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    How to download stories from Instagram

  • Download Instagram Stories from PC
    • Download Instagram Stories from Google Chrome
    • Download Instagram Stories Online
  • Download stories from Instagram without being seen
  • Download stories from Instagram without an account
  • Download stories from Instagram

    download stories from Instagram, you can directly use the photo social network app installed on your Android device (also available on alternative stores) or on your iPhone. To proceed, start the Instagram and log in to your account.

    Then press the icon of cottage (bottom left), presses on your profile photo located at the top left (above the wording The tua storia) and, after finding the content you want to download, swipe from bottom to top. Then press ondown arrow icon present in the menu that is shown to you and the content you select will be saved in the Gallery.

    Also, if you have activated the option Save to archive in the section Stories options (accessible by pressing first on thecamera icon in the main menu of Instagram and onicona dell'ingranaggio in the opened screen), you can also save the stories present in thearchive, section in which the stories published after more than 24 hours are kept.

    Before proceeding though, don't forget to move up ON the lever that you find in correspondence with the wording Save to Camera Roll, always in the section Stories options, to ensure that the stories published on Instagram are automatically saved in the memory of your device.

    Having said that, to access thearchive and manually save the stories contained in it, tap on thumbnail of your profile photo (bottom right), press the button (≡) (top right), presses on the wording archive and, in the screen that opened, locate the story to save and tap on its preview. Then press onicon (...) and, in the menu that is shown to you, tap on the item Save photo / Save video.

    In case of doubts or problems, refer to my tutorial dedicated to the functioning of Instagram stories: there you can find further information and details on the procedures to be performed.

    Download other people's Instagram stories

    download other people's Instagram stories, you can take a screenshot of your Android smartphone or iPhone, in the case of the photo, or start a recording of the device screen, for videos. In both cases, the owner of the content will not be made aware of this.

    Alternatively, you can turn to free third-party apps, such as those I will talk about in the next chapters, which allow you to save photos and / or videos published in the Instagram stories of other users in the memory of your device.

    This last kind of solution is much more comfortable to use and, moreover, allows you to see the stories anonymously: that's why I decided to focus on the latter. Clearly, these apps and services only work with public accounts, not private ones.

    Having said that, before explaining in detail how to proceed, I invite you not to publish the content shared by the user elsewhere (unless he gives his consent), as doing so would violate the terms of service of the social network and the copyright. of the author of the stories.

    Download Android Instagram Stories

    If you have a smartphone Android, you can use the free app Save stories: if you have a device without Play Store, try to see if there is any alternative store (or, anyway, if there is any similar alternative). In its free version, the app has advertising banners: to remove them you have to buy the paid version, which costs 2,39 euros.

    Once you have installed Save Stories, open it and accept the privacy policy by checking the relevant box and pressing the button Agree appeared on the screen. Next, tap on the button Log in with Instagram, tap on the item Accept and log into your Instagram account.

    Once logged in, presses the button of the magnifying glass at the top right, search for the user of your interest through his username (without putting the symbol @ before the latter) and then select the account you want to "spy". Then select the card Story (above), tap onpreview say you are interested in your bottone award Download. Semplice, see?

    Download iOS Instagram Stories

    If you own a iPhone, I suggest you make use of Storized for Instagram. Haven't you ever heard of it before? Let's get back to it right away!

    Basically, it is an application that allows you to anonymously view the content in the stories of public accounts and download the content locally. To eliminate the annoying advertising banners that characterize its free version (and which are a bit too invasive for my tastes), as well as view unlimited content and access all the app features, a subscription is required. subscription starting from € 1,49 / week.

    That said, let's take action. After installing and launching the application, you need to search for theusername (with a lot of @) concerning the profile of your interest: just write it in the appropriate testo field, located at the top, and then select it from the opened menu.

    Next, tap on the tab Stories (if necessary) and, if content is available, tap on thepreview of what you intend to download. In the screen that has opened, presses the button (...) at the top right, tap on the item Save and grant the app permission to access the multimedia files of your device, by pressing on the item OK present in the box that appeared on the screen.

    Download Instagram Stories from PC

    download stories from Instagram from PC you can make use of third-party tools useful for downloading the multimedia content of others. Find more information on this in the next paragraphs.

    Download Instagram Stories from Google Chrome

    download Instagram stories from Google Chrome, you can use the extension Story saver, also compatible with Microsoft Edge (in its Chromium-based version) and Opera.

    To use it, start Google Chrome on your PC (if you have not already done so), go to the Chrome Web Store page that hosts the addon and download it by pressing the buttons Add e Add extension.

    Now, log in to your Instagram account from the browser, go to the profile of the user of your interest (looking for it in the Campo di Ricerca at the top and clicking on the relevant result), open the story you want to download (by clicking on the profilo's photo account in question) and press onStorySaver Stories for Instagram icon at the top right (if you don't see it, click on the piece of the puzzle located at the top right and click on it in the opened menu).

    The file (whether it's a photo or a video) will be automatically downloaded locally: if you haven't changed your computer settings, you should find it in the folder Download from your computer.

    Download Instagram Stories Online

    If you want download instagram stories online, I suggest you use Insta-Stories. Its operation is quite simple: all you have to do is go to the site in question, look for the account from which to download the stories and proceed to download them by clicking on the appropriate button.

    Therefore, go to the home page, type the username of the account of your interest in the text field Search, placed in the center of the page and come on Submit on the keyboard.

    Next, make sure the tab is selected Stories (otherwise select it yourself) and, if new content is available for the account you are looking for, you can download it by clicking on the button Download placed under the photos and videos present.

    Download stories from Instagram without being seen

    download stories from Instagram without being seen you can take advantage of the free apps for Android and iOS mentioned above, which can also be used to view and download the multimedia content published by other users of Instagram. P

    You can also use the extensions and online services mentioned in the article. As I have already told you, however, these solutions do not work for private accounts.

    Alternatively, if you want to know other solutions similar to the ones already mentioned, refer to my guide on how to see stories on Instagram without being seen.

    Download stories from Instagram without an account

    Would you like to download stories from Instagram without logging into your account? Also in this case you can take advantage of the solutions already mentioned in the guide, since they do not require access to Instagram.

    As I have already explained to you, thanks to them it is possible to see and save only the stories of public accounts, not private ones. OK?

    How to download stories from Instagram

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