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    How to make a bio on Instagram

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    edit the bio on Instagram you can act as a smartphone, using the Instagram for Android or iOS, but also from a computer, by connecting to the official website of the photographic social network. In the following lines, I'll explain how to proceed in all cases.

    Give smartphone and tablet

    If, to edit the bio on Instagram, you want to act from your smartphone (or even your tablet), start the app Instagram for Android or iOS and log into your account.

    Once this is done, go to the section of your profile by pressing onlittle man icon located in the menu below, then press the button Edit profile, in order to modify the section Biography of your Instagram profile.

    In the next screen that is shown to you, then tap on the text field that is shown to you and type a personalized message that represents you, taking into account that you have available 150 characters.

    Special characters, emojis, hashtags and references to other profiles can be inserted in the Instagram biography. To do the latter, type @ followed by the username of the profile you wish to refer to (for example @instagramleague).

    After customizing the biography, confirm the changes made by pressing the button with the symbol () su Android or on the one named end su iOS, which you always find at the top right.

    From PC

    If you want to edit the biography of Instagram acting as a computer, you will be happy to know that the operations you need to carry out are just as simple and immediate. To proceed, first connect to the official Instagram website or use the Instagram for Windows 10 and log in to your account.

    Once this is done, press onicona dell'omino located in the upper right (or lower right, from Windows 10), to see your profile section. Now, press the button Edit the profile and use the text field Biography, which you find on the next screen, to edit your bio by typing a personalized message that represents you.

    Remember that the bio text can be a maximum 150 characters and may contain emojis, special characters and / or hashtags, which are used to better categorize your profile. Also, if you want to mention another Instagram account in your bio, type the symbol @ followed by the username of the profile you wish to mention (for example @instagramleague).

    Finally, to confirm the changes made, click on the button Send which is located at the bottom (from Web). That button is called end and is located at the top right, in the app for Windows 10.

    Do the bio centered on Instagram

    You would like to make your profile stand out from everyone else and you ask yourself therefore how to do the bio centered on instagram? In that case, you must first know that there is no real solution to do it, as Instagram does not have a tool that is used to align the text of the biography.

    However, it is possible to succeed through the use of an alternative method: just copy and paste some empty spaces within the biography, before the text to be written. In the following lines I will show you how to proceed, but keep in mind that this solution could stop working, as it is a trick.

    To center the text of the biography of Instagram First start the app for Android or iOS or connect to the official website of the social network from your computer, to log in to your account. Alternatively, you can use the Windows 10 app, as the steps are the same.

    Once this is done, just as I explained to you in the previous chapters, press onicona dell'omino located in the menu at the bottom right (on Android / iOS) or top right (from Web e Windows 10), to go to your profile section. Then press the button Edit the profile and refer to the text field Biography, the section that is used to modify the biography of your profile Instagram.

    At this point, before typing the text, insert some empty spaces, copying them directly from those you find below, included between two square brackets. This step, even if a bit "cumbersome", is necessary for the completion of the operation. In fact, if you manually enter blank spaces in the text field Biography, without copying and pasting them, they will be deleted and the text will not be formatted correctly.


    That said, if you are reading this guide from Android o iOS, to do this, keep your finger pressed on the text, then select only the empty spaces inside the square brackets and tap the button Copy. On the computer, on the other hand, select the empty spaces with the mouse and then press the key combination Ctrl + C (Windows) or cmd + c (macOS).

    Now you need to paste the blanks in correspondence with the section text field Biography Instagram: to do it from Android or iOS, first presses the text field and then the voice Paste. On the computer, instead, press the key combination Ctrl + V (Windows) or cmd + v (macOS).

    Then type the text of the biography and, when you go to the end, paste the empty spaces again, so that the text to be written is centered. At the end of the customization, confirm the changes: to do this, press the button () on Android, on the button end on iOS, on the button Send that the Web is about endto Windows 10.

    Tips for making a bio on Instagram

    If you want to become famous on Instagram, you have to take into consideration that your profile bio is a great business card, so you have to take care of it at best.

    In this regard, I remind you that maximum can be entered in the Instagram biography 150 characters and these also include spaces, hashtags and mentions. Given the small box you have available to introduce yourself, the advice I want to give you is therefore to express clearly and concisely who you are and what your interests are (which you can possibly put in the form of a hashtag).

    Then indicate what work you do and why people should follow you. If necessary, if you wish to be contacted via email by companies for collaborations, enter an email address directly in the text field of the biography (or go to a company profile, to insert it in the appropriate section reserved for contacts). If, on the other hand, you want to be contacted via private messages directly on Instagram, indicate your willingness to receive the latter.

    Also, don't forget that if you have a website, you can promote it by inserting the link to it in the text field Website Web, which you always find in the profile editing section. In this regard, I talked to you in more detail about how to insert links on Instagram in this tutorial of mine dedicated to the topic.

    How to make a bio on Instagram

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