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    How to remove the report on Instagram

    Remove the reporting of an Instagram profile

    How to remove the report on Instagram

    Did you notice that you have reported a Instagram profile by mistake and now you would like to know how to revoke this report, as, as a result of the same, the user has been blocked? I'm sorry, but unfortunately it is not possible to revoke the report, as there is no Instagram function that allows you to do this. However, you can revoke the automatic account blocking that occurred following its notification on the social network.

    To succeed in the operation just described, access Instagram via the app for Android or iOS and go to the profile of the user of your interest: to succeed, you simply have to tap on the icon of the magnifying glass placed in the lower left corner, type yours username in Campo di Ricerca (top) and press on the preview of the profilo's photo of the person you intend to unblock.

    Once you have reached the profile of the account of your interest, press the button Unlock placed at the top and confirms the operation by answering Unlock to the question Do you want to unblock [username]? to complete the operation (if necessary, tap the button Ignore to close the warning that appears on the screen regarding unlocking).

    If you prefer to act from the web version of Instagram, instead, after logging into your account from the browser, click on search bar which is at the top and write the user's name you want to unlock. Select, therefore, the latter from the search results that are shown, click on the button Unlock attached to the page that has opened, answer Unlock to the question Do you want to unblock [username]?click on your bottone Ignore And that's it.

    A similar procedure can also be performed from the Instagram application for Windows 10. After logging in to your account, click on the button with the magnifying glass located at the bottom, type the user's name you want to unlock in Campo di Ricerca which is at the top and click on the result corresponding to the profile of your interest. Then click on the button Unlock present on his profile and then on Ignore.

    Even if through the unblocking procedure that I explained to you earlier you could not actually revoke the report that you had forwarded to the Instagram team, at least you have canceled the effects that this had had, having managed to unblock the user in question by allowing him to see your profile and associated content again.

    In this regard, if you need more information on how to unblock people on Instagram, consult the in-depth study that I linked to you: this reading could also be useful.

    Remove the copyright infringement report on Instagram

    How to remove the report on Instagram

    You sent the Instagram team a report regarding an alleged one copyright infringement, but did you realize you did it by mistake? The intellectual property infringement was actually perpetrated but, having now reached an agreement with the person who posted the copyrighted content, would you like to withdraw the earlier report? Nothing impossible, indeed.

    To succeed, you simply need to contact Instagram by sending an email to the address In the body of the message it would be advisable to include the reference to the number of the original report that you had done (which, for your information, is in the email that was automatically sent to you immediately after sending the report) and express your request to withdraw the report by including any reports that allow the Instagram staff to identify the "offending" content.

    Once Instagram receives your communication regarding the revocation of the report, if the content was removed from the platform, it will be put back online (otherwise it will not be removed). To confirm that the copyright infringement report you sent has been revoked, Instagram should send you a confirmation email to your email address.

    Please note, however, that for some technical limitations or for reasons that have no direct bearing on your report (e.g. the content violates some Instagram terms of use), the content that was eventually removed may no longer be restored. .

    What to do in case of further problems or doubts

    How to remove the report on Instagram

    If you have read up to this point of the guide, obviously you have not been able to revoke the report you sent to Instagram. If unfortunately you find yourself facing further problems or doubts about how to proceed, the best thing to do is to try to contact Instagram using other channels.

    A solution that I recommend you try is to get in touch with Instagram using its official Facebook page: as you can see, unfortunately there is no button that allows you to send a private message to the team of the photographic social network, but you can try anyway. to leave a comment on one of the posts located at the top of the page, hoping that Instagram will not ignore it and provide you with the assistance you need.

    If you want, you can also try to contact Instagram via Twitter. In this case, to get in touch with the social network staff, you must send a tweet to the @instagram account and explain in detail what your problem is, that is, that you are unable to revoke a report that you sent incorrectly. If the Instagram deems it appropriate to give you assistance, it will contact you and invite you to continue the conversation in private, so that you can explain the problems encountered in detail.

    How to remove the report on Instagram

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