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    How to put Face ID on Instagram

    Preliminary information

    How to put Face ID on Instagram

    Before getting to the heart of the tutorial, going to illustrate how to put Face ID on Instagram, it is my duty to provide you with some preliminary information in this regard.

    First, keep in mind that the Face ID is an unlocking method via facial recognition developed by Apple and introduced on the market with the launch of the iPhone X. It was then implemented in the subsequent high-end iPhone models and on the iPad Pro and, in addition to unlocking the device, allows you to authorize the execution of certain operations without having to type the unlock code.

    Face ID support was then also implemented in some applications, such as WhatsApp, in order to prevent access to them by unauthorized parties.

    Well, as mentioned in the opening of the post, at the moment Instagram does not offer direct support for Face ID, however, it is possible to protect access to the app with a code through a special iOS function, which allows you to regulate access to applications and block it after a certain time of use. Of course, it's not quite like unlocking access to the app directly with facial recognition, but it's still a good alternative.

    Unlocking by recognizing Instagram and other apps is available on some devices Android, even if in this case it is not correct to speak of “Face ID”, as Apple's proprietary technology, different from that implemented on the green robot devices. Is everything clear so far? Well, then let's move on.

    How to put Face ID on Instagram

    Having made the necessary clarifications above, I would say that we can finally take action and find out how to put the Face ID on Instagram. You will find everything explained in detail below.

    Your iOS

    How to put Face ID on Instagram

    If you own a iPhone, as I told you, putting the Face ID on Instagram is not possible. You can consider, however, to use an alternative function included in the operating system of the Apple smartphone: Usage time.

    If you have never heard of it, I inform you that it is a function thanks to which you can monitor and limit the time of use of the app based on the respective categories of belonging. Using it, therefore, you can limit daily access to Instagram by blocking the app with a code after a certain number of hours and / or minutes of use, even on specific days of the week.

    To set up Screen Time to work with Instagram, grab your iPhone, unlock it, log into Home Screen e fai tap sull'icona delle Settings (Quella a forma di ruota d'ingranaggio). In the screen you now see, tap the word Usage time, select the option Utilizza codice "Tempo di utilizzo" and set the four-digit code you want to use to block access to Instagram.

    After completing the above steps, tap on the item App limitations, if the dicitura Aggiungi LIMITATION OF USE and enter the code set previously. In the new screen that appears, tap the arrow che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della categoria Social per espandere quest'ultima, select Instagram dall'elenco proposto e sfiora la voce NEXT present at the top right.

    At this point, you can proceed by setting the application usage limit, indicating hours and / or minutes via the appropriate menu (the minimum is 0 hours and 1 minute). If you also want to define the days of the week to block access to the app, tap on the item Customize days that appears below and take action on the available options. To confirm and apply the changes, tap on the item Add located at the top of the screen.

    Starting from this moment, every time the Instagram app is opened, once the number of hours and / or minutes defined (in the days indicated) has elapsed, the block will be enabled. When this occurs, a special warning will appear on the iPhone screen indicating the thing. To close it, simply press the button OK.

    From time to time, I point out that it will be possible to extend the use of the application by one minute by touching the button Request more time shown at startup. After this time, the app will be locked again and cannot be used until the correct unlock code is entered.

    When and if you deem it appropriate, you can disable the Instagram block through Usage Time, by going to the section again Settings> Screen Time> App Restrictions iOS, by selecting the item Instagram, typing the codice impostat in precedenza, scegliendo l'opzione Eliminate limitation posta in basso e sfiorando the dicitura Eliminate limitation that you find in the menu that appears.

    Your Android

    How to put Face ID on Instagram

    You own a device Android? Then you might be able to block access to Instagram (and other apps) via facial recognition using a default functionality of the device. I say you could, since the function in question is not available on all devices with a face unlock system. I, for example, have a P40 from Huawei and this feature is included.

    To also check if your smartphone offers such a function, take it, unlock it, access the Home Screen and / or al drawer and select the icon of Settings (Quella with the ruota d'ingranaggio).

    On the next screen, go to the section Biometric data and passwords (I show you the items present in my Huawei smartphone, but on yours they may be slightly different), then on Face recognition, enter the unlock code of the device (or configure it, if you have not set it yet), press on the item for configure face recognition and follow the instructions on the screen (you have to let yourself be framed by the front camera of the phone for a few seconds).

    After completing the above steps, choose to use face recognition for unlock the device and for access the app lock (activating the relative levers and confirming) and add Instagram to the list of applications to be protected with facial recognition, by going to the menu Settings> Security> App Lock of the device and moving to ON the levetta relating to Instagram.

    From now on, every time you start Instagram, to access the application you will need to make your smartphone recognize your face. The unlock will be active until you turn off the screen of the device, then to block access to Instagram again you will have to turn off the phone display.

    If you have to think again, you can disable the app lock by returning to the menu Settings> Security> App Lock and moving on OFF the levetta relating to Instagram.

    If the Android smartphone you own, while supporting facial recognition, does not offer a function to block access to apps through the latter, you could solve the problem by turning to some third-party app, used for this purpose. Personally, however, I advise against using them.

    In fact, it is always good to avoid third-party solutions when it comes to "delicate" functions such as app blocking, as they could conceal potential privacy risks and, remaining active in the background, often end up weighing down the general operation of the device. .

    How to put Face ID on Instagram

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