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    The first advice I want to give you for view Instagram Stories without viewing is to use some free apps that allow anonymous viewing of the stories published by the users of the famous photographic social network. As I mentioned in the introduction of the article, they must be public accounts, since it is not possible to anonymously view stories of private profiles). For more details on this, read on.

    How to view Instagram Stories without viewing on Android

    If you want to know how to view instagram stories without viewing on android, I suggest you try Save stories (if you have a device without Google services, try to check its availability on an alternative store). The app is free, but the removal of advertising in the free version requires the purchase of its paid version, the cost of which amounts to 2,39 euros.

    After installing and starting Save Stories, to use you must accept the privacy policy by checking the appropriate box and press the button Agree. Dopodiché fai tap sul pulsating Log in with Instagram, presses on the wording Accept and log into your Instagram account.

    Once logged in, click on the symbol of magnifying glass located at the top right, search for the user of your interest through his username (without prefixing the symbol @ to the latter) and then select the account of your interest.

    Alternatively, to see the story of a person you follow on the photo social network without your view being displayed, tap on username you see on the main Save Stories screen, select the tab Story located at the top of the screen and tap onpreview of the content of your interest. If you want to download it, you can do it by pressing the button Download.

    How to view Instagram Stories without viewing on iPhone

    You have a iPhone or a iPad? In that case you can try Storized for Instagram, a free app that features advertising (even rather invasive) that can be eliminated by subscribing to a subscription starting from € 1,49 / week. That said, let's take action.

    After completing the installation of Storized for Instagram, launch the app and search for the username concerning the Instagram profile of your interest (taking care to include the symbol in the search as well @), using the testo field located at the top of the screen. Then, in the menu that has opened, press on Profile that you actually want to check.

    On the next screen, tap (if necessary) on the tab Stories, make sure that new content regarding the section in question is actually available and, if so, tap on them previews to see them individually in full screen.

    Do you want to save one of the contents seen in the user's stories? No problem: press the button (...) (top right) and tap on the wording Save present in the opened menu. Of course, to complete the operation, you will also have to grant Storized for Instagram permission to access the multimedia files of your device, by pressing on the voice. OK in the box that appeared in the center of the screen.

    Other apps to view Instagram Stories without viewing

    In addition to the apps I told you about in the previous chapters, there are also others that allow you to see the stories of Instagram anonymously. Here are some of the most interesting.

    • Story Saver for Instagram (Android) - this is an Android app that allows you to anonymously view Instagram stories and save them locally if necessary. It works by logging into your Instagram account.
    • Story Saver Assistant (Android) - another solution belonging to the category in question, through which you can see Instagram stories and download their contents on your device. The removal of the advertising banners present in its free version requires the purchase of the paid version, which costs 3,29 euros.
    • StoryPro (iOS / iPadOS) - this app offers the possibility to see Instagram stories of public profiles and, if necessary, save the contents present in them. It can be used for free, but to see unlimited profiles and remove advertising, you need to take out a subscription starting from € 3,49 / week.
    • Profile+ Stores for Instagram (iOS) - the operation of this app is very similar to that of the apps mentioned above. However, it has some important limitations: for example, to see the entire contents of the stories you must consent to see an advertising video, otherwise you will have to be content with viewing only the preview of the photo or video published in the story. Removing these limits is feasible by subscribing to a 3,67 euro / month subscription.

    Site to view Instagram stories without viewing

    If you are looking for a solution to watch Instagram stories anonymously running from a browser, I recommend using the online service, which allows you to view and download the contents of Instagram stories created from public profiles

    Using it is simple: just go to its home page, write theusername of the person of your interest (without putting before the username) and give Submit on the keyboard. On the page that opened, click on the tab Stories, click here Download located below the displayed content and wait for the download to start and finish.

    View Instagram Stories without following

    Another possible solution to view Instagram stories without letting the person concerned know it is to create a second account on the famous social network and use it to view the stories without revealing their real identity. This procedure can be done through the Instagram for Android and iPhone, using the function to quickly switch between accounts.

    To do this, start the Instagram on your device and, in correspondence with the section of your profile (reachable by pressing on thumbnail of your profile photo, bottom right), tap the you don't know located at the top.

    Now, press the buttons Add account e Create new account and carry out the registration procedure for the service again. Then press the button SUBSCRIBE, enter all the data required for the new account (username/email address e Password) and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the procedure. Remember to provide data that does not allow to trace back to you, since your intent is to view the stories anonymously.

    Once the secondary account has been created, to switch from one profile to another, press and hold on thumbnail of your profile photo (bottom right) and select the account of your interest from the relative menu that is shown to you. If you have any doubts or problems, please refer to my tutorial on how to have two Instagram profiles.

    At the end of the procedure, to see the stories of a public profile you simply have to go to the latter's account and tap on his profile photo. For private accounts, however, you will have to send them the request to follow them and hope that this will be accepted (this does not necessarily happen).

    Also take into account that in both cases the stories could be hidden through some settings, which I told you about in another tutorial.

    How to view Instagram Stories without viewing

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