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    How to Save Others' Instagram Stories

  • Save others' Instagram stories on PC
    • Story Saver (Chrome/Edge/Opera)
    • Video DownloadHelper (Firefox/Chrome/Edge/Opera)
  • Save Instagram Stories via Screenshots

    Make screenshot is the first solution you might consider for save the Instagram stories of others. This method, while being somewhat "artisanal", is quite effective, as long as the story does not contain videos, of course.

    It was used Android, you should be able to take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the button Volume down (-) and On / off button of your device. If this key combination does not allow you to take a screen capture, you should be able to do so by pressing the key at the same time Volume down (-) and the key Home. If you find it difficult to take a screenshot on your device, do not hesitate to read the guide where I explain in detail how to do this.

    If you own a iPhone with Face ID, you can capture the screen by pressing the right side button and volume up key (+)If you use a iPhone with Home button, on the other hand, to take a screenshot you have to press the Home button and standby / wake button of the phone. You can find some more information about it in the tutorial where I explain how to capture the screen on iPhone.

    If, on the other hand, the story consists of a video, you can save it by making one screen recording. If you don't know how to do this, take a look at the guide where I explain in detail how to do it.

    App to save the Instagram stories of others

    If you want to save all the content in the stories posted on Instagram by your friends, you should try some smartphone apps that allow you to perform this operation. These solutions, although not in any way connected to the social network, work quite well and thanks to them it is possible to save both images and videos. As you can guess, they only work with stories created by public accounts and not with those of private profiles.

    Save Stories (Android)

    Save stories is one of the most popular apps for users who want to save Instagram stories on their Android device. It is free and simple to use, but it has advertising banners, which you can possibly remove by purchasing the paid version, which costs 2,39 euros. If you have a device without Google services, see if it's available on some alternative store.

    After installing and running Save Stories, accept the privacy policy by checking the appropriate box, press the button Agree e fai tap sul pulsating Log in with Instagram. Next, tap on the item Accept and log into your Instagram account.

    Once logged in, presses the symbol of magnifying glass (top right), search for the user of your interest through his username (without @) and then select the correct account. Then select the card Story (above), tap onpreview of the content of your interest and then press the button Download.

    Storized for Instagram (iOS/iPadOS)

    I use a iPhone or iPad? Don't worry, even for Apple devices there are many applications that allow you to save Instagram stories in a few taps. One of the best on the square is Storized for Instagram, which allows you to view and download the contents of Instagram stories from public accounts. It's free, but to eliminate advertising and download unlimited content, you need to subscribe starting from € 1,49 / week.

    After installing and starting Storized for Instagram, the first thing you need to do to download stories is to search for the account of your interest: therefore, type the relative username making use of the textual field placed at the top and tap on it, in the menu that has opened.

    Now, tap on the tab Stories, pigia sull 'preview of one of the contents that may be available and download it: to do so, press the button (...) located in the upper right corner, tap on the wording Save present in the menu that opened and grant Storized for Instagram access to the media files of the device in use.

    Save others' Instagram stories on PC

    As with mobile devices, even on the PC you can download Instagram stories with unofficial solutions. In this regard, since these have access to social network data, I recommend that you use them only if strictly necessary and delete them as soon as you no longer need them (they can represent, in fact, a potential risk for privacy).

    Story Saver (Chrome/Edge/Opera)

    Story saver is a free extension for Chrome (also compatible with Edge Chromium e Opera) which offers the possibility to download Instagram stories in an extremely simple and fast way. Let me explain how it works.

    To begin with, start Google Chrome (or one of the other compatible browsers) on your PC, go to the Chrome Web Store page that allows you to download the add-on and press the buttons Add e Add extension.

    Subsequently, access your Instagram account from the browser in use and go to the profile of the user of your interest: just search for it using the search bar which is at the top of the page and click on the first occurrence that is found.

    Next, open the story you intend to download by clicking on the profilo's photo of the account of your interest, press onStory Saver icon located at the top right (if you don't see the extension icon, click on the piece of the puzzle at the top right and select the icon in question from the menu that opens).

    Mission accomplished! You just have to wait for the automatic download for the photo or video in the story to complete. If you haven't changed your PC settings, the output file will be saved in the folder Download.

    Video DownloadHelper (Firefox/Chrome/Edge/Opera)

    Video DownloadHelper is another extension that you can consider, especially if you want to download videos featured in Instagram stories. Available for Firefox e Chrome (and also works with Edge e Opera), allows you to "capture" all the videos played within the Web pages, including the videos present in the stories of Instagram: now I'll explain how to use it.

    It was used Mozilla Firefox, click on this link to reach the Video DownloadHelper download page and add the add-on to your browser by clicking on the buttons Aggiungi to Firefox e Install.

    Then log in to your Instagram account from Firefox, click on the story you want to save and press onVideo DownloadHelper icon located at the top right. In the box that appears, click on the symbol of arrow pointing down, press on the button Use your browser in the box that appears and wait for the download to be completed.

    It was used Google Chrome (Or Microsoft Edge o Opera), instead, you can download Video DownloadHelper by connecting to this link and clicking on the buttons Add e Add extension. Then log in to your Instagram account from your browser, select the history you want to save and click onVideo DownloadHelper icon located at the top right.

    In the box that appears, then click on the symbol of arrow pointing down, presses the button Use your browser in the box that appears and wait for the download to complete.

    How to Save Others' Instagram Stories

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