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    How to share Spotify on Instagram

    Share Spotify on Instagram in Stories

    If your intent is to share Spotify on Instagram in Stories, you will be happy to know that you can do this quickly and easily, using the app's native sharing functionality Spotify per Android e iOS.

    To do this, then, install and start the Spotify on your smartphone or tablet, (referring to my tutorial on how to download Spotify for free, in case of doubts or problems). Once the application is started, log in to your account or register for free, so you can browse the catalog of the service and find the song to share on the Instagram story.

    In this regard, to search for a song on Spotify, you can first refer to the main screen (the symbol of a small house), in which there are some music albums in evidence. Alternatively, if you are looking for a specific song, press onicon of the lens of ingrandimento located in the menu below, and type the title of the same in the search engine at the top.

    How to share Spotify on Instagram

    After identifying the song of your interest, to share it in the stories of Instagrampigia sull'icona (...) which you can find under his name, if you have found the song in an album list. If, on the other hand, you have already started playback, the (…) icon is located in the upper right corner of the song card.

    Once this is done, on the next screen, first tap on the wording Share and then on the voice Instagram stories: this will open the story creation tool within the app Instagram and an image will be automatically generated (therefore without the audio) depicting the card of the selected song, referring to listening through the Spotify for Android or iOS.

    That said, to share Spotify's song in the stories of Instagram, award-winning The tua storia. Those who view the story you shared on Instagram will be able to listen to the song on Spotify, by pressing on the wording Listen on Spotify visible above.

    How to share Spotify on Instagram

    Alternatively, to share a piece of music on Spotify, you can record the screen of your smartphone or tablet while the song is playing in the app, thus obtaining a video to share in Instagram stories.

    To perform this screen recording operation, as I will also explain in the next chapter, you can take advantage of the native functionality of Android (if present on the device you are using) and iOS or, on Android, use third-party apps, such as ADV Screen Recorder, which I told you more specifically in this tutorial.

    After recording the screen video, launch the Instagram su Android o iOS and log in to your account. Now, press oncamera icon located in the upper left corner of the home screen, then open the media gallery of your device by pressing on the relevant icon located at the bottom left.

    Then select, by tapping on it, the previously recorded video to import it into the stories and then share it by pressing the button The tua storia.

    Share Spotify on Instagram in posts

    You would like to know how share Spotify on Instagram in posts? In that case, you should know that Spotify does not have a native feature that allows you to do this. The only possible solution is to record a video of the smartphone or tablet screen while a piece of music is playing. The movie obtained can thus be shared on Instagram within the posts.

    Having said that, to perform this operation on Android you can use the native recording tool if it is present on your device. For example, on the smartphone Android that I am using to make this guide (Huawei Mate 10 Pro), to start the screen recording, you have to press the keys at the same time Volume Up + Shutdown. At the end, to save the video in the device memory, just press on the item Stop located at the top.

    How to share Spotify on Instagram

    In case your Android smartphone or tablet you are using does not have a native recording feature, please refer to my guide on how to record screen on Android to locate a suitable third party app for your needs and run the registration procedures indicated.

    Su iOSinstead, starting with iOS 11, you can record the screen of the device using the native functionality located in the Control Center. To invoke this tool, swipe from the bottom up (or from the top right corner of the screen down, up iPhone X) and press on pulsing tondo which is located in the lower left corner.

    How to share Spotify on Instagram

    At this point, after a short countdown, everything on the device screen will be automatically recorded. To end the recording, tap the red bar located at the top and then presses on the voice Stop.

    Once you have the video, you can share it on Instagram within the posts. To do this, start the photo social network app and log in to your account.

    How to share Spotify on Instagram

    Then press the icon capacitor positive (+) lead located in the bottom menu and locate, in the media gallery of your device, the video you just recorded. Tap on it to select it, then to share it, first press the button NEXT twice in a row and finally, tap the button Share.

    How to share Spotify on Instagram

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