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    How to see Instagram stories without an account

  • Online services to see Instagram stories without an account
  • Preliminary information

    Before delving into the heart of this guide and understanding it in detail how to see instagram stories without an account, my golden seed fornirti alcune preliminary information which will surely be useful for you to have clearer ideas on what to do.

    First of all, I want to tell you that Instagram does not allow users who are not subscribed to the platform to view stories created by users (public posts, on the other hand, are visible to everyone). This means that, to succeed in your intent, you will have to turn to third-party solutions, i.e. apps and online services useful for the purpose.

    Another thing you need to know is that the contents visible through these solutions are only the public ones: you will not be able to view the stories created by private accounts or those that the authors shared with the list closest friends.

    App to see Instagram stories without an account

    If everything is clear to you so far, let's take action and discover some app to see Instagram stories without account, all free (at least in their basic version) and easy to use.

    Story Stalker (Android

    A device is possible Android, I suggest you use the free app Story stalker (if you have a device without the Play Store, see if there is any alternative store), which allows you to see the contents of Instagram stories without having an account on the photographic social network.

    How does it work? After installing and starting the app, presses on the tab Talk List, tap on the item Add New located at the bottom, search for the person to be spied by typing his username (even without the symbol @) in the search field at the top of the screen and tap on the item Search.

    Now, press on the correct account and that's it: you can view the history of the latter and download its contents by pressing the icon of the speech bubble with arrow pointing down (top right): remember also to allow to the app to access the multimedia contents of the device if you want to download photos or videos from the stories of others.

    Storized (iOS / iPadOS

    A iPhone, you can take advantage of Storized, a free app, through which you can view and download Instagram stories without being registered. To eliminate advertising, you have to subscribe to the 1,49 euro / week subscription.

    To use it, after installing and starting the app, use the search field to search for the username of the person whose story you want to see (taking care to put the symbol @), wait for the search results to be shown and select the Profile you intend to monitor.

    Then, click on the wording Story and then tap onpreview content to be seen in detail and possibly downloaded. After opening a piece of content, tap the button (...) located at the top right and then select the items Save e OK.

    Online services to see Instagram stories without an account

    If desired, there are also gods online services to see Instagram stories without accounts to whom you can turn: let me illustrate more closely how some of them work.

    If you want to view Instagram Stories without creating an Instagram account, you can use It is a site that allows you to see photos and videos published in the stories of public Instagram profiles.

    To use it, go to his home page, write in the appropriate text field theusername of the user whose stories you want to see (not including @) and come on Submit on the keyboard. Then select the card Stories (which actually should already be selected) and, if you want to download the content, click on the button Download placed under it.

    Insta-Stories is another portal to which you can turn to view the content published in the stories of Instagram. Its operation is almost similar to that of Story Insta, of which I told you a little while ago.

    First, go to its main page and, in the text field Search, type il username of the person whose stories you want to view. Then press Submit on the keyboard, so as to start the search and identify the public profile of your interest. At this point, click on the story of your interest, to watch it (and eventually click on the item Download located under the content of your interest, to download). Easier than that ?!

    How to see Instagram stories without an account

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