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    How to share a story on Instagram

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    How to share a story on Instagram

    While you were browsing Instagram, did you see the story posted by another user and would like to know how to share it? No problem: share a story on Instagram it's that easy.

    Once you have identified the Instagram story you are interested in sharing, press the icon with the symbol ofairplane found in the lower right corner, then in the menu Share that you see on the screen, locate the person with whom you want to share the selected image or video, put the check mark on his name and, finally, press the button Send to share it.

    If this option is not present it means that the user in question does not allow the sharing of his stories. It is in fact an option that, as I will explain later, must be activated through the menu Stories options of Instagram.

    App to share an Instagram story

    How to share a story on Instagram

    An alternative solution for share a story on Instagram is the use of some applications for Android and iOS such as Story Saver for Instagram for Android or StoryRepost for iOS, which you talk about in the next few lines and which I explained in detail how it works in my guide on how to save the Instagram stories of others.

    These apps, in fact, are designed to allow the saving of other people's content (stories and posts) but also offer the possibility of reposting, that is, sharing. Furthermore, by reading the mentioned tutorial, you will be able to find out how to save an Instagram story in the memory of your device, so that you can later publish it in Instagram stories.

    • Story Saver for Instagram (Android) - is one of the most used apps to save and share the Instagram stories of other users. It is free and, after downloading it from the Play Store, to use it, log in with your account data Instagram. Once this is done, locate the story to share, press the button repost and finally, tap on the menu item Stories. In this way the story will be automatically loaded in the preview section of your Instagram stories and you can then repost it, by pressing the button The tua storia.
    • Story Reposter (iOS) - This app works great for sharing Stories from other Instagram users' public profiles. After downloading it fromApp Store, pigia sul pulsating Close, grant her permission to access your photos, write the name of the Instagram user who posted the Story you want to reply in the text field Type the name of the Instagram user and press pulsating SEARCH. At this point, tap on name of the user in question, presses on the wording Photo/Video posted [N] hours/minutes ago and, finally, tap the button repost located on the displayed screen, select the item Instagram from the menu that opens and you agree to open the Instagram app from which you can publish the content by pressing the button first Story then on Your Story.

    Share your Instagram story

    You have published a story on Instagram, now you would like to show it to your other friends, but you don't know how to do it? Don't worry, I can explain in detail how to proceed using the application of Instagram for Android and iOS and Windows 10, as the operations to be performed are exactly the same for the operating systems in which the app is available.

    First, then, start the application of Instagram previously installed. Log in with your account data, if access is not already automatic, then press the icon with the symbol of a little man located in the bottom bar of the social network, in order to see the section relating to your profile.

    Now, press on yours profile picture to view the latest published stories, locate the one you want to share and swipe from bottom to top to view a menu below.

    Through this section, which is usually dedicated to views, then press the icon with the symbol of sharing (One up arrow) to share the selected story as New post.

    How to share a story on Instagram

    Alternatively, always acting through the section of Views, you can send the attached story via private message with accompanying text to a user who has already viewed it.

    To do this, just press the icon with the symbol ofairplane next to the person's name, then use the text field write a message to type an accompanying message, then tap on the item Send.

    How to share a story on Instagram

    If you still have to create a story and if you want it to be shared by other users or, before publishing it, you also want to share it with some specific users, you can perform a different procedure that will lead you to share a story on an "alternative" way. Instagram.

    In this specific case, go to the home screen of the social network (the symbol of a cottage located in the bottom bar of the social network), and press the icon of camera in the top left, to open the story creation tool.

    Now, before starting to make the story with the options provided by Instagram, tap on the icon with the symbol of a gear located in the upper left corner, so you can see the menu named Stories options.

    Within this screen, move the toggle from OFF a ON at the Allow sharing, so that other users can share your story on theirs Instagram. Once this is done, go back to the previous screen and start making a story with the tools at your disposal.

    How to share a story on Instagram

    Then press the button Send to you see in the lower right corner and press on the buttons Share to send the story created within the section The tua storia, in that of Closer friends, if you have customized this list. If, on the other hand, you want to share the story with a specific user, click on the item Send, corresponding to its display name.

    Share Instagram story on Facebook

    How to share a story on Instagram

    If what you intend to do is the sharing an Instagram story on Facebook, you will be happy to know that this option is possible and that it is a procedure that can be performed in a few simple steps.

    To do this, launch the Instagram on Android, iOS or Windows 10, then go to the section of your profile, pressing the symbol of a little man in the bottom bar of the social network. Then click on the symbol (), on Windows 10 it is the symbol (...), then, on Android and iOS, tap the button with the symbol ofgear named Settings.

    At this point, scroll through the menu displayed, locate and tap on the wording Linked accounts. On the next screen, tap on the item Facebook and log in to the social network with the data of the account you want to connect. You can link a profile or a Facebook page.

    Once this is done you just have to move from OFF a ON the lever at the wording Share your Story on Facebook. In this way, all subsequent content that you post on Instagram in the stories will also be shared within the stories of Facebook.

    Eventually, once you've made this link, you can manually take action to retroactively share in Facebook also the previous contents published in the stories of Instagram.

    To do this, tap on yours your profile picture to view the story published then, if the Instagram story was not automatically published on Facebook, press the button with the symbol of Facebook.

    How to share a story on Instagram

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