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    How to make Tumblr stories on Instagram

    Preliminary information

    How to make Tumblr stories on Instagram

    Before explaining to you how to make tumblr stories on instagram, I have to give you some preliminary information about it. You must, in fact, know that it is “stile Tumblr” it is nothing more than a generic term, which was coined by the users of the social network Tumblr and refers to an eclectic style that is used to indicate everything that can be defined as aesthetically appealing.

    In this regard, since this style cannot be precisely framed in specific guidelines, it must be said that there is no official method to create stories on Instagram in the Tumblr style: this style, in fact, can have different shades, depending on the tastes. aesthetics of people.

    That said, if you have already identified your own Tumblr style, you can succeed in the intent you proposed using all the tools that I will talk about in the next chapter of the guide, which are dedicated to the creation of the stories on Instagram and can be used through the social network app for Android and iOS.

    How to make Tumblr-style stories on Instagram

    How to make Tumblr stories on Instagram

    As anticipated, to make the fuss about Instagram it is necessary to use the app of the popular social network for mobile devices, where all the tools related to this functionality are available in the camera section.

    That said, to get started, launch the Instagram, by pressing on its icon located on the home screen and / or in the drawer of your device, then log in to your account, if required.

    Now, on the main screen of the social network, presses onicona della macchina photography located in the upper left corner, in order to open the camera of Instagram and start making a Tumblr-style story. How? I'll explain it to you right away.

    In the stories of Instagram it is possible to publish photos and videos, both by shooting and recording multimedia contents on the spot, but also by importing them via the device memory.

    In this regard, to take a photo, press on theround shutter icon, while to record a video hold down the button in question and release it as soon as you have finished recording. To load a multimedia element present in the memory of your device, however, presses onmedia gallery icon, located in the lower left corner, then select the photo or video to upload.

    The Instagram camera also allows you to take photos or record videos by applying filters and / or effects in real time. The former can be applied by pressing on round icons located next to the shutter button, while effects, such as Boomerang, layout o Super Zoom, allow you to apply special slowdown or zoom effects to photos or videos.

    How to make Tumblr stories on Instagram

    In this regard, if you want to switch from the rear camera to the front one and vice versa, press theicona della macchina photography located in the lower right corner. The button Crea, on the other hand, it allows you to create textual stories, inviting users to interact with tools such as Questions or Quiz, through which it is possible, respectively, to ask direct questions to their followers or invite them to answer multiple choice questions.

    After creating a multimedia story, it is also possible to modify it before publication, by adding writings and / or stickers.

    In this regard, you can see these tools located at the top, in the editing section of the stories on Instagram: press on theround emoticon icon, if you want to add other overlay filters to the created story, or tap on thechain icon, to add an external link that will be visible to your followers via a swipe up.

    THEsquare emoticon icon instead it allows you to add stickers, such as GIF o Hashtag, while using the sticker Music you can add music to the Instagram stories you make by selecting one of the music tracks in the social network library.

    Other useful tools to give space to your creativity and highlight your Tumblr style are thedrawing icon e the symbol Aa. Using these buttons you can, respectively, draw freehand on the created story and apply superimposed writings.

    How to make Tumblr stories on Instagram

    The latter two, in particular, can also be customized with different styles, effects and colors, thanks to the help of brushes and color palette which will be shown to you at the top and bottom respectively.

    I also remind you that, at any time, during the creation phase of the stories on Instagram, you can cancel the work done and start over: to do this, press on thex icon located in the upper right corner and confirm the cancellation by pressing the button Delete.

    If, on the other hand, you have finished creating the story on Instagram and you are satisfied with the result, you just have to press the button The tua storia, to publish it.

    How to make Tumblr stories on Instagram

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