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    How to make a giveaway on Instagram

    Giveaway Instagram: normativa

    How to make a giveaway on Instagram

    Before we delve into the heart of this guide and see it in detail how to do a giveaway on instagram, it is good that you know the regulations to which you must refer before launching a prize contest on the famous photographic social network.

    At the time of writing, English legislation provides that in order to organize a prize competition, it is almost always necessary to request a ministerial authorization. To get more into the merits of the question, according to the Royal Decree 25 July 1940, n. 1077 (MISE update of 9 July 2018), to organize a prize competition it is necessary to make an explicit request to the Ministry of Economic Development in all those cases in which the value of the winnings exceeds the sum of 1 euro (including tax charges).

    This means that, in the event that the value of the single prize is higher than that indicated in the Decree, it is necessary to refer to the following regulatory steps to organize the competition.

    • Make explicit declaration of the competition to the Ministry of Economic Development.
    • Complete the PREMA CO / 1 form no less than 15 days before the start of the competition.
    • Provide for the drafting of the Official Rules of the competition.
    • Awarding the prize to the winner by carrying out a drawing carried out in the presence of a notary or an authorized Chamber of Commerce official.

    If you want to learn more about the legal aspects involved in organizing a prize competition, I suggest you take a look at the detailed instructions that you can find on this page of the official website of the Ministry of Economic Development.

    Come fare giveaway su Instagram

    Once you have complied with the various bureaucratic requirements regarding the organization of a prize competition, you can finally organize a giveaway on Instagram. Below I offer you some ideas on the types of contests to propose and how to organize them.

    Choose the type of contest

    How to make a giveaway on Instagram

    There are various types of contest that you can organize with the users who follow you on Instagram: let me tell you about some of them and then choose to organize the one that seems most suitable for your case.

    • Photo contest - this is a very popular type of contest on Instagram, since photos are mainly uploaded to this social network. Usually, those who organize this type of contest decide that the best photos are rewarded. To let users participate in the contest, it is possible to invite them to take a certain type of photo, perhaps marking it with a particular hashtag (it would be advisable to create one specifically for the competition).
    • Video contest - it is a type of contest that has practically the same characteristics as the one mentioned in the previous point, with the only difference that in this case it is the videos (and not the photos) that are the protagonists. In organizing this type of competition, you can choose to reward the most beautiful films, perhaps involving users by creating a specific type of video (also in this case it is advisable to create a specific hashtag).
    • Comment and win - to participate in such a contest, users simply have to comment on a post or a Story, perhaps accompanying the comment with the hashtag that was specially created for the contest.
    • Tag and win - this type of competition works in a similar way to the one listed in the previous point. To participate you simply need to tag an account, for example that of a friend or that of the profile that organized the contest.
    • Like e vinci - to participate in a contest like this, users simply have to make the "effort" to "Like" the official contest post.

    Create the contest

    How to make a giveaway on Instagram

    After choosing the type of contest to organize on Instagram, you have to actually make it happen. How can you do it? Try to follow the "tips" that you find below because they will surely be useful to you.

    • Give the contest a topic - this is important to help potential participants understand what the main topic of the contest is. If you want to get a good participation rate, try to find a topic that is interesting and that can involve a large portion of users to participate in the contest, so don't choose a "niche" topic.
    • Explain how to participate - specify in a clear and concise way what needs to be done to participate in the contest (eg leave a comment, take a photo, use a certain hashtag, put "Like" a post, etc.), define the date by which it is possible to participate and the dates on which the winners will be announced.
    • Specify the reward - indicate what the prize is, possibly by posting a photo of the latter and also indicating its face value.
    • Use popular and relevant hashtags - to promote the contest, use popular hashtags relevant to the subject of the latter and, above all, create a specific one for the contest (eg. #nomeconcorso [anno]).

    How to win giveaways on Instagram

    How to make a giveaway on Instagram

    Instead of creating a giveaway on Instagram, would you like to participate in a contest organized by an influencer you follow on the social network? if so, chances are you want to know how to win an Instagram giveaway. If that's the case, I'm sorry to disappoint you but I have to tell you clearly that there are no "magic formulas" that can allow you to succeed.

    All I can do, in fact, is to advise you to read the contest instructions carefully, in order to avoid making mistakes that could penalize you. If a photo contest has been organized, for example, try to create quality photos that are in line with the theme of the contest and, if the regulations provide, publish the photo including the official hashtag of the contest. Above all, try to be careful about the date by which you enter the contest: otherwise you risk being left out.

    Since, as in all contests, the odds of winning are relatively low, don't be surprised if you don't win - maybe it will be for another time!

    How to make a giveaway on Instagram

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