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    How to upload videos to Instagram from PC

    How to upload videos to Instagram from PC

    upload videos to Instagram from PC you can first make use of the tool Creator Studio per Instagram, native instrument of Facebook which allows you to manage, from your computer, the publication and programming of multimedia content for accounts Instagram connected to a page Facebook.

    In order to use this tool it is therefore necessary to have previously converted your account Instagram in a corporate account, via the menu Settings> Accounts> Switch to a professional account in the app Instagram for Android and iOS.

    Also, in order to publish multimedia content on Instagram from a computer and obtain the statistical data relating to the account, it is necessary to link the account Instagram a Creator Studio.

    Having said that, to get started, connect to the official Creator Studio website and, after logging in to your profile Facebook, award-winning Start.

    Now, link your account Instagram, by pressing onphoto social network icon located at the top. Then click on the entry Connect your account, in order to complete the login procedure.

    At this point, to upload a video to Instagram from PC, press the button Create Post located in the upper left corner and, in the menu that is shown to you, click on the item Instagram feed or on the one named IGTV, depending on whether you want to publish a video in Instagram posts or in the IGTV section, dedicated to vertical videos.

    Once this is done, click on name of your Instagram account, to select it, then choose whether to upload a video present in the multimedia gallery of your computer (From uploaded files) or if you prefer to choose one of those already uploaded to your Facebook page (From the Facebook page).

    In both cases, at the end of the upload, personalize the publication of the post, writing, for example, the Title and Description for video for IGTV, or the caption (Write your caption) and the geographic tag (add location), regarding the video to be published in the Instagram feed. Infine, click the button Public, to post the video on Instagram.

    If, on the other hand, you want to schedule the publication of the post in the IGTV Feed or video, first press the ▼ icon, then click on the item Programming and, after setting the date and l 'Now of publication, click on the button Programming, so that the post with the video is published on Instagram, at the time and day set by you.

    Other solutions to upload videos to Instagram from PC

    As an alternative to the official tool of Instagram, which I told you about in the previous chapter, for upload videos to Instagram from PC you can resort to some alternative solutions, which allow you to upload videos within the Stories or even in the feed, under certain conditions.

    Therefore, follow the instructions you will find in the next chapters, to understand how to succeed in the intent of uploading videos to Instagram via your Windows or Mac computer.

    App Windows 10

    If your intent is to upload a video to the well-known photographic social network from a PC, you can use the application of Instagram to Windows 10 which allows you to upload videos within Stories of Instagram.

    To be able to do this you must, first of all, download the application of Instagram for Windows 10 on your computer.

    To do this you must first start the Microsoft Store via Cortana's search bar. Then click on the testo field which you can see at the bottom, next to the button Home and, in correspondence with the wording Write here to search. Now, type in the term Microsoft Store, then clicking on the corresponding result that is shown on the screen.

    Once the Windows 10 virtual store is launched click on the text field Search which is located in the upper right corner. Now type the term Instagram and then press the button Submit from your computer keyboard, to view the results corresponding to your search.

    Now, locate the application of Instagram and click on its icon. Finally, press the button Install, to install it on your Windows computer. Once the download is complete, click the button starts, to start the application in question.

    When the application starts Instagram log in with your previously registered account details.

    On the main screen of the app, then type yours telephone number, your email address or yours username in the field of testo phone number, username or email, then type your account password in the text field Password. Infine, premium pulsating I agreed, to login.

    As anticipated, you must keep in mind that the application of Instagram to Windows 10 only allows you to upload videos to Stories. It is therefore not possible to upload a video in the posts of the Feed of Instagram.

    That said, if you still want to succeed in uploading a video to Instagram Stories from your computer, first click on the button with the symbol of a little man which is located in the bottom bar of Instagram.

    Now, in the section dedicated to your profile, click on yours profile picture, and then press on the item Open camera.

    Once this is done, if required, enable access to the camera and microphone. You must, in fact, allow the application of Instagram to have access to your computer's webcam and microphone if you want to take photos and / or videos.

    To confirm this operation, press the button Enable camera access and then on the button Enable microphone access.

    At this point, you can display the Instagram multimedia editor on the screen through which you can record a video on the spot using the predefined tools of Instagram stories (for example Boomerang, the option Rewind or the option Without holding down). Finally, to record the video, press and hold the pulsing tondo.

    Alternatively, if you have recorded a video via your computer and if it is inside the app Gallery di Windows 10 (you can also import it into this folder, if it's in a different location) you can use the Instagram for Windows 10 to upload a video to Stories.

    Do you want to know how to succeed? Well, it's very simple. After launching the Instagram camera media editor, click the button with the multimedia gallery symbol which is located in the lower left corner, to see the videos recorded or imported into the folder Gallery Windows 10 in the past 24 hours.

    Now, you just have to select the movie of your interest. To upload it to the Stories of Instagram finally, press the button Send to> Your story.

    Android emulator

    The alternative procedure that I propose to you in this tutorial for upload videos to Instagram from PC requires the use of an Android emulator, a software that allows you to emulate the presence of the Google operating system for mobile devices, thus giving the possibility to use the application of Instagram on computer.

    The use of an Android emulator is a choice frequently used by those who want to use the applications and games present within the Play Store via your PC.

    The advantage given by its use is the possibility of using the operating system Google without having to perform advanced operations, such as dual booting the operating system of your computer.

    You must, in fact, know that, using an Android emulator, the operation of the Google operating system remains relegated to the emulation software; so you don't need to tinker with your default operating system settings.

    That said, let's get to the point: among the Android emulators that I recommend you download, to use Instagram on your computer there is BlueStacks software, a free software available for Windows and macOS.

    Inside it, however, you will find some advertising banners: the latter are presented in the form of recommendations for the installation of sponsored apps. You can, therefore, choose whether to ignore them, or whether to subscribe (4 $ / month or 40 $ / year), to completely remove them.

    To download BlueStacks connected to its official website, then first press the button Download BlueStacks, in order to start the download of the executable file.

    Once you have downloaded the execution file to your computer Windows or your Mac you have to install it, following the installation procedures I show you below.

    Su Windows, once the file is started .exe. click the button Yes from the window of User Account Control, to start the software installation process. Next, hit the button Install now, wait for the installation and configuration to finish and press Business suit.

    To install BlueStacks su MacOSinstead, after having downloaded the file.dmg, start it by double clicking on it. Now, on the next screen that is shown to you, double click on the icon BlueStacks, to start the installer. Once this is done, click on the button apri, to confirm the opening of the program.

    Then press on Continuation and then Install, type the Password on your Mac and click the button Install Assistant. At this point, wait for the automatic installation and, if prompted, click on Apri the system preference.

    In the panel of settings on the Mac, first press on Allow and then on the symbol of padlock which is located in the lower left corner. To finish the installation of BlueStacks on macOS, type the Password on your Mac and then click Unlock.

    Done this, in order to use BlueStacks then (on both Windows and macOS) you have to log in with a Google account you have: press on Start and enter, in the respective text fields, your login data such as email address e Password.

    After logging in with your account Google (tap on NEXT to confirm the data entered) and after accepting the BlueStacks terms of use (click Accept), you can use this emulator to download the Instagram, in order to succeed in your intent to load a video into the application, acting from your computer.

    Then press on Get started with BlueStacks, to start.

    To download the application of Instagram click on the Play Store here called Google Play. Now, using the search bar at the top, search for the application Instagram and install it by first pressing the button Install and then on the button Accept.

    At the end of the installation, start the application of the photo social network by pressing the button apri.

    When the application starts Instagram You will first be asked to log in with your account data and, once logged in, you can use it to upload videos to Instagram from your PC.

    To do this, click the button with the symbol capacitor positive (+) lead in order to upload a video to your Instagram profile.

    Now, if you want to record a video on the spot and upload it to your Instagram profile, click on the button Video and then record the movie by pressing the round button in the center.

    You can thus upload it to your Instagram profile as it is usually possible to do through the app Instagram per Android.

    If, on the other hand, you want to upload a video from your computer to your profile Instagram you must, first, what to import it into the application Media Manager of the emulator.

    To do this, click on the application Media Manager located within the section My apps > System app. Once you have started this application, import a movie from your computer by pressing the button Import From Windows so that it is loaded into the shared gallery of the BlueStacks emulator.

    Once this is done, start the Instagram application and press the button with the symbol (+); you will see the movie automatically loaded by tapping on the button Gallery application.

    You can now upload it to your profile Instagram, performing the exact same operations that are done using the application of Instagram your Android.

    Videos that have been imported into the BlueStacks emulator through the built-in application Media Manager they can also be uploaded to Instagram from PC even in Stories.

    You can then tap on theyour profile icon, to load a new one Story, by recording a video on the spot or by importing the videos you uploaded to the BlueStacks multimedia storage, through the app Media Manager.

    How to upload videos to Instagram from PC

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