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    How to share music on Instagram

    Share music on Instagram in Stories

    If your intent is to share music on instagram in stories, you must first know that there is more than one procedure to do this: first of all you can play a piece of music in the background, while recording a story on Instagram, or you can share a song on Instagram, through the use of Spotify, famous free application available for Android, iOS and many other platforms.

    Put a piece of music in the background in Instagram stories

    How to share music on Instagram

    The first procedure I want to tell you about, to share a piece of music in the stories of Instagram, can be performed using any streaming music application such as Spotify Music (Android / iOS), Deezer Music (Android / iOS) or Amazon Music (Android / iOS). Through these applications it is in fact possible to start the playback of a music track in the background, to be exploited then in the stories of Instagram.

    All three applications mentioned are free to download; the first two however have some limitations in the free use for the reproduction of the songs, while Amazon Music is an application that can be used by users with an Amazon Prime subscription, who can access a catalog of 2 million songs for free. In fact, keep in mind that the applications Spotify Music e Deezer Music offer unlimited use of the same only upon subscription to a subscription (prices start at € 9,99 per month for the subscription Spotify Premium e Deezer Premium +, but are subject to change, in case of promotions or first registration).

    You can find more information on Amazon Music in my dedicated tutorial or you can read my guide on apps to listen to free music, in which I tell you in detail about Spotify Music e Deezer Music.

    Having said that, we can take action: the first thing you need to do is download from Play Store Android orApp Store iOS is the application chosen for listening to streaming music. If you don't know how to do it or you need more explanations about it, read the guides in which I explain how to download apps from the Play Store or how to download apps on iOS.

    Have you installed the app, started it and logged in? Very good! Now use the internal search engine to find and play the song of your interest. If you have subscribed to one of the aforementioned apps, start the playback of the song of your interest directly, by pressing on it, while if you use them for free, start the playback in random mode and wait for the song you want to listen to be transmitted.

    Your chosen song is playing and now you want to share it in Instagram Stories? Tap the button with the symbol (❚❚) to pause it and launch the Instagram previously downloaded on Android or iOS (if you don't know how to download and install, read this tutorial), in order to log in or register via your account data or via Facebook.

    How to share music on Instagram

    Now, press the button with the symbol of a little man located at the bottom and then press on yours profile picture to start the story creation tool Instagram (if you have any problems, read my tutorial in which I'll explain how to solve them).

    Use one of the story tools on the screen to record a video: tap on the item Normal o Without holding down (I told you in detail how these buttons work in my dedicated tutorial), and then start playing the piece of music you want to include in the background.

    Acting as a device Android, perform the latter operation via the control notification for the transmission of multimedia contents, accessible with a swipe from top to bottom. Then tap on symbol (▶) you see on the screen to start multimedia playback.

    How to share music on Instagram

    Su iOS, on the other hand, the playback of a music track in the background can be activated via the Control Center: then swipe from bottom to top (or swipe from the top right corner of the screen to the bottom, from iPhone X) and press the button with the symbol (▶) you see on the screen. For more information on the Control Center, read my guide where I tell you about it.

    How to share music on Instagram

    Once this is done, go back into the app again Instagram and presses on pulsing tondo you see in the center, to start recording a video in the stories. In this way the movie will have as background music the song you started in the background. At the end of the recording, pause the playback of the song: press the button with the symbol (❚❚) from the control notification for the broadcast of multimedia content on Android or through the Control Center of iOS.

    If you are satisfied with the final result, press the button The tua storia, to publish the movie in the stories of Instagram where it will be visible for 24 hours. At the expiry of this term, you can see the video published in the section archive, a feature I told you about in detail in this tutorial of mine.

    Share a song on Instagram via Spotify

    How to share music on Instagram

    An alternative procedure can be performed through the use of the application Spotify on Android and iOS, which integrates a native functionality for sharing music within the stories of Instagram.

    To perform this specific operation, download, install and launch this app, referring to this tutorial of mine in case of problems. On the main screen of Spotify (is the one with the symbol of a small house), visible after registering or logging into the platform, you can see some music albums in evidence. Find and tap the song you want to share on Instagram (You can also search for it using the internal search engine, i.e. the one with the magnifying glass symbol). When playback is started, press the button with the symbol (...) located at the top right and then tap on the wording Share and finally on Instagram stories.

    This will open the story creation tool (an image of the card for the selected song is automatically generated, without audio) and, to share the final result, presses the button The tua storia. This way, anyone viewing the Instagram shared by you, will be able to listen on Spotify that particular piece: to do so, just press on the wording Play on Spotify which will be present on the screen, top left.

    Share music on Instagram in posts

    If you want instead share music on Instagram in posts, you have to keep in mind that there is no predefined tool to do this and you must therefore resort to third-party solutions. I'll tell you about it in the following lines.

    Share a song on Instagram in posts

    How to share music on Instagram

    The first method to share a piece of music on Instagram within the posts is to record the mobile phone screen while playing a song. This is clearly the easiest (and universal, as it is valid for all streaming music applications) method to record the audio of a song you are listening to, in order to share it as a video within the post by Instagram.

    You can then do this using one of the most popular streaming music applications: start playing the song you are interested in and then record the screen of your device Android o iOS, in order to get a video that will be saved in the internal memory of your device (app Gallery on iOS and Gallery on Android).

    Su Android, you can use the native recording tool, if this is present (in this case the procedure varies depending on the device in use), or third-party applications. In the latter situation, refer to my guide dedicated to the topic.

    How to share music on Instagram

    Su iOSInstead, it is possible to record the screen of the mobile phone via the native functionality which is located in the Control Center. Then call up this menu as already explained in the previous lines and press on pulsing tondo you see on the screen. After a short countdown, everything on the screen of your device will be recorded. To end the recording, press on red bar at the top and then tap on the item Stop. If you have difficulty doing this, read my guide dedicated to the topic.

    How to share music on Instagram

    The video made can then be shared on Instagram within the posts; to do this, refer to the guide where I explain how to share videos on Instagram. Eventually this video can also be shared within the stories; if this is your goal, I suggest you read my tutorial in which I explain how to proceed.

    App to share music in stories and posts

    As an alternative to the procedures I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you can use an application designed for sharing music in the form of short videos to be published on Instagram in posts or stories.

    Sounds (Android/iOS)

    How to share music on Instagram

    Sounds is the free application for Android and iOS most suitable for this purpose, as it features a database with vast number of songs and also integrates with applications Apple Music (of which I told you in this guide of mine) e Spotify. The main feature of Sounds is the possibility to share, in the form of videos, music tracks (or clips of the same) within the main social networks, Instagram inclusive.

    You can use this application for free but there are several limitations, such as the ability to share only a part of the selected song. In addition, the exported videos have a watermark that can only be removed upon payment of a subscription: the prices for the same start at € 9,99 per month (subscription For) and from € 22,99 per month (subscription VIP), it is possible to test all the features of Sounds with a three-day free trial period.

    To use this application, once downloaded, locate the song you want to share, using the section with the card symbol, by typing the name of the song in the search engine located at the top. Once you have identified and started playing the song, press the button with the Instagram symbol. Now choose from the items Square o Story (square or rectangular format), customize the duration of the same (Snap, 15 sec o 30 sec) and the first button Share on Instagram, granting any permissions required for sharing.

    Then choose whether to press the button Story o Feed, depending on whether you want to share the song in the story or as a post, and then use the native sharing tools of Instagram in regards to posting videos in posts or sharing stories.

    Sounds is the best application for sharing a song within Instagram, but it is not the only solution: to succeed it is also possible to use apps for video editing such as Inshot (Android / iOS) or Vigo Video (Android / iOS) that integrate a database of songs within it. I have given you more information about it in this tutorial of mine.

    How to share music on Instagram

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