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    How to save Instagram stories with music

    Download Instagram Stories with Music

    How to save Instagram stories with music

    If your intent is to save instagram stories with music, I must first let you know that, on Instagram, it is not possible to individually save a story with music, if it has been created using the instrument Music.

    To achieve your purpose, therefore, you must proceed in an alternative way, by downloading all the published stories, in order to also save the one of your interest. Having clarified this, you will be happy to know that you can do this by acting directly from the app Instagram for Android and iOS.

    Having said that, to start, start the app of the photographic social network by pressing on its icon on the home screen and / or in the drawer of your device. Next, if you made a story with music on Instagram via the tool Music and you want to download it, press onicona dell'omino (or on the tuo profilo miniature) located in the menu below, then tap on yours profile picture at the top left, to see the stories you have published over the last 24 hours.

    Once this is done, locate the story containing the music you added via the tool Music di Instagram and swipe down. Now, to download the story to your device, click onarrow icon surrounded by a hoops which you can see in the upper right corner.

    A video will be downloaded to your device containing all the stories you have published on Instagram within the last 24 hours, including the one containing the music. You will then be able to find the movie within your device's default media gallery app (the Gallery o Gallery on Android and the app Gallery your iOS).

    Eventually, if you want to crop the movie, so that you get only the single story with music, refer to my tutorial where I'm talking about how to cut a video.

    How to save Instagram stories with music

    If, on the other hand, you had previously published a story on Instagram with background music, but without making use of the instrument Music di Instagram (for example if you have loaded a music video from the memory of your device), first locate the story in question, as explained in the previous lines.

    Now, swipe down and, to download the single story with music on your device, press the button with the down arrow icon and the dash, located in the menu that is shown to you.

    Also, I remind you that, if you have activated the archive of stories on Instagram via the menu of Settings, you can carry out the same procedures indicated also by acting fromarchive, for stories published more than 24 hours apart.

    Record Instagram Stories with Music

    How to save Instagram stories with music

    As an alternative to using the native Instagram functionality that is needed for download the stories published within the well-known photographic social network, to save a story with music you can opt for the screen recording of your device.

    That said, to perform this operation on smartphones and tablets, you can take advantage of the native screen recording feature, if present on the device you are using. For example, if you own a smartphone Huawei you can use the native functionality available on the device. Same goes for iPhone, as long as this is equipped with iOS 11 or a later version of the Apple operating system.

    That said, start the Instagram on your device and go to the story with music you want to record. After that, if you are using a smartphone Android with native recording functionality, swipe from top to bottom, at the top edge of the display and, in the Notification Center of Android, press the icon Record screen, to start recording the story. To stop recording, however, press the button Stop, which you can see above.

    How to save Instagram stories with music

    iPhoneinstead, swipe from top to bottom, starting from the top right corner of the screen, if you have iPhone X or later (otherwise swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top), in order to open the Control Center, and press oncircle icon, in order to start the screen recording. Then, to interrupt it, press on red bar at the top and then on the item Stop.

    How to save Instagram stories with music

    In both cases, the recorded video will be visible within your device's default media gallery: the app Gallery o Gallery on Android or the app Gallery your iOS.

    If the Android smartphone you are using does not have the native feature dedicated to screen recording, you can use third-party apps, such as ADV Scren Recorder which allows you to perform this operation.

    Having said that, I suggest you read my guide on how to film the mobile screen, to find the solution that best suits your needs.

    How to save Instagram stories with music

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