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    How to remove Instagram blocked action

    Preliminary information

    How to remove Instagram blocked action

    Before getting into the guide, I have to give you two pieces of news: a good one and a bad one.

    The bad one is that actually remove the action blocked on Instagram is not possible: only the social network can revoke the block; the good one is that, fortunately, usually the block is lifted within 24-48 hours and only in the most serious cases (for example following repeated violations or following obviously incorrect behavior) it lasts 30 days or more.

    In any case, understanding what caused the blockage will help you avoid making mistakes that could cause you to find yourself in such a situation again in the future. In the next paragraphs I will shed some light on this.

    Causes of the block by Instagram


    Let's go to the point and see what are some common causes of the blocking by Instagram. As I told you, understanding this is essential to avoid future blocks due to incorrect, even involuntary, behavior.

    In the vast majority of cases, the block on Instagram occurs because the algorithm of the social network detects a 'abnormal activity coming from a certain account. These abnormal activities are usually due to the following two causes.

    • "Compulsive" Instagram activity - think locally and try to understand what your activity was on the photographic social network? You have put "Like" in bursts or you have followed dozens and dozens of accounts in the space of a few minutes or even seconds, it is highly likely that the block is due to this.
    • Use of bots - bots, as you probably already know, are services that automate certain actions on Instagram, in order to increase the visibility of your account and, therefore, the growth in terms of followers. Since bots can be set up in such a way that they interact in an important way with the contents of other accounts (for example by putting a lot of likes, comments, starting to follow many people, etc.), if you use them it is highly likely that the block is due to this.

    If your Instagram activity is quiet and you haven't linked your account to a bot, you may be the victim of an error by the photo social network. In this case, I recommend that you contact Instagram to sort this out.

    Avoid being blocked by Instagram

    How to remove Instagram blocked action

    Once you find the reason why your account was blocked, be careful not to repeat the same mistakes. Only in this way is it possible avoid being blocked on Instagram.

    Specifically, therefore, do not put too many likes and comments in a few minutes (or even seconds): a new block would be practically taken for granted. Also, if the account is still blocked, avoid verifying the block by trying to put new "likes" and comments or trying to follow other people: Instagram could lengthen the time. Wait at least 48 hours before seeing if the situation has returned to normal.

    As for the use of bots, if you suspect that the block is due to the activity of the latter, as you use them, I strongly recommend that you "unhook" them from your Instagram account: as I have already explained to you several times in others insights, the use of bots is not frowned upon by the photographic social network and problems of this type can arise quite frequently if you use one (especially if you set it wrong).

    To disable the activity of an Instagram bot, you must go to the settings of the latter and proceed directly from there: I cannot provide you with detailed explanations on what to do as the procedure varies from one bot to another. If you don't know how to do this, maybe google terms like "How to disable [bot name] from Instagram".

    How to remove Instagram blocked action

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