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    How to grow on Instagram

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    Before we give you some tips on how to grow on instagram, let me give you some preliminary information about it. Contrary to what many think, it is possible grow on Instagram without paying, as it is enough to implement some simple strategies that, in the long term, allow you to increase your degree of popularity and, consequently, the number of followers on the platform. You have to be patient though.

    If you feel you are patient enough and want to seriously commit to grow on Instagram without bots or other "tricks" often deleterious and / or expensive, all you have to do is follow the advice I am about to give you.

    Constantly create quality content

    The first piece of advice I want to give you to help you grow up Instagram I say commit yourself constantly in creating high quality content. To do this, it is necessary to know in detail the functioning of the popular photographic social network, in order to be able to make the most of all its tools for creating content.

    Su Instagramin fact, there are not only posts and stories but also IGTV reels and videos. THE post are contents that remain permanently in the Feed (unless you decide to delete them), while the stories they are contents that, after their publication, disappear within 24 hours.

    I reels, on the other hand, they are a type of content halfway between post and stories, as they allow you to publish short videos (max 15 seconds) featuring background music. The videos of IGTVfinally, they are real films that can last longer than stories and reels.

    Once you understand the functioning of the social network in detail, it is important to have the equipment suitable for the creation of these contents: therefore I suggest you buy a professional camera or more simply a smartphone with a high-level camera, in order to own the right tools to create content that can impress the audience.

    Get inspiration from popular content

    In case of creativity block, to get the right inspiration on what to publish, just go to the section Explore Instagram, in order to identify the most popular photos and videos shared by other users.

    To do this, all you have to do is log in to Instagram via the smartphone app or from the official website and press onicona della lens d'ingrandimento (from smartphone) or oncompass icon (from Web).

    In this way you will be able to see all the trending contents on the social network and thus take inspiration for the creation of photos and / or videos to publish on your profile (without copying, please!). Easy, right?

    Interact with the community

    To grow on Instagram it is not enough to limit yourself to the publication of interesting content: it is equally important tointeraction with the community of the social network, in order to build a solid relationship with their followers.

    To achieve this, there are two very important strategies that I suggest you implement: interact with other users and invite your followers to interact with your content.

    In the first case, there is no better way to start following the profiles that interest you, by “liking”, commenting on and sharing the posts and / or stories that you find interesting. You must be the first to lead by example if you want others to do the same towards you.

    In the second case, you will be happy to know that Instagram offers various tools, which help stimulate interaction: in the stories, in fact, it is possible to create quizzes and surveys, as well as to ask / receive questions. Using these tools is also important for getting feedback from those who follow you.

    Live broadcasts are also a useful tool for increasing the relationship with followers and attracting new audiences.

    Use hashtags

    Another useful piece of advice I want to give you is to make good use of hashtag, as these labels allow you to categorize posts and, therefore, are useful to help you reach the audience of your interest.

    You need to know that in the posts of Instagram You can enter up to 30 hashtags, but these must be relevant to the published content. Otherwise, it is possible to receive penalties from Instagram (as the massive posting of irrelevant hashtags could be considered a spam attempt) and in any case there is little respect for the public.

    If you need some advice on popular hashtags to include in the content you publish, I suggest you use specific online services, such as for example Top Hashtag e All-hashtag through which, by typing one or more keywords, you can receive various precise suggestions on the related hashtags to use.

    Some free apps for smartphones and tablets also perform a similar job, such as HashTags for Instagram for Android (which can also be downloaded for free via alternative stores) and Top Tags for iOS / iPadOS.

    Share your content on other social networks

    To reach as large an audience as possible, you can consider expanding your social audience by linking your Facebook account to your Instagram profile.

    To do this, launch the Instagram on your device and log into your account. Then he presses onicona dell'omino or tuo profilo miniature located in the upper right corner and, in the screen that is shown to you, press the ☰ button located in the upper right corner.

    Now, tap on the item Settings, then press on the words Accounts> Linked Accounts, so as to press on the item Facebook and make the connection with your profile or with your Facebook page.

    At the end of this operation, move the levers up ON, in correspondence with the indications Share your Story on Facebook e Share your posts on Facebook. By doing so, every subsequent time you publish a post or a story on Instagram, these will be automatically shared on your Profile or yours page Facebook.

    More tips to grow on Instagram for free

    At this point of the guide, I want to share with you some useful food for thought that will help you grow on Instagram in an honest way, without the use of seemingly comfortable but ultimately counterproductive shortcuts.

    • Don't buy followers or likes: don't give in to the temptation to buy followers or likes. Although this choice may seem valid to you, it is a counterproductive operation in the long term: the purchased followers are nothing more than fake profiles subject to sudden cancellation, due to inactivity.
    • Do not use automatisms: the use of apps and software that automate some operations is viewed in a very negative way by Instagram. Therefore, I invite you not to use it, as you could compromise the security of your account, as well as incur permanent bans.
    • Non fare mass follow/unfollow: even if you don't use bots or automation tools, performing manual mass follow / unfollow operations is equally counterproductive. The only official way to get more followers quickly is to sponsor your paid profile through advertisements. For more information on this, refer to my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

    To learn more about the topic in question, also take a look at some of the guides dedicated to the topic, such as the one in which I offer suggestions on how to appear in Instagram suggestions, which is useful for increasing your visibility on the platform and growing inside of it.

    How to grow on Instagram: app

    If you have followed all the advice I gave you in the previous chapters and, therefore, if you have decided to buy the hardware useful to start your journey on Instagram, you are already definitely at an advantage in creating engaging content.

    However, I remind you that the importance of using the right software is also important. In this regard, I would like to recommend some smartphone apps, such as those that allow you to manually control the shooting parameters: Camera FV-5 for Android per Halide iOS are the best.

    Other apps that I recommend you use are those that concern photo editing and video editing, for example Snapseed (Android and iOS / iPadOS) or InShot (Android and iOS).

    Just as useful are the apps for creating stories, such as Insta Story for Android and Made for iPhone, which allow you to create graphics quickly and easily. For more information on this, refer to my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

    Finally, consider the use of computer software, such as Photoshop, GIMP o Avidemux, to edit your content in even more detail.

    How to grow on Instagram

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