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    How to increase likes on Instagram for free

    Regularly create interesting and quality content

    How to increase likes on Instagram for free

    Since photos and videos form the main ingredient of Instagram, the best way to increase the number of "likes" is to regularly create interesting and quality content, making sure that they are also original, captivating and engaging for their audience.

    La quality of the photos and videos you post is something that you absolutely cannot overlook: the users who follow you (and not only) will express appreciation for your posts only if they meet their "beauty standards". Therefore, do not post photos or videos if they have obvious defects.

    In this regard, you may find it useful to read the information contained in my tutorials on how to look good in photos, how to take professional photos and how to take perfect selfies, as far as photos are concerned, and in my guides on how to shoot videos and how to edit videos. , as far as videos are concerned.

    Since it could happen to everyone to take some shots or some “unhappy” shots (even to professionals), it might be useful to make some adjustments to your shots and your videos before posting them on Instagram.

    To do this, you might use some photo editing apps (like Snapseed, available for both Android and iOS) or to photo editing programs, such as the very famous Photoshop e GIMP. In retouching your shots, however, be careful not to overdo it, otherwise you could distort them and make them look "fake". As for videos, however, I recommend that you turn to the apps to edit videos and to the programs to edit videos that I recommended in my dedicated tutorials.

    If you want to increase the number of likes on Instagram, it is also important that your content is published with a certain one regularity, otherwise your profile might seem neglected or even left on its own. If you get used to your audience to view new content, however, you will potentially increase your visibility and, consequently, you may receive a greater number of "likes" on Instagram.

    Write an engaging description

    How to increase likes on Instagram for free

    The description of the photos and videos posted on Instagram also has its importance. If you post a quality photo or video but not write an engaging description, you could risk frustrating all the efforts you have made to attract more "likes".

    What can you do to make your post description more engaging? One idea could be that of use an impressive title, so as to arouse the curiosity of users towards the published post. Another "trick" that will surely allow you to involve users with some ease is that of ask questions that encourage the public to express their opinion by leaving a like and / or a comment.

    Do you want me to give you some practical examples? Let's say you want to post a photo of a chocolate cake you made yourself. To engage users and get them to like them, you could use a description like “Homemade chocolate cake: would you like a slice? Say it with a like! ". You will see: by using formulas like this, you will be able to significantly increase the level of engagement of your audience and, consequently, the number of likes and comments that your posts will receive.

    If you want more advice on how to write effective posts on Instagram, take a look at the guide that I linked to you: there you will find other information that will certainly be useful in this regard.

    Use the right hashtags

    How to increase likes on Instagram for free
    Use the right hashtags is another trick that you shouldn't neglect if you want to increase likes on Instagram. Hashtags, if you don't know, are words or phrases (usually written in English) preceded by the symbol #, which have the function of "labeling" the contents posted on the social network, describing them and cataloging them in appropriate categories.

    As I have already explained to you in another guide, users use and follow hashtags to search Instagram for the content of their interest and it is for this reason that you would do well to use them wisely. To increase the chances of appearing in users' search results and, therefore, potentially increase the likes of your posts, you must however use hashtags that are not only popular, but also relevant to the content shared on your profile.

    To find out which are the most popular hashtags to use to describe your posts, you can use dedicated services, such as the very famous Top HashtagWebsta, or to apps for smartphones and tablets, such as HashTags for Instagram (per Android) e Top Tags (for iOS). In using hashtags, however, do not get caught up in the urge to simply use the most popular ones of the moment: try to also pay attention to their real relevance to the posts you publish, otherwise you run the risk of "deceiving" users with content that they have little or no connection with the searches carried out on the platform.

    Analyze the statistics

    How to increase likes on Instagram for free

    Analyze the statistics of your Instagram profile is important to understand which content interests the public. To access the statistical data of your profile, you must have a company profile (as I have already explained to you in another guide) and then you must go to the section Insights of your account.

    To do this, start the official Instagram app on your Android or iOS device, log into your account (if necessary), tap the button (≡) situato in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Statistics from the menu that appears laterally on the right.

    In the Contents, you can view the contents that have obtained greater visibility (to see them all, tap on the item Show all). Therefore, identify the posts that have achieved greater success, so as to understand the style and type of content to be published in the future.

    For more information on the Insights function of Instagram, consult the guide I just linked to you because it will certainly be very useful to you.

    Take advantage of the Stories

    How to increase likes on Instagram for free

    Since the Stories of Instagram have more and more visibility, often greater than that of the content shared in the feed, I recommend that you take advantage of the latter to inform users when you post new photos or new videos on your profile.

    To create a new Story, log into your Instagram account via the official app for Android and iOS, tap on thelittle man located at the bottom right and presses the button capacitor positive (+) lead placed on your profile picture (top left). Then enter the content of your interest in the Story (you can do it, for example, by taking the photo or video concerning the post in question from the Gallery of your device) and add a message using the function Aa to report new content in the feed.

    When you are ready to publish the Story, tap on the item The tua storia placed at the bottom left and that's it. If you want more information on how to create Instagram Stories, read the article I linked to you.

    Interact with other users

    How to increase likes on Instagram for free

    Don't underestimate the importance of too interact with other users liking their posts, commenting on them, tagging their accounts, and so on. If you interact with other users, in fact, you will be able to create a real community interested in your content.

    Not to mention that, interacting with others, you will create a sort of "boomerang effect", as other users will feel pushed to interact with your content, since you did it first with theirs. A clever way to attract new likes and, why not, even new followers without spamming your profile left and right, don't you think?

    Take a cue from the most popular content

    How to increase likes on Instagram for free
    Take a cue from the most popular content on Instagram, by going to look for them on the platform, it will certainly be useful for you to come up with new ideas about what to publish. Clearly I'm not pushing you to copy other people's ideas, but simply to practice the tricks that are used by successful instagrammers.

    To search for the most popular content of the moment, all you have to do is go to the section Explore of Instagram, which you can access by tapping on the icon of magnifying glass (in the social network app for Android or iOS) or by clicking on the icon compass (if you use its web version of the service).

    To receive more detailed information about the most popular content on Instagram, you can take advantage of services such as the very famous Iconosquare, which allows you to search for the most popular contents by filtering them based on the interactions they have managed to generate. Please note that the service is paid, as it costs $ 29 / month, but can be tried without restrictions for 14 days. .

    Don't buy likes

    How to increase likes on Instagram for free

    I'm sure you too have heard of some apps and some online services that allow you to buy like and follower packages (I have already talked about this in detail in another article, remember?). If you want some advice, avoid resorting to similar tricks to increase the number of "likes" on Instagram.

    For what reason you shouldn't buy likes? First of all, doing such an activity would be practically useless, if not to "inflate" the numbers of your profile a little. As these are "fake" interactions, in fact, you would not be able to determine what level of audience involvement you were able to reach, as these data would have been inflated by the "likes" you artificially obtained. As a result, you wouldn't be able to determine if the strategies you are adopting are the right ones, nor if the content you are posting is of interest to the community or not.

    It must also be said that Instagram does not look kindly on those who get likes and followers in an unethical way. Therefore, if the social network were to notice similar behavior, it could even close your account. Now it's clear to you why you should stay away from apps and services that allow you to buy and / or trade likes, right?

    How to increase likes on Instagram for free

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