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    How to see Insights Instagram

    Activate Insights on Instagram

    How to see Insights Instagram

    If your intent is to see Insights on Instagram, you must first make sure that you have correctly activated this feature of the social network that allows you to see the statistical data relating to your profile and the content published in posts and stories.

    The statistics relating to your Instagram account are, in fact, only available for company profiles and, to consult them, you need to switch from a personal account to a business account. Now I'll explain how to do it, also know that this procedure is reversible: at any time, you can go back to a personal account without any problem.

    That said, to switch to a corporate Instagram account, you must first create a Facebook page, then you must link the created page to your profile Instagram, using the feature Switch to a company profile present in the Settings of the app of Instagram for Android and iOS.

    How to see Insights Instagram

    In this regard, in case you have any doubts about how to carry out this procedure correctly, refer to my guide in which I explain in detail how to activate Insights on Instagram.

    See Instagram Insights data

    After you have successfully activated the functionality related to Insights di Instagram, you can use the latter to monitor the progress of the posts published and the content shared in the stories, following the instructions I am about to give you. Also, in the following lines, I will also explain to you how to see Insights on Instagram relating to the performance of your profile.

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    How to see Insights Instagram

    - Insights di Instagram they are only visible through the use of the Instagram app for Android or iOS. Having said that, start the previously downloaded photo social network application and, if necessary, log in to your account.

    Go, then, to the section of your profile, by pressing onicona dell'omino located in the menu at the bottom, locate the content you have published in the posts and tap on it. Then presses on the voice View statistical data located before the description and you will see a drop-down menu appear at the bottom.

    Now swipe upwards to expand the section of Insights related to the published post and, on the next screen, you will be shown all the Insights related to the post, such as the Interactions received in terms of "I like it"(the heart-shaped icon) And profile visits.

    Furthermore, the section suggested, will point you to the coverage total of the post (the number of unique accounts that viewed your post) and the sources from which the post got the most views (impressions): from home, from hashtags, from the profile o on the other.

    In the stories

    How to see Insights Instagram

    - Insights di Instagram are also visible with regard to the content published in the stories. To access this section, you must always act through the app Instagram for Android or iOS, after you have downloaded it to your device and logged into your account.

    Once the application is started, go to the section of your profile by pressing onicona dell'omino located in the menu below, then tap on yours profile picture, to see the stories you have posted.

    At this point, to see the Insights corresponding to a content published in the stories, swipe down on it: you will then be able to view a menu related to views. Pigia, therefore, onshaped icon istogram, to go to the screen dedicated to Insights, where you can find all the statistical data showing the Interactions, such as the answers or profile visits.

    Also, at the entry Statistics, you will be given information such as the number of accounts reached with the publication of the story and the number of follower obtained.

    In profile

    How to see Insights Instagram

    If you want to analyze the Insights related to your profile, you must always act through the app Instagram for Android or iOS. After starting it and, after logging in to your Instagram account, go to your profile section by pressing onicona dell'omino located in the menu below.

    Now, click on the icon that you find in the upper right corner and, in the side menu, tap on the item Statistics. The Insights related to the profile Instagram they are divided into three main tabs: Activities, Contents e Public.

    The board Activities shows, in a weekly interval, information relating to interactions (i.e. the number of actions performed on your account) and ai statistics (the number of accounts reached). By tapping on the tab Contentsinstead, you can see the views obtained for the post and stories published.

    Finally, the section Public it is used to measure the performance of their followers and to know information about them such as the city or paese of origin, the age range, sex, the times and giorni where they are most active.

    How to see Insights Instagram

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