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Preliminary operation

To succeed in see visits on Instagram, you must necessarily switch to a company profile. The company profiles of Instagram, in fact, allow you to access the section Insights of the social network, through which it is possible to analyze all the statistics concerning your account.

If at this moment you do not have a corporate Instagram profile, you do not have to fear: you can "convert" your personal account into an account of this type in a few minutes, simply by associating it with a Facebook page (this is a non-mandatory procedure to have a company profile, but it is necessary to enjoy this and other "extra" features of Instagram). Once this is done, you will be able to access the statistical data of your account (which will be collected from the moment you make the "change" of account).

To proceed, first of all start the official Instagram app on your Android or iOS device, log in to your account (in case you have not already done so), tap the button (≡) posto in alto a destra and selects the voice Settings from the menu that appears on the right. On the next screen, select the item Account and tap on the wording Switch to a professional account located at the bottom.

On the screen that opens, decide whether to switch to an account Creator, optimized for use by individual professionals, or Company, optimized for those who want to promote their business on Instagram. Now, press the buttons NEXT o Continue and, if required, choose the category of accounts among those available. Please note that, at this stage, you will also be asked to remove the private profile, if you have set it up.

Now, decide which one Facebook page . connect to your Instagram account: if you don't have one, create it right now by selecting the wording Create a new Facebook Page and following the instructions given to you on the screen to complete the operation.

After connecting the Facebook page to your profile, provide the contact information to show to the Instagram community and tap the buttons NEXT, OK e end. Within moments, your account will be converted from personal to professional. Easier than that ?!

In case some steps are not very clear to you, I suggest you take a look at the guide in which I explain in greater detail how to put your company profile on Instagram.

See the visits on Instagram

As soon as you have connected a Facebook page to your Instagram account and have transformed it into a business profile, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of having a business account, including the ability to see the visits and all the various statistics that relate to the content you have published on the social network.

In this regard, you must know that you can access the section Statistics from your account Instagram through the social network app, as I will explain shortly, but also from PC, by connecting to the tool called Creator Studio owned by Facebook.

In both cases, among the available data, there is also the number of people who went to the profile: you can find this data on the main statistics page, in correspondence with the item profile visits in the last 7 days. To access the page in question, start theInstagram app on your Android or iOS device, tap the button (≡) collocato in alto a destra and seleziona la voce Statistics give the menu check if you press.

On the screen Insights, by tapping on the tab Activities, you can access some statistics concerning your profile: in the section Interactions, for example, you can find the number of actions performed on your account in the indicated date range, visits to your profile, clicks on your website and so on, while in the section Statistics you can view the accounts reached in a certain period of time, the coverage (i.e. the number of unique accounts that have seen one of your posts) and impressions (i.e. the total number of times all your posts have been viewed).

By tapping on the tab Content, instead, you can access more detailed statistics regarding the posts and Stories published on Instagram and, possibly, the data regarding sponsored content, while selecting the tab Public, you can access statistics and information regarding the audience following your account (some of this information is only available when you reach at least 100 followers).

In case you want to analyze the statistics of individual posts, instead, identify the content of your interest, open it by tapping on its preview, press on the item View statistical data located before its description and, in the drop-down menu that opens at the bottom, analyzes the statistical data that interest you.

I am sure that, by analyzing the statistics concerning your Instagram account, you will be able to identify the type of content that most interest your users and increase the popularity of your profile, implementing well-studied strategies.

See visits in Instagram Stories

want analyze visits to Instagram Stories? To do this, log into your Instagram account from its app for Android or iOS, tap on thelittle man at the bottom right and tap on yours profile picture, so as to open your Story.

To view the statistics of each published content, swipe from bottom to top corresponding to the one you are interested in analyzing and tap on theistogram, in order to access to go to the screen that includes all the statistics concerning the interactions, the accounts reached, the number of follower obtained, etc.

If you want to learn more about the topic and have more information on how to see the statistics of Instagram Stories, take a look at the in-depth study I have already published on this subject.

Tips to increase visits on Instagram

By analyzing the statistics of your profile, have you noticed that the number of visits you are getting is quite small? If so, try following i tips to increase visits on Instagram that I am about to give you: snche if I am not in a position to promise you "miracles", I assure you that you should notice some improvements in terms of visibility of your contents.

  • Regularly post quality content - since Instagram is a social network that focuses entirely on visual content, it is of fundamental importance that the photos and videos posted are of quality. In addition to posting quality posts in your feed, try to regularly create Stories (sequences of photos and videos that are automatically deleted after 24 hours), as this type of content is highly appreciated by users.
  • Be original - try to be as original as possible by avoiding posting content similar to that posted by the rest of the community. If you want to get out of anonymity, try to create your own style, thinking in advance about the content to share with the users who follow you.
  • Use popular and relevant hashtags - since hashtags (those words or phrases that are preceded by the symbol #) serve to "label" the contents, to facilitate the retrieval by users who carry out targeted searches on Instagram, it is important to choose the most relevant and popular ones. To do this, I recommend using ad hoc services, such as Top Hashtag and All-Hashtag, and some free apps for smartphones and tablets.
  • Engage users - to do this, carry out live broadcasts and surveys, so as to retain the followers who already follow your account and, if possible, get new ones.
  • Sponsor content - in addition to following the suggestions indicated in the previous points, I advise you to sponsor the contents you post on Instagram, so as to significantly increase the number of users who view them.

If you want to deepen the topic and get more information on how to be successful on Instagram and how to have more views on Instagram, do not hesitate to read the insights I have just linked to you. I am convinced that these readings will also be very useful to you.

How to see visits on Instagram

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