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    How to do live broadcasts on Instagram

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    How to make a live on Instagram

    Be vuoi scoprire how do you do live on Instagram, the first thing you need to do is open the app on your smartphone. Once this is done, you simply have to press on the icon in the shape of cottage that you find at the bottom left and then on the icon of camera at the top left to activate the camera.

    At this point, you have to scroll through the various shooting functions until you get to Live and press the button Start a video in diretta your live video. Before starting the live broadcast, Instagram will notify you that a notification will be sent to some of your contacts to notify them of the live broadcast.

    If the environment you are shooting is poorly lit, you can activate the flash by pressing the icon of lightning located at the bottom left, while you can switch between the rear and front cameras (and vice versa) using thecircular icon with two arrows which is located at the bottom right.

    In this way you can decide to create a live video in which you shoot yourself in the foreground maybe while you are telling a story live to your followers or show them directly what you are witnessing with the camera on the back.

    When you decide to end the live you are doing, all you have to do is press the button end located at the top right. Two buttons will appear: End live video e Cancel.

    If you want to end your video, click on the first button. If, on the other hand, you pressed the "End" button by mistake, press "Cancel" on the second to return to your live broadcast and continue the broadcast.

    Also note that Instagram it also allows you to create a live stream in the company of one or more friends. This feature, in fact, allows those who are your followers, as well as viewers of a live broadcast, to participate in your video, in order to create a live streaming with up to 4 participants.

    By tapping on the video camera symbol, in fact, once a live broadcast has started, you can choose up to three people to invite to the broadcast, by tapping on it from the drop-down menu Broadcast live in a room.

    After selecting the users of your interest, in fact, click on the button Invite and wait for them to accept your invitation. Taking advantage of this mode, the screen will be divided into several parts and, together, you can broadcast live.

    How to share a finished Instagram live

    Are you really satisfied with your live stream, you just finished it and would like to keep the video online for a few hours to continue sharing it. Nothing easier! Once the video is finished, a screen will appear in which you are notified Live video finished while further down you can decide whether to share it or delete it.

    To share your live video just finished, all you have to do is press the button Share that appears when your live ends. On the contrary, if you want to delete the video you just shot, all you have to do is disable it lever located at the bottom right and press the button Delete.

    Streams shared on Instagram as recorded videos end up in Stories, that is, in those collections of photos and videos that followers can watch for a maximum period of 24 hours before they are completely deleted from the social network.

    If you intend to keep the video and do not want it to be lost forever after 24 hours, you can save it locally on the memory of your smartphone. To do this, press the button Save which is at the top right end of the live broadcast.

    Once saved locally on your phone, you can upload the video later to Instagram and make it permanent like any other video or photo posted on your profile.

    How to limit the audience of live streaming on Instagram

    Instagram direct can be viewed and commented on by all followers. If you want, however, you can limit the number of people who can view your direct and filter the comments that can be inserted under the videos.

    To filter the number of people who can see the live you can act directly on the settings of the Stories (since, as seen above, the live and the Stories of Instagram are connected). So access the screen for starting live on Instagram, press the icon of thegear collocata in alto a sinistra and selects the voice Hide the story a to select the names of the people you want to hide Stories and direct from.

    Alternatively, if you want to be even more drastic, you can prohibit the viewing of all your content, so not only the direct, but also the photos and videos that you normally post on Instagram, making your profile private.

    To make your profile private, go to the Instagram home screen and access your profile by pressing thelittle man located at the bottom right. Then tap on the ☰ icon at the top right, select the item Settings from the menu that appears on the side (if you use an iPhone, also select the item Account privacy) and activate the lever for the option Private account in the screen that opens.

    Once the operation is complete, only the people you decide to authorize will be able to view your content. It should be noted, however, that the amendment does not have retroactive effects. This means that your current followers will be able to continue watching your streams and all the other content you post on Instagram.

    If you want to prevent an old follower from viewing your content, visit his Instagram profile, press the button (...) located at the top right e block it selecting the appropriate item in the menu that opens.

    Now let's move on to the comments. To filter comments based on their content, i.e. based on the words they contain, open Instagram on your smartphone, press the icon of thelittle man located at the bottom right (to access your personal profile page) and tap on thegear that you find at the top right.

    In the screen that opens, go to Post comments (inside the box Settings), activate the toggle next to the option Hide inappropriate comments and use the field Custom keywords to specify the words that must be contained in the comments to be obscured in your lives (and in the other content that you will post on Instagram).

    Once you have specified all the keywords to block, press the button end placed at the top right and that's it.

    If, on the other hand, you want to completely disable the comments in a live, press the icon with the three vertical dots in the bar where it says comments e pulsing sul pulsating Disable comments that appears on the screen.

    How to watch Instagram live

    Are you more and more intrigued by Instagram direct and would like to start following those of other users in order to interact with them, comment and see what they are filming? Well, now I'll explain how to proceed.

    All you have to do to view your contacts' Instagram direct is to open the app on your smartphone and press the icon in the shape of cottage you see at the bottom left, in order to access the Home section of the social network. Once here, your contacts' stories will appear at the top, in the form of spherical images sequentially. The live broadcasts in progress are those with the writing Live next to them, while those containing direct recordings have the ▶ ︎ symbol next to them.

    All you have to do to start watching a live is to press the photo of the user who is making it. If the person in question has not deactivated comments, you can comment and express your approval with the button in the shape of heart located on the right of the comment bar.

    Were you impressed by the number of viewers of some live shows and would you like to increase your followers as well? Well, it's not easy, but maybe with the right advice you can do it. There are several ways to increase the number of followers on Instagram and have more and more viewers during live videos. If you want some "tips" about it, read my guide on how to increase followers on Instagram.

    How to do live broadcasts on Instagram

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