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    How to put links on Instagram

    How to put links in the Instagram bio

    How to put links on Instagram

    The only solution for put a link on Instagram available to all users, regardless of the number of followers and the type of account created, is to insert a URL in the bio of their profile.

    To put the link in your Instagram bio, then start the social network app and, if you have not set automatic login, enter your login data in the fields Phone number, username or email e Password e fai tap sul pulsating Log in to login.

    Now, press the icon oflittle man present in the bottom menu and press on the item Edit profile, then locate the option Website and in the relevant field type the address of the site you want to show in your bio. Therefore, he presses on his voice end present at the top right to save the changes and you will be able to view the link just inserted in your profile, under your name and your bio.

    Similarly, you can put a link in the Instagram bio also via computer. After logging into your account, click on thelittle man present at the top right, presses on the item Edit profile and enter the address of the website of your interest in the field WebsiteDopodiché by clicking on the button Send present below and that's it.

    To do it faster and avoid typing the address of the site to show in your Instagram bio, you can first connect to the website, copy its address and then copy it in the field Website of Instagram as indicated above. For the detailed procedure you can read my guide on how to copy a link.

    How to put links in the Instagram bio with Linktree

    How to put links on Instagram

    In the Instagram bio, you can add a single link. However, by opening an account on Linktree and by creating a collection of URLs, you can show your followers a link containing multiple addresses.

    If your intention is to show a "tree" of links in the bio, connect to the Linktree site and press the button Sign up with Instagram to link your Instagram account to Linktree. Then tap on the item Authorize and choose one of the available plans.

    • Free: is the free plan of Linktree that allows you to insert an unlimited number of links, create custom graphics, access statistics and see how many times the links have been clicked.
    • PRO: it costs 6 dollars / month and in addition to the features of the Free plan, it also allows you to apply numerous graphic themes, remove the Linktree logo, connect Google Analytics, schedule the publication of a link, customize the address to show and many other features.

    Fatta la tua scelta, pigia sul pulsating Continue with Free to sign up for free or press the button Select Linktree PRO to activate a subscription account. In the latter case, fill out the form Billing details with your personal data and in the box Payment enter your credit card details. Then put the check mark next to the item I agree to the Linktree PRO to accept the terms of service, press the button Charge my card and sign up and complete the payment and subscription to the service.

    How to put links on Instagram

    Once you have created your account and chosen the plan that best suits your needs, you are ready to add all the links you want to Instagram. Then press the button Add new button/link, enter a title for the link in the field Title and type the address in the field http://url, then activate the link created by moving the relative lever from OFF a ON. Repeat the operation to add new links and in the section Live preview visible on the right displays the final result in real time.

    To delete a link, you can press the icon of basket, while to view the statistics you can press the icon of arrow. Furthermore, in the case of multiple links, you can change the order in which they are displayed by holding down the left mouse button on the icon three dots for the link you want to move and drag it down or up.

    How to put links on Instagram

    Once you have completed adding the links to show on Instagram, click on the item Settings and choose the graphic theme to apply, then click on the button + present at the top right to copy the URL address of your Linktree account, then log in to your Instagram account, press the option Edit the profile, paste the copied address into the field Website to show the link tree in your bio and press the button Send. Your followers will see the link[nome account] and pressing on it they will be redirected to a screen with all the links inserted just now.

    If you no longer intend to use Linktree, log into your Instagram account from your computer, press the button Edit profile and delete the Linktree link from the field Website, then presses on the option Authorized applications from the menu on the left and click the button Revoke access relativo a Linktree.

    How to put links in Instagram Stories

    How to put links on Instagram

    Among the features of Instagram, there is also the possibility of put a link in the Stories. However, this opportunity is reserved for accounts with at least 10.000 followers and, unlike what is reported in the Instagram guidelines, it is not necessary to have a verified account but a business account.

    To switch from a personal account to a business account, log in to your Instagram profile, then press the icon of thelittle man present in the bottom menu and press the icon of gear wheel per accesre alle Settings. Now, scroll down and tap on the item Switch to a company profile, then press the button Continue and connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page by clicking on the option Choose page.

    Then select the Facebook page to associate and press on the item NEXT present at the top right, then enter your data in the fields Email, Telephone e Address e fai tap sull'opzione end to complete the transition from personal account to corporate account.

    You are now ready to add a link to your Story. To create a new Story, tap the button + present on yours photo at the top left or swipe to the right, then take a photo or choose one present in the roll of your device and tap the icon of the chain present at the top.

    Then enter the link of your interest in the field Insert the link and presses on the option Link preview to verify correct operation, then tap on the item end top right and that's it. To learn more about how Stories work, I leave you to my guide on how to put photos on Instagram Story.

    If you don't see the chain icon, it means you don't have a business account or you don't have 10.000 followers. If so, you can read my guide on how to increase Instagram followers for valuable advice on how to best use Instagram and increase the number of your "followers".

    How to put links on Instagram

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