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    How to save the Instagram streams of others

    How to save other people's Instagram streams on smartphones

    want save the Instagram streams of others directly from the smartphone? No problem. You can use both specially designed apps and the screencast function included on iPhone and Android.

    StorySave (Android)

    If you want to save the Instagram direct of others directly to your device Android, I suggest you contact one of the free applications that allow you to complete this operation. One of the best on the square is StorySave which, as its name suggests, allows you to easily save the Stories created by users of the social network and also the live broadcasts made by them.

    Are you wondering how StorySave works? It is very simple: just download and start the application on your device, log in to your Instagram account, use the search function to find the user who created the live stream to save and then download it by pressing the appropriate button . The live broadcast will be saved directly in the device Gallery.

    If you have already downloaded StorySave on your device, start the app by pressing on its icon and, after having read the welcome message on its home screen, press the button (✓) located at the bottom right.

    At this point, log in to your Instagram account: then fill in the fields Username e Password with the login credentials to your account and presses the button LOGIN. Alternatively, you can log in via your Facebook account: just press the button Accedi con Facebook and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the login procedure. Once logged in, you will be asked if you want to follow the app on Instagram: if you don't feel like doing it, uncheck the item Follow me on Instagram and then presses on the voice Dismiss.

    Now, you can finally download your friends' Instagram direct. Hence, it follows the symbol of the magnifying glass located at the top right, write in the field Search Users the name of the user whose direct you want to save and, if you wish, presses the symbol oflittle man with the star to save the user in question as a favorite.

    Then select the content you want to save by pressing the button Live streams located at the bottom (of course by pressing on the buttons Posts e Stories you can save the posts and stories created by the user you searched for, respectively). To save the live broadcast of your interest, tap onpreview of the same (located under the heading Full Stream Avalable) and, as soon as the download is completed, you will receive a notification from the app itself.

    There is nothing left to do but go to the Gallery of your device and open the folder which was created, which has the user's name of which you have downloaded the live video. Did you see how easy it was to save other people's live videos with StorySave?

    As I mentioned earlier, you can save the Instagram direct of others using the screencast apps (such as ADV Screen Recorder or Rec Screen Recorder). If you want more information in this regard, please read the tutorial in which I show in depth how to record the screen on Android: there you will find all the information you need to use this "alternative" procedure.

    Screen recording (iOS)

    Do you want to save Instagram streams on yours iPhone? Well then you can take advantage of the feature Screen recording introduced on iOS 11 in order to save these contents directly in the camera roll. Don't have the faintest idea how to activate and use the feature in question? I'll explain it to you right away.

    To begin with, open the app Settings (the one with the gray icon depicting the gears located on the Home screen) and then tap on the items Control Center> Customize Controls and, on the screen Customize, tap the green button capacitor positive (+) lead placed in correspondence with the item Screen recording, so as to add the toggle related to the function in question in the Control Center of your iPhone.

    Then start the Instagram app on your iPhone, locate the direct you want to record, swipe from bottom to top so as to recall the Control Center and presses on the symbol of circle with the dot to start screen recording. If you want to activate the microphone during recording, make a long tap on the button for the function Screen recording (or press harder on it if your iPhone supports 3D Touch); then activate the audio of the microphone pressing the appropriate button.

    After 3 seconds the recording will start: scroll down the Control Center curtain and press the thumbnail of the live you want to record. To stop recording, then, call up the Control Center again and tap the del button circle with the dot (alternatively, tap the red bar placed high and presses on the voice Stop from the menu that opens).

    The screencast will be saved in the app Gallery, from which you can possibly "cut" the unnecessary parts of the recording, for example those in which you see the Control Center or the Instagram interface. If you want more information on how to record the iPhone screen, read the tutorial I just linked to you.

    How to save other people's Instagram streams on PC

    You want to save the Instagram streams of others directly to the PC? As you can well imagine, even in this case it is necessary to resort to third-party solutions, since the Web version of the social network (as well as its desktop application for Windows 10) does not allow this.

    What am I referring to specifically? TO IG Stories for Instagram: a free add-on for Google Chrome that allows you to easily download the direct videos that have been made by the users you follow. The only "drawback" of IG Stories for Instagram concerns the fact that the audio and the video of the live are split: therefore it is necessary to resort to specific programs to rejoin the audio and the video so as to view the live broadcast without problems.

    To use it, first start the Google Chrome browser, then connect to the Chrome Web Store page from which you can download the add-on and click on the buttons Add e Add extension to complete the installation procedure.

    After completing the installation of IG Stories for Instagram, log into your Instagram account from Google Chrome and, to download the live videos on your PC, click on theIG Stories for Instagram extension icon located at the top right. In the box that opens, click on the tab Go to IG Stories, locate the direct you want to save (it is placed under the symbol Play) and click on the button Download located in the upper left corner of the screen to start the download.

    In the box that appears on the screen, click on the button Video Track to download the live video. Then repeat the same steps regarding the audio download: click on the button Download located at the top left (after opening the live broadcast of your interest), click on the button Audio Track in the box that opened and that's it.

    Now you just have to join the audio track to the video: if you don't know which program to use to synchronize the audio and video you just downloaded, take a look at the tutorial in which I talk a little more in depth about the programs to synchronize audio and videos because it will be of great help to you.

    How to save the Instagram streams of others

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