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    How to share a Facebook post on Instagram

    Preliminary information

    How to share a Facebook post on Instagram

    Before explaining to you how to share a facebook post on instagram, I have to give you some preliminary information about it.

    In fact, you must know that the only official solution you can use to share a post by Facebook su Instagram è Facebook Creator Studio: advanced tool for managing Facebook pages which, I'm sorry to tell you, can only be used from a PC (or in any case from a browser) and can only be used for corporate Instagram accounts that have a connected Facebook page (operation that can be done by acting on the menu Settings> Accounts> Linked Accounts of the smartphone app of the photographic social network).

    Furthermore, this possibility is aimed only at sharing the posts of one Facebook page .: it is not possible to natively share on Instagram the posts of Facebook published on personal profiles.

    If everything is clear so far, to find out more, continue reading: in the next chapters I will provide you with all the information regarding the use of Facebook Creator Studio and I will also show you some possible alternatives available to you to share a Facebook post on Instagram, in the form of stories or links.

    Share a post from a Facebook page on Instagram

    How to share a Facebook post on Instagram

    share a post from a Facebook page on Instagram us Facebook Creator Studio you must first connect to the official website of the service and log in to the profile Facebook with which you manage the Facebook page . connected to your account Instagram.

    Once this is done, press oninstagram icon located in the top menu, in order to switch to the use of the tool that allows you to share in the Feed di Instagram the posts published on the page Facebook.

    Then press the button Create post located in the upper left corner and, in the menu that is shown to you, click on the item Instagram feed. At this point, press the button Add content and then on the voice From the Facebook page: in this way you will be able to see the posts published on Facebook and you can also share them on Instagram.

    Now, select the post of your interest, placing the check mark on it, press the button Continue with the selected posts, use the text field Write your caption to add the accompanying post caption and finally press the button Public, to share it on Instagram.

    Share Facebook post on Instagram story

    How to share a Facebook post on Instagram

    want share a Facebook post on an Instagram story? In this case you must know that this is not directly possible and that the only solution to succeed is to take the screenshot or the recording of the screen (depending on whether it is a photo or a video) and then publish it in the stories.

    If you have a device Android, to take a screenshot you can use the native functionality, which can be activated by simply pressing the keys simultaneously Volume Down e On / off / lock button. To record the screen, however, press the key combination for a few seconds Volume Up + Power Off, while to stop recording press the key Stop located at the top.

    If the screen recording feature is not natively available on your device, you can take advantage of third-party apps, such as ADV Screen Recorder, downloadable for free from the Play Store or from alternative stores.

    For iOS, on the other hand, to take a screenshot of the iPhone with Face ID you have to press the side button and Volume up key. If, on the other hand, you have a model of iPhone with Home button, simultaneously presses the side button and Home button.

    To register the screen, however, press the red round button Located in the Control Center of iOS (accessible, on iPhone with Face ID, swiping down from the top right corner of the screen, or swiping up from the bottom edge of the display, up iPhone with Home button). At the end of the registration, click onred indicator located at the top and tap the button Stop.

    After taking the screenshot or screen recording of the post you are interested in, launch the Instagram on your smartphone and press oncamera icon located in the upper left corner. Then, tap onmedia gallery icon located in the lower left corner, to upload the photo or video obtained previously.

    Finally, to post the content in Instagram Stories, tap on the item The tua storia. .

    Share a Facebook link on Instagram

    How to share a Facebook post on Instagram

    As for, however, the possibility of share a Facebook link on Instagram, you can simply use the key Share located on your smartphone in correspondence with a post in the app Facebook. To be more precise, you need to locate the post of your interest, press the button Share that you find in correspondence with it and choose the item Other options. Finally, tap the button Copy, located in the menu that is shown to you, to copy the link and paste it wherever you prefer on Instagram, for example the biography or a private chat with a user.

    Su PC, instead, you can copy and paste the link of the post to be shared in this way: after locating the post of Facebook through News Feed of the well-known social network, click onclockwise where this was published, to select it; then right click on address bar (top) and select the item Copy in the menu that is shown to you. Once this is done, access the Instagram site or its application for Windows 10 and paste the link where you prefer, for example in the biography or in a private chat with a user.

    For more information about it, refer to my guide dedicated to the topic in which I'll explain in more detail how to put links on Instagram.

    How to share a Facebook post on Instagram

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