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    How to stretch a video for Instagram

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  • Stretch a video for Instagram in posts
    • Story Cutter for Instagram (Android)
    • Limitless Stories (iOS)
  • Other apps to stretch a video for Instagram
  • Stretch a video for Instagram with IGTV

    If you need to stretch a video for Instagram and you haven't tried it yet IGTV, I strongly advise you to fix it.

    IGTV is an integrated tool within Instagram, also available as a separate app for Android and iOS and usable through Facebook's Creator Studio tool, which allows you to upload videos longer than the 15 seconds provided for the stories and the 60 seconds provided for the videos uploaded within the posts. The length of the videos that can be uploaded to IGTV is, in fact, maximum 10 minutes, which become well 60 minutes for users with a verified profile and a high number of followers. I also told you about this tool in my dedicated tutorial.

    To publish a video on IGTV, start the official application of the service, if you have previously downloaded it, otherwise press the icon of television which you can find in the app home of Instagram (the screen with the symbol of a cottage). Now, tap on thegear located in the lower right corner and tap on the item Create a channel, poi cheap with NEXT twice in a row and finally on the voice Create a channel.

    Once this is done, press the button with the symbol capacitor positive (+) lead, select the video to be published in the memory of your device, press on the item NEXT, if necessary modify the cover of the movie, indicates the title and Description to assign to the latter, choose whether to make it visible on a page Facebook, by moving the lever up ON in correspondence with the relevant item, and then presses the button Public, to upload the movie on IGTV. It was easy, wasn't it?

    Stretch a video for Instagram in stories

    If you intend to post a video in the Instagram stories, you must respect the maximum duration of 15 seconds. That said, if the movie you intend to upload has a longer duration, you can adapt it to the story format by dividing it into multiple segments. To succeed in this intent, I suggest you take advantage of the features present in some applications, such as those I will talk about in the next paragraphs.

    LongStories (Android)

    The reference application for devices Android, useful for making sure that a long video is divided into several parts of 15 seconds and then uploaded to Instagram stories, is Long Stories. I choose to recommend it as its use is particularly intuitive. It does not apply a watermark to exported videos but instead has advertising banners, which are removable at a cost of € 2,09.

    After downloading it and running it on your device via the link provided, start by pressing the buttons Select Video o Create Video, depending on whether you intend to import a previously made video or if you want to record one on the spot. After selecting the movie to split, fill in the text field Enter fonder name, to give a name to the folder in which the video will be saved; then presses the button OK.

    Once this is done, wait for the video to be exported and cropped and press on the item Instagram Story you see on the screen, in order to start the social network app and proceed to upload the movie within the Instagram stories. If in doubt, read my in-depth guide dedicated to Instagram stories, in which I explained how to upload photos and videos within them.

    Cut Story (iOS)

    Su iOS, the application that I recommend you use to split a movie and adapt it to the 15-second format of Instagram stories is Cut Story: This is a free application that can be used at no cost, but which exports the movie by applying a watermark, removable at a cost of € 1,99.

    To use it, once downloaded from the App Store, start it and, in its main screen, press the button Video. Then import the video you want to post on Instagram, by tapping on it, and press the button with the symbol of a down arrow. Now, on the next screen, tap on the item Instagram (15s) and wait for the export and the subdivision of the video, which will be saved in the multimedia gallery of your device (the app Gallery on iOS).

    Once the movie is split, you can upload its various parts to Instagram Stories by acting as you normally would. Therefore, start the Instagram app, log in to your account (if necessary), press the icon of camera and, once the tool for the creation of the stories is displayed, press on the symbol of gallery, in order to select the various portions of the previously divided movie. If you have any doubts or problems, read the guide where I explain how to make stories on Instagram.

    Stretch a video for Instagram in posts

    If you need to post a video like post on Instagram, you may encounter difficulties, in the event that this has a duration longer than 60 seconds. If this happens, you can take advantage of applications that easily allow you to cut a movie to fit the format required by the social network. I recommend some of them in the next paragraphs.

    Story Cutter for Instagram (Android)

    Using a smartphone Android, the application that I recommend you to download to make sure that a movie can adapt to the 60 seconds expected for Instagram posts is Story Cutter. However, it is an app that, to carry out the purpose in question, provides for an in-app purchase of € 3,99. In the free version, in fact, it limits the ability to crop movies to 10 seconds for each clip.

    That said, if you intend to buy the paid version of this app, start it by pressing on its icon on the home screen and, once its main screen is displayed, tap on the item Gallery. Then press on the movie you want to crop and tap on the item Upgrade to full version, in order to make the payment and thus be able to unlock the possibility of dividing a movie into 60-second segments. Once this is done, to start trimming the video, tap on the item 60 sec e pulsing sul pulsating Select.

    Then wait for the video to be processed and press the button View story, to see the final result. The video will be automatically saved in the memory of your device and you can then upload it to your Instagram posts, as you always have.

    Limitless Stories (iOS)

    The application I recommend you refer to iOS, to make sure that a long video can be published in Instagram posts is Limitless Stories, a free app that allows you to crop a movie by dividing it according to the predefined limits imposed by apps such as Instagram o WhatsApp.

    In this specific case, it is useful because it allows you to manually select the duration of the clips to be split. The app applies a watermark to exported videos, removable at a cost of € 2,29, upon the purchase of its version Premium.

    To use it, after downloading and running it, press the button Custom you see on the screen, enter the number 60 on the menu Seconds cut, so you can cut the video into parts of 60 seconds each, and press the button Confirm.

    Now, tap on the item Video, select the movie to crop, by tapping on it and then press the button Choose. Once this is done, wait for the video to be processed, press the button Open Instagram and upload the video in the posts, by pressing the button capacitor positive (+) lead you see below.

    To continue, press the button Select multiple items (you can upload up to 10 videos in one post) and tap on the movie portions. Then press the button NEXT twice in a row and, finally, on the one named Share. If in doubt, refer to my tutorial where I explain how to upload videos to Instagram.

    Other apps to stretch a video for Instagram

    Would you like me to recommend other applications that allow you to adapt a movie for publication on Instagram, dividing it into several parts? All right, no problem. In addition to the suggestions previously provided, you can take advantage of applications dedicated to video editing, such as the ones I told you about in this specific tutorial on the subject.

    Alternatively, if you want to use apps that only have cropping tools, read my guide dedicated to this possibility, in which I have recommended some of them. Furthermore, in the following lines, you can find some other examples of applications useful for the purpose covered by this tutorial.

    • Adobe Premiere Clip (Android / iOS) - is one of the most famous free applications dedicated to video editing. You can then use it to crop a video and manually split it with a custom duration.
    • inShot (Android / iOS) - is another free and cross-platform application frequently used for video editing, with the addition of filters and effects. It integrates a cropping tool that allows you to manually select the duration of the same. Apply a watermark to exported videos that can be removed for free with each use. It offers the optional purchase of its version For: the price of the same part from 2,99 € / month and allows you to get unlimited access to all available filters and effects. I told you about it in my guide dedicated to apps to create videos with photos and music.
    How to stretch a video for Instagram

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