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How to change Instagram icon: Android

The simplest way to change a single app's icon to Android, without having to carry out complex procedures such as obtaining root permissions, consists in creating a custom link to the same, using a third-party application dedicated to the purpose.

Among the many available on the Play Store and on the alternative stores for Android, I advise you to consider Icon Changer Free: it is a totally free solution, able to change the icon of any app on the Android Home screen, in a couple of taps, regardless of the launcher in use.

Before explaining how to use it, I think it is right to specify that the icon is changed by creating a personalized link to it, which can only be used on the Home screen; therefore, the drawer icon will remain the original one.

All clear? OK, let's proceed. First, open the reference store of your device (e.g. the Google Play Store), tap on the symbol of magnifying glass or on the search bar and type the words icon changer free, inside.

Once on the results page, select the app in question from those listed (identified by the symbol of two robots joined by two circular arrows) and press the button Install / Download, to download and install it on the device.

Once this is done, start the app in question, tap the icon depicting i two Android robots located in the center, reach the tab Application (located at the top) and tap on the icon Instagram, which should appear in the list of apps installed on your device.

At this point, tap the button Change located just below the icon in use, inside the box Icon, and choose from the options proposed, based on the type of image to use: Default icons, to select an icon already present in the device; Gallery, to choose a photo taken from the gallery; or Icon Packs, to upload an image belonging to an icon package previously installed by the store.

Having made your choice, if you deem it necessary, use the voices Filter e Decorate to apply custom filters and decorations to the image; finally, it indicates the name to be assigned to the icon, inside the field Title, and tap the button OK located at the top right, to proceed with the creation of the icon.

At the end of this last operation, you should see a panel dedicated to inserting the icon on the Home screen: to place it manually, press and hold it, drag it to the “place” you want to assign it, then release it; to have Android automatically place the new icon, tap the button instead Add automatically.

If the "original" icon is also present on the Home screen, delete it by making a long tap on it and dragging it to the option Remove, which appears at the top of the screen, or select the item of the same name from the proposed context menu. Be careful not to select the options instead Delete or Uninstall: you risk deleting the app from the device!

Note: Icon Changer affixes a small watermark to all icons created, so as not to confuse the links with the “original” icons.

As a workaround, I remind you that you can also install complete set of icons, through which to customize not only Instagram but all the main system and third-party apps, giving their icons a harmonious and different look from the default one.

You will find many sets of icons for Android both on the Play Store and on alternative stores, both free and paid; in order to apply them you must make sure you are using a launcher compatible, for example the excellent Nova Launcher.

Once you have set a launcher compatible with custom icon sets as default on your device (just go to the menu Settings> Apps> Default apps> Home app) and having downloaded an icon pack that also contains the icon for Instagram, you can apply it by selecting it from the settings of the launcher itself or, if available, through the app that accompanies the set of icons (usually just start it and select the launhcer in use, to then confirm). For more information on this, check out my tutorial on how to change icons on Android.

How to change Instagram icon: iPhone

Be il tuo è un iPhone, in the current state of things, there are not many ways you can take to change the Instagram icon, other than to act through the app commands iOS (i.e. the automation tool for scripts and commands made available by Apple), creating a custom link to the app on the Home screen.

Before anything else, however, I advise you to update at least to iOS 14.3: using this "trick" on previous versions of iOS, in fact, significantly slows down the opening of the apps for which you create custom links, since first of the app itself, the Commands app is started for a few moments (which, however, does not happen in iOS 14.3 and later).

Having made this necessary clarification, let me explain how to proceed. First, open the app commands using its icon on the Home screen or in the iOS App Library (if you have uninstalled it, you can download it again from the App Store), tap the button [+] posto in alto a destra and selects the voice Add action, from the next screen.

Next, locate the bar identified by the wording Search for apps and actions (at the top) and type the words into it open app, then tap the item Open the app resident in the box Actions e fai tap sull'opzione Choose, to view the list of apps installed on the "iPhone by".

Now, tap on the icon Instagram from the proposed list, tap the button (...) located at the top right and choose the item Add to Home, to start editing the custom link. At this point, tap the icon of overlapping rhombuses located under the heading Home screen name and icon and select the image to use: a fillet already present on the device or on iCloud or one captured photo via the camera.

Once you have identified the image to use, tap the button Choose, to select it, and customize the name to be assigned to the new connection by tapping on the wording New command [x]. Finally, tap the button Add, to create the link.

As a last step, if you have iOS 14, you can delete the original app icon from the Home screen, leaving it only in the App Library: to do this, make a long tap on the icon in question and select the items Remove app e Move to app library. On previous editions of iOS, the App Library isn't available and the original app icons can't be deleted from the Home screen - you can bypass that, though, by moving them to a dedicated folder. .

Please note: if you do not know where to get alternative icons for Instagram, you can search on the sites to download free icons that I recommended in my tutorial on the theme; to download the icons on the phone memory, just view them in the browser, perform a long tap on them and choose the item to add them to the Photos app o save him on the device memory from the menu that appears.

How to change Instagram icon

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