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    Instagram Live Rooms: what they are and how they work

    Preliminary information

    Instagram Live Rooms: what they are and how they work

    Before I talk to you about how to use the Live Rooms di Instagram, I would like to provide you with some preliminary information relating to what are they and how do they work.

    Le Live Rooms they are nothing more than an additional tool for making live broadcasts Instagram creating virtual rooms. Following the introduction of this feature (also called Punch), it is possible to invite a maximum of three users to their lives on Instagram (choosing them from those who are in the list of their followers), in order to start live streams in collaboration with other people.

    Live broadcasts are a tool that can only be used through the Instagram app for Android (also available on alternative stores) and iOS. At the moment, in fact, it is not possible to broadcast a live stream on Instagram from a computer, neither by connecting to its official website nor by using its official application for Windows 10. However, by acting as a PC, it is possible to see the live streams made by users.

    How to do live shared on Instagram

    Instagram Live Rooms: what they are and how they work

    Having made the necessary premises above, let's see together how to do live shared through the app of Instagram to Android e iOS.

    First, then, launch the app in question and log into your account if necessary. Then, on the main screen, swipe to the left, in order to open the screen dedicated to fotocamera on Instagram.

    Once this is done, click on the item Live located at the bottom, in order to use the integrated tool dedicated to the creation of a live stream. At this point, click on the icon menu located in the left corner of the screen, type the title of the live broadcast you want to make and press the button Add title, to add it.

    When you are ready to start live, click on pulsing tondo located in the center and wait for the connection to be verified, so that the live streaming starts. At this point, if you want to invite other people and therefore want to take advantage of the functionality dedicated to creating Punch, press the button with the video camera symbol. Next, in the menu that is shown to you, type i names people to invite, to search your followers for people to invite.

    After placing the check mark on the names of the people to invite (maximum 3), press the button Invite, to send them an invitation to participate in your live stream.

    If the users in question accept, they will be added to your live stream: consequently, the screen will be divided into several parts, to make room for all participants. Furthermore, all the followers of those who broadcast the live stream will be informed of the event and will be able to follow it.

    How to manage live broadcasts on Instagram

    Instagram Live Rooms: what they are and how they work

    Once the live streaming has started, you can take advantage of the tools made available by Instagram for interacting with users: via the text field Add a comment, for example, you can reply in writing to users who are following the live stream, while pressing the icon question mark you can see the questions asked by your viewers.

    Through thearrows icon, on the other hand, you can switch between the front and rear cameras at any time, while pressing the icon of the smiley you can add filters and effects to instagram camera. Finally, by pressing the icon of multimedia gallery, you can share an image from your device's Gallery with your viewers.

    If, on the other hand, you want to share the live stream with other users, you can send it in the private chat by pressing onairplane icon, in order to select the names of the users to whom you want to share it privately.

    At any time, to stop the live broadcast, first on the icon X located in the upper right corner. Then, in the menu that is shown to you, click on the button Finish now, to end the live stream. Once this is done, choose whether to publish the video on Instagram (Share on IGTV), whether to save the movie in the memory of your device (Download the video) or whether to delete it (Delete the video). Easy, right?

    Instagram Live Rooms: what they are and how they work

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