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    How to increase likes on Instagram

    Take great pictures

    Most may be taken for granted but to make it clear is always good and right: the first rule to be able to increase likes on Instagram is undoubtedly that of take nice pictures. A well done shot, capable of perfectly highlighting the subject of the same or in any case able to attract the observer is a fundamental prerogative to be able to increase the number of likes for the contents posted on Instagram.

    How to increase likes on Instagram

    So when you take a photo to share on Instagram I suggest you focus on choosing the right subjects and the most correct angles. Then try to make sure that what you photograph is clearly visible or that at least is able to attract the gaze of others. Keep in mind that in most cases it is all a matter of eye and intuition but if you still prefer to receive more tips about it you can consult my guide on how to take beautiful photos.

    Personally, then I suggest you put aside the function attached to Instagram to take pictures and take the shots you want to share with other users using the app to take pictures available "standard" on your smartphone or to resort to the use of a special application by choosing from the many available on the app store of your mobile phone.

    Use the right filters

    Another valid suggestion that can allow you to increase likes on Instagram is that of use the right filters. I therefore suggest that you carefully and accurately select the filters to apply to your photos, making sure that they make your shots even more inviting and selecting those most appreciated by the rest of the community.

    How to increase likes on Instagram

    I also invite you to select the filters to apply to your shots based on common sense and what is your personal taste. Eventually you can also do a quick search on Google to find out which are the most popular and appreciated filters. Alternatively, since many users have the habit of indicating the filter used in the hashtags to add to the photo, you can go to the website Websta which shows what are the 100 most used hashtags on Instagram in real time to find out which are the most popular filters of the moment.  

    Get inspired

    In addition to taking beautiful photos and applying the right filters, you can try to increase likes on Instagram by going to get inspired from the shots of others, both as regards the type of photo to be taken and as regards the filters to be applied.

    How to increase likes on Instagram

    To do this, start the Instagram app on your smartphone and press the icon of magnifying glass located at the bottom left and then browse the list of the most viewed photos. You will certainly find valid ideas on how to make seemingly trivial photos suggestive.

    If you prefer, you can also view the list of the most popular contents on Instagram via the website Iconsquare which allows you to access Instagram from a PC after authenticating with your account.

    Use the most suitable hashtags

    Do you want to increase likes on Instagram? Yup? Well then I suggest you mark your photos by going to use the most adapted hashtags, that is hashtags that are relevant to your shots and that at the same time are popular among users.

    How to increase likes on Instagram

    To find out which are the most popular hashtags of the moment you can go to the website Top Hashtag which has a very similar operation to that of Websta, the service that I suggested in the previous lines, talking about filters.

    Considering that most of the hashtags are in English to be able to increase likes on Instagram, I suggest you not only carefully select the terms with which to mark your shots but also to include those in a foreign language.

    Post regularly

    To be able to increase the likes on Instagram I then invite you to try to post regularly your photos or to try to create a sort of fixed date to which your followers must want to participate, no ifs and buts.

    How to increase likes on Instagram

    In this regard, try not to post burst photos but not even to be absent from Instagram for long periods of time. So try to find a balance and identify times when your audience guarantees the greatest degree of interaction. Then proceed to post your photos at regular intervals. Then try to figure out who actually likes your photos and who doesn't. In principle, avoid posting more than 4 photos a day and allow at least 4-5 hours to pass between one shot and the next but keep in mind that each account is a story in itself which is why, suggestions aside, you must be you to be able to identify what you think may be the most suitable solution for your situation and that actually allows you to increase likes on Instagram.

    Connect social profiles

    If you haven't already done so, keep in mind that to increase likes on Instagram too connect social profiles you use the famous app to take and share photos can be particularly useful. In fact, it is a very valid system to ensure that your shots are seen by as many people as possible with the least effort and, consequently, to have a greater chance of attracting the attention of new users.

    How to increase likes on Instagram

    To link your Instagram account with Facebook, or with Twitter or with other supported social networking services, presses the little man icon which is located at the bottom right of the main menu of the app. Then select the gear icon located at the top right, go to the menu Linked accounts attached to the section Settings and select the social network of your interest from the list of available social services. After providing the authorization for the publication of the photos on the other social network, Instagram will automatically post your content on the latter after selecting the services of interest during the publication phase.

    If the functions to connect the famous app to take and share photos to your other social profiles are not enough for you and therefore if you are looking for additional systems to increase likes on Instagram I suggest you try IFTTT. This is a free application available for Android and for iOS which allows you to automate the interaction between all the most popular Web services.

    After downloading the app on your smartphone, create your free account on IFTTT and access the screen with the "recipes" (the scripts that allow interaction between the various Web services) by first pressing the mortar icon placed at the top right and then on that of the glasses. Then click on the magnifying glass icon and search for terms such as Instagram Twitter o Instagram Facebook to access all the recipes that allow you to automatically post Instagram photos on various social networks. When you find a script that interests you and that you want to activate, press it and then tap the button Add Recipe to activate it.

    How to increase likes on Instagram

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