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    How to delete Instagram profile

    Preliminary information

    Before we delve into the heart of this guide and see it in detail how to delete an Instagram profile forever, let me provide you with some preliminary information that will help you understand what to do.

    First of all, I want to remind you that deleting an Instagram profile is an irreversible action, from which there is no going back. By temporarily deactivating an Instagram account, however, you can retrace your steps and reactivate it quickly (just log in again) to find all the contents on your profile. I already told you about this procedure in another guide, remember?

    Furthermore, before explaining what operations to take in order to delete an Instagram profile, I strongly recommend that you create a backup of all the contents on your account, so that you can always and in any case access it if you need to. How can you do it? I'll explain it to you right away.

    All you have to do is connect to this page of the web version of Instagram, log into your account (if necessary) and click on the button NEXT. Therefore, type the Password of your profile in the appropriate text field, click on the button Request the download and wait for the preparation of the archive with all your data (photos, comments, personal information, etc.) to be completed. The operation, depending on the amount of data to be processed, could take a few minutes, hours or even days.

    If you prefer, you can request the preparation of your personal archive also through the Instagram app for Android and iOS. All you have to do is log into your account (if you have not already done so), press the icon oflittle man located at the bottom right to access your personal profile, touch the icon (≡) and go to Settings> Security> Download data. Finally, enter your address email in the appropriate text field and presses the button Request the download.

    Once you have received the email for downloading the photos from Instagram, open it, click on the button Download the data, log back into Instagram and click on the entry Download the data, to start downloading the archive.

    Once this preliminary operation has been completed, you can finally move on to the next step by actually deleting your Instagram profile.

    How to delete Instagram profile from app

    You came to this guide with the aim of delete the Instagram profile from the app official of the photographic social network? Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not possible at the moment. However, if you really want to act from your mobile device, know that it is possible to delete your Instagram account by operating from the browser.

    Therefore, start the web browser you usually use to surf the Internet on your smartphone or tablet (eg. Chrome your android or Safari on iPhone) and go to this page, in order to connect to the appropriate section of the Instagram website that allows you to delete your account. If necessary, then log into your account.

    Once logged in, help yourself to the menu Why are you deleting your account? to indicate the reason why you intend to unsubscribe from Instagram (eg. Couldn't find people to follow, Initial problems, Too many adverts, Privacy Concerns, I want to remove something, Too busy / too distracting, I have created another account o Other).

    At this point, type the Password of your Instagram account in the appropriate text field located at the bottom of the page and then tap the red button Delete my account permanently, to start the procedure for deleting your account.

    How to delete Instagram profile from PC

    If you prefer to act from PC, know that the procedure to follow to delete your Instagram account forever is identical to the one I showed you in the previous chapter.

    Even in this case, in fact, you must go to this page of the Instagram website, which allows you to delete your account. Then, if requested, you must log in to the service by typing yours in the appropriate text fields username and Password of Instagram and then you have to click on the button Log in.

    Once logged in, indicate the reason why you want to unsubscribe from Instagram, using the drop-down menu located next to the item Why are you deleting your account?. Among the options available are privacy concerns, creating another account, difficulty finding followers and other reasons - you choose the one that you think is most compatible with your situation.

    Then, type the Password of your Instagram account in the text field that appears at the bottom of the page, corresponding to the item To continue, enter your password again, and then press the red button that says Delete my account permanently, to permanently unsubscribe from Instagram. Did you see that it wasn't that difficult to complete the deletion process of your account?

    How to delete Instagram profile without password

    Were you unable to complete the process of deleting your Instagram profile because you do not remember the password set on your account? Since it is not possible to delete an Instagram profile without a password, to be able to complete the operation in question you must first start the password recovery procedure, so as to set a new access key on your account, and then you can delete your Instagram profile by following the instructions I have provided earlier.

    If you don't know how to recover Instagram password, don't hesitate to take a look at the guide where I explain in detail how to do this. I am sure it will be extremely useful to you.

    How to delete Instagram profile

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