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    How to make videos on Instagram with music

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  • Make a video on Instagram with music in posts and stories

    If your intent is to post a video on Instagram with a soundtrack in the background, you will be happy to know that this is possible and that there are several ways to do it. In the following lines, in fact, I will show you the tools, native and third-party, that allow you to achieve this goal.

    Instagram Music (Android / iOS)

    The first solution I want to tell you about is the adhesive Music which is present within the stories of Instagram, but only in the official app of the social network for Android and iOS. This tool, which is completely free, gives you access to a library of music tracks that can be added in real time to a video recorded on the spot or to one already in your media library and uploaded to stories.

    As mentioned, the adhesive Music is available in the Instagram mobile app; consequently, to use it, access the famous social network by pressing its icon on the home screen of your smartphone or tablet. Then log in, press the a symbol camera which you can see on the main screen (the symbol of a cottage) and this will launch your device's camera and, consequently, the story creation tool of Instagram.

    Then record a video, using the tools present in the stories (if you do not know what they are and how to use them, refer to my tutorial in which I tell you how to use Instagram stories), or import a movie, by tapping on it, after having pressed the button with the symbol of multimedia gallery.

    Now, click on the icon with the symbol of a smiley, in order to display the stickers menu, and tap on the one named Music, to access the music section on Instagram. To add a song in the background for the entire duration of the recorded video, press the name of the song. If you want to choose the playlist to play, move the slider you see on the screen to the left or right. When you have finished making changes, click on end to see the final result.

    By adding the sticker to the film Music, the subsequent possibility of saving it in the default multimedia gallery of your device is deactivated; you can then only share the video in Instagram stories, by pressing the button The tua storia.

    If, on the other hand, you want to send the video only to some users, click on the button Send to and then on the one named Send, in correspondence with the name of a user.

    Super Zoom di Instagram (Android/iOS)

    Still talking about a native functionality present within Instagram, to make a video with music in a slightly different way from the traditional one, you can use the tool Super Zoom present in the stories. It is, in fact, a way to record a short video and apply a video effect and a corresponding audio to it, in order to make it extremely fun.

    To do this, start the social network application installed on your device and then open the media editor for creating stories from Instagram, pressing on the symbol of camera which is located on the main screen.

    Now, press on the voice Super zoom you see in the bar at the bottom and then scroll the icons you see on the screen, to record a real-time movie characterized by special effects and with a jingle in the background. For example, press on the voice Hearts, if you want to make the screen fill with a pink patina with lots of little hearts; the background music is a romantic piece of music.

    Once the footage is recorded, you can upload it to Instagram Stories. Then, press on the button The tua storia or the one named Send to, to share it with a specific user. In the latter case, complete the operation by pressing the button Send, in correspondence with the name of a person.

    If, on the other hand, you want to save the movie in the media gallery of your device, to upload it as a video in the posts of Instagram, presses on the symbol of a down arrow.

    Spotify (Android/iOS)

    Another solution you can rely on for make videos on instagram with music is the use of a streaming music application, such as Spotify (Android / iOS) or Deezer (Android / iOS), both free with optional subscription plans (I told you about them in more detail in my guide dedicated to apps to listen to free music). Alternatively, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can also opt to use Amazon Music (Android / iOS), an app that allows you to listen to a catalog of 2 million songs for free (I also told you about it in my guide).

    As an example, in this chapter of the tutorial I'll tell you about how to use the streaming music application Spotify; as you can use it to record a video on Instagram with music, thanks to its background playback function and its integration with the social network. In this regard, after downloading, starting and logging in or registering the Spotify app, locate the song you are interested in using as background music and tap on it.

    I remind you, however, that if you do not have Spotify Premium, or if the song you have selected is not present in a playlist free of limitations, you will not be able to start playing it immediately. In this case, then, press the button Shuffle Playback and then wait for the song of your interest to be “broadcast”.

    Are you finally listening to the song you would like to use as background music for a video? Very well: pause it by pressing the button with the symbol (❚❚), then start the app Instagram by pressing on its icon on the home screen of your device or in the drawer.

    When the application is started, press on the symbol of camera that you find at the top left of the main screen of the social network, in order to start the story creation tool. At this point, before starting to record a video, go back to the app Spotify that you left in the background (you can do this faster by using the Notification Center of Android or the Control Center iOS) and start playing the song you previously paused by pressing the (▶) button.

    Now, go back into the application again Instagram and start recording a movie by pressing on pulsing tondo you see in the center. At the end, choose whether to publish it in the stories, by pressing the button The tua storia, or whether to share it to a friend, by pressing the button first Send to and then Send, in correspondence with a name. If, on the other hand, you want to save the movie with music made, press the button with the symbol of down arrow which is located at the top.

    In the latter way, by saving the movie in the media gallery of your device, you can upload it to Instagram posts.

    Other solutions to make videos on Instagram with music

    If you prefer to use a more professional solution for make a video on Instagram with music, you can use free applications that allow you to apply a background music track to a video on the spot or to one previously recorded and imported.

    If this solution is for you, read on: in the following lines, I'll give you some examples of apps you can use. Also, to have more choice, I suggest you read two of my tutorials: the one dedicated to apps to add music to videos and the one dedicated to apps to edit videos.

    • inShot (Android / iOS) - is a famous free cross-platform application that allows you to edit recorded or imported videos by inserting background music. It is free, but has the option to purchase the version For which, starting from € 2,99 per month, allows limited access to the integrated database of filters and effects.
    • Vigo Video(Android / iOS) - is another cross-platform application that presents the ability to edit movies, adding a musical soundtrack in the background. It can be used to record videos but also to edit pre-recorded and imported movies.
    How to make videos on Instagram with music

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