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    How to grow on Instagram without bots

    Focus on the quality of the content

    Focus on the quality of the content it is the basis from which you must necessarily start if you want grow on Instagram without bots. Being a platform frequented by billions of users, in fact, it is not easy to emerge and only by focusing on the quality of the contents offered to the community it is possible to increase one's chances of success.

    To make quality content, of course, you need to have one smartphone with a good photographic sector or, even better, one professional camera (or semi-professional). If the equipment in your possession is not the best, consider the possibility of doing a hardware upgrade by purchasing a camera-phone or a camera: maybe take a look at the purchase guides that I have just linked to you, in order to purchases that are prudent and in line with the budget at your disposal.

    Having the right equipment, however, is not enough: you also need to know how to use it to avoid taking photos and videos out of focus, overexposed or underexposed, grainy or with other obvious defects. If you are not very familiar with making quality photos and videos, you can try to learn some basic techniques by reading the guides in which I explain how to take beautiful photos, how to take beautiful photos with your mobile, how to take videos with your mobile and how to look good. in the picture. I am sure they will be of help to you.

    Once you have created the content to publish on Instagram, be it a photo or a video, it would be a good thing to post-produce it to correct any defects. For this purpose I recommend you to use photo editing apps and programs and video editing apps and programs.

    I recommend, however, not to exaggerate too much with post-production: you risk making the content you publish seem "fake". Understood?

    Be regular in creating new content

    Be regular in creating new content is another important thing if you want to increase your popularity on Instagram: if your profile is characterized by little content, perhaps not very recent, it may seem neglected or even abandoned and you would hardly be able to attract the attention of the community (beyond than that of the Instagram algorithm, which for obvious reasons will not give much "weight" to your account).

    How can you be regular in creating new content? Try to put a kind of "black and white" publication calendar and decide at what times of the week to share new posts and stories. If you "get used" the community to see your content, it is more likely that users will start following you so as not to miss it.

    Interact with others

    Many resort to the use of Instagram bots to automate interactions with other people's content, so to comment, like and so on without having to "bother" personally. Very bad.

    Interact with others in a genuine way, without resorting to the use of bots is fundamental: first of all, interacting with the contents of other users, it is more likely that they will reciprocate; moreover, interacting with the right profiles (perhaps similar to yours in terms of posted content) you can advertise in an intelligent way and you even have the opportunity to establish friendships and collaborations, which can only help to increase your online popularity .

    Use hashtags correctly

    Also use hashtags correctly can contribute (and not a little) to the growth of your Instagram account. If you don't know, hashtags are words or phrases (generally in English) preceded by the symbol # that serve to categorize content: using the right hashtags, therefore, is essential to better index the photos and videos that are published on Instagram.

    Instagram allows you to enter up to a maximum of 30 hashtags for each shared post: you don't necessarily have to use so many, but at least try to include the most "labels" in the content descriptions Popular, as long as they are relevant with the photos or videos made.

    Speaking of the most popular hashtags, you can easily find them via services of the likes of All hashtag e Top Hashtage; as well as some some ad hoc apps, such as in Tags (per Android) e HashTag (for iOS). If among the most popular hashtags that you will be able to identify through the solutions just mentioned, you find some relevant to the post you want to share, use them as well.

    Maybe you can combine multiple hashtags to form a meaningful sentence. For example, if you post a photo of your cat approaching "dangerously" to a tub of water, you could "embed" the hashtags # cat, #cat, #water e #water in a sentence constructed like this: My #cat is not afraid of #water or My #cat is not afraid of #water.

    For more information on how hashtags work on Instagram and how to create a hashtag on Instagram, I refer you to reading the in-depth articles I have dedicated entirely to these topics.

    Sponsor some content

    Since, at least at the beginning, it is not at all easy to have good visibility on Instagram, sponsor some paid content it might come in handy to speed up the growth process a bit. Clearly, this must be done with criteria, taking into account the objectives to be achieved, the available budget, the target audience, etc.

    On Instagram it is possible to sponsor posts and stories in a quite simple way, using the integrated function in the official social network app and / or with some more advanced tools designed for companies that need to conduct real advertising campaigns on the photographic social network ( eg. Facebook Ads Management, which is the company to which Instagram belongs).

    I remind you that to sponsor on Instagram you must have a company account: otherwise, it will not be possible in any way to proceed with the promotion of posts and stories. Since the topic is quite vast and articulated, before sponsoring on Instagram I recommend that you consult the guide that I have dedicated entirely to the topic, so that you know exactly how you have to "move".

    Other useful tips to grow on Instagram without bots

    I conclude this discussion with other useful tips to grow on Instagram without bots: put them into practice and you will see that you will not regret it!

    • Analyze profile statistics - if you have a business account, you can consult the profile statistics, see which content interests your audience the most and which of these, therefore, could allow you to gain new followers. .
    • Make your profile more beautiful - choosing the right profile photo, curating the biography and feed of your profile, will make it more beautiful and attractive in the eyes of the community and, consequently, this could incentivize other people to follow you. .
    • Non compare follower - resist the temptation to resort to services and apps that allow you to buy packs of followers. By doing so, in fact, you will not get followers who are really interested in the content you publish and, above all, if you were "discovered" you could run into blocking or even closing your profile by Instagram. Then don't tell me I didn't tell you!
    • Do not give up - if you do not see concrete results in the short term, do not give up and continue to put into practice all the indications I have given you in this article: it is with the passage of time that you will be able to see some significant results.

    Further information on how to increase your visibility on Instagram can be found in the guide that I dedicated to the topic and that I have just linked to you.

    How to grow on Instagram without bots

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