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    How to make beautiful stories on Instagram

    Get inspiration from popular content

    How to make beautiful stories on Instagram

    If you wonder how to make beautiful stories on instagram, the first suggestion I want to give you is to take inspiration from popular content on the social network, to identify the type of stories most appreciated by users.

    Succeeding in this intent is really simple, as all the trending multimedia content on Instagram are visible by pressing the magnifying glass icon located in the bottom menu in the social network app for Android or iPhone. If, on the other hand, you use Instagram from the web, click on thecompass icon located at the top

    The section will then be shown to you Explore, in which you can identify the posts, but also some stories published by other users who have achieved popularity, in order to take an example for the content you intend to publish.

    Alternatively, if you only want to see the stories of Instagram related to a certain content, press on theicon of the lens of ingrandimento, then type a certain hashtag in the search engine located at the top: in this way, you will be shown all the user stories that include that particular keyword.

    In case of doubts or problems, I recommend reading my tutorial in which I explain how hashtags work on Instagram.

    Buy the right equipment

    How to make beautiful stories on Instagram

    To be able to create beautiful stories on Instagram, you must first have the right tools and, of course, first of all you need a latest generation smartphone that, at the hardware level, has a high-level camera.

    In addition, you could associate it with the use of apps, such as Camera FV-5 for Android or Halide for iOS, which allow you to manually control the shooting parameters of the camera, in order to make the most of it.

    However, if you want to publish photos that stand out for their very high quality level, you can also opt for the purchase of a professional camera.

    Equally important are the accessories to combine with the camera or smartphone with which you intend to take photos and / or record videos to publish in the stories. In this regard, I suggest the purchase of the now widespread accessory ring light, capable of giving shots and filming a particular uniform lighting effect.

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    If, on the other hand, you usually record videos to publish in stories, you may find it useful to purchase a tripod or one stabilizer, to give more stability to the movies you make with your device.

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    Publish quality content

    How to make beautiful stories on Instagram

    The most important step in making good stories about Instagram is clearly to publish them: in this regard, I want to give you all the information you need relating to the operation of the app Instagram regarding the publication of photos and videos in the stories, in such a way that you succeed in the intent that you have proposed.

    First of all, you must know that in Instagram stories it is possible to publish photos and videos: the latter, however, must be from maximum length of 15 seconds, to be able to enter the segment of a single story. You can still post longer videos, as Instagram automatically splits them into multiple Stories.

    That said, to get started, launch the Instagram that you have installed on your smartphone, then press oncamera icon located in the upper left corner, to open the story creation tool.

    At this point, to take a photo press the round button in the center, after choosing between the front or rear camera (the camera icon with arrows). To record a video, press and hold the round button in the center.

    After taking the photo or after recording the video, you can just press the button to publish the content in the stories The tua storia.

    Alternatively, you can post a previously captured video or photo using your device's default camera. In this case, after starting the camera of Instagram press onmedia gallery icon located at the bottom left, to import the photo or video present in the default gallery of your device (the app Gallery o Gallery on Android and the app Gallery your iOS).

    In this regard, do not forget the importance of photo editing and video editing, as they are essential for the creation of aesthetically appealing stories. For this purpose, as far as photo shoots are concerned, you can make use of applications or programs, such as for example Snapseed (Android and iOS) o VSCO (Android and iOS) on mobile and Photoshop e GIMP on PC.

    With regard to video editing, however, I suggest you use the most popular apps and programs to edit videos, such as Inshot (Android and iOS) o Avidemux (Windows, macOS and Linux).

    Do not forget that there are also apps dedicated exclusively to the creation of stories, such as StoryChic for Android and Made for iOS: in this regard, refer to the chapter of my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

    Engage the audience with the right tools

    How to make beautiful stories on Instagram

    To make engaging stories, you can use the camera directly Instagram, as this integrates several tools related to creating multimedia content for stories. I am referring specifically to the possibility of adding filters and effects to the stories you make, such as the effect Boomerang o Super Zoom, which can help you add a more creative touch to the videos you make.

    The other useful tools for making stories on Instagram are those that allow interaction with users. In this regard, after having created a multimedia content of your interest through the Instagram camera, press onsquare emoticon icon, to see the menu of adhesives, through which you can add GIF, hashtag, make gods quiz or polls, but also add a musical background to the stories you make, using the sticker Music.

    As you will have understood, it is very important to know in detail how all the tools of the Instagram app related to stories work. Therefore, I advise you to deepen the subject by reading the guides that I have linked to you so far. In case of further doubts or problems you can refer to the archive of my tutorials dedicated to the popular photographic social network.

    App to make beautiful stories on Instagram

    How to make beautiful stories on Instagram

    If you are a particularly creative person and want to create stories about Instagram that stand out considerably, you can opt for the use of apps dedicated to the creation and advanced editing of stories, such as the ones I talk about in the following lines.

    • Adobe Spark (Android / iOS) - is one of the best free apps for creating multimedia content designed for social networks. It allows you to create engaging stories, thanks to its numerous editing tools and the presence of several predefined templates from which you can take inspiration.
    • canva (Android / iOS) - is another popular free app that is used for the creation of graphic works with tools within everyone's reach, also thanks to the presence of various basic models to start from. It requires the creation of an account and presents some paid content within it, which can be obtained through in-app purchases.
    • About (Android / iOS) - is another useful free story creation app that can be used quickly and easily. It is especially aimed at those who want to create engaging stories, but new ones take too much time to edit, thanks to the presence of numerous predefined templates.
    How to make beautiful stories on Instagram

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