagramleague) and then press the button Search, to confirm.

    On the next screen, you can first see the stories featured in the section Recommended (Highlights), by pressing on the relative circles. By scrolling down, however, you can see all the stories published on Instagram: if there are videos, press the ▶ button to play them.

    Obviously I remind you that this tool does not work if the user's profile has been set as private, or if the stories have been published only in the list of closest friends.


    If you are not interested in seeing the stories posted by a user in the section Recommended, you can alternatively use the service Weynstag whose operation is just as simple and immediate. This tool can be used with a browser for a computer or for smartphones and tablets and allows you to see the Instagram stories published by a user, without having to register.

    To use it, connect to its official website by clicking on the link indicated, then use the text field Enter the username only, to type the username of the person whose stories you are interested in viewing (for example instagramleague) and then press the button Submit to confirm the search.

    Once this is done, if the user's account is public (and if the stories have not been published in the list of closest friends), on the next screen you will be shown all the published images and videos. If there are videos, press the ▶ button to start playing them.

    If, however, there are no published stories for the moment or the account is private, you will be shown the message This account has no Stories right now or, it is private!.


    Another solution to see Instagram stories, which I recommend you take into consideration, is the add-on StoriesWatcher, which is available for free for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Through the use of this tool, in fact, you can see at any time the stories published by the users of the famous photographic social network without having to register with the latter.

    To proceed, then connect to the reference store page for the browser you have chosen to use, by clicking on one of the links provided. After that, to install the extension StoriesWatcher su Chrome, click on the button first Add and then Add Extension. To install it on the browser Firefoxinstead, click the button first Aggiungi to Firefox and then on the voice Install.

    The operation of this add-on is identical on both browsers, therefore, to use it, go to the Instagram profile of the person whose stories you are interested in: to do this, as already explained in the previous chapter, you just need to do a search on Google, so you can find the link of the profile and click on it.

    By connecting to the web page of a user's profile on Instagram, you can notice the presence of the new button Stories that will have been added by the extension: click on it and, in the new screen that will be shown to you, you will be able to see all the multimedia content published by the user in question in the stories of Instagram. In case there are any videos, press the ▶ button to play them.

    After using this extension, I recommend that you uninstall it as, to work, it must access some browsing data: this requirement could represent a potential privacy risk. Furthermore, even if this is not the case, browser add-ons made by third-party developers could be infected with malicious code.

    Another important thing to consider is that Instagram is constantly updating and, for this reason, the extension StoriesWatcher it could be prone to malfunctions, and then maybe go back to working after some time.

    Last but not least, I remind you that, in order to use this tool correctly, it is necessary that the Instagram profile of the person of your interest is public and that the stories have not been published in the list of closest friends. If not, they will not be visible.

    How to see Instagram photos without being subscribed

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