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    How to get noticed by a famous person on Instagram

  • More tips to get noticed by a famous person on Instagram
  • How to get noticed by a famous person on Instagram

    If you wonder how to get noticed by a famous person on Instagram, let me give you several tips, hopefully useful, in this regard. By putting them in place, you will certainly have a better chance of attracting the attention of the character you admire so much. I cross my fingers for you!

    Follow the profile

    The first thing you can do to get noticed by a famous person on Instagram is certainly to start following him, in order to show him that you are his follower.

    To get started, start the Instagram that you downloaded on Android (from the Play Store or from alternative stores) and on iPhone (from the App Store), in order to log into your account. Alternatively, you can log in to Instagram from PC, by connecting to the Web version of the social network.

    At this point, identify the person of your interest through the Search Engine of Instagram (theicon of the lens of ingrandimento located at the bottom of the social network app or at the top, in its web version) by typing his own username in the text field and tapping on the corresponding search result.

    Now, to start following the person on Instagram, you just have to press the button Follow. From this point on, you will see all the contents of the new person being followed in both Feed that in the Stories of the social network: it will be important, in order to get you noticed, that you interact with them. For more details, read on.

    Respond to the stories

    As just said, a first solution that you can put in place to get yourself noticed by a famous person on Instagram is to interact with the content that this publishes. For example, you can start from stories.

    You can see the Instagram stories of the users you follow both through the social network app and from your computer, through the official Instagram site. Either way, all you have to do is log into your account and go to the section dedicated to Stories, located in the main menu of the social network, which is characterized by the succession of round icons depicting the profile photos of the users you follow.

    Then tap (or click) on these icons, to see all the stories published by the users you follow, which will follow each other automatically. To see, specifically, the story posted by the user of your interest, I suggest you go to his profile.

    Then type his username in the Instagram search engine and, on his account screen, tap on his profile picture: There will be new stories to view each time his profile thumbnail features a red border.

    Then I suggest you to interact with the Stories, in the event that there are elements of interaction, such as questions or surveys: the user who published the stories will know who interacts with them and this can certainly be a way to get noticed.

    You can also reply to stories with a message, regardless of the presence of questions or polls: in this case, tap the text field Send a message located under the story and press the button Submit to send it. You can also respond with a quick reaction by tapping one of the smileys that are shown to you, even if these are less effective than a reply message.

    Comment on posts

    Another piece of advice I want to give you, to get yourself noticed by a famous person on Instagram, is to comment on his post. In fact, famous people usually receive lots of messages and have a really hard time responding to everyone.

    By commenting on their posts, however, it is easier to be noticed, since there are fewer people interacting with them. Moreover, if your comment is really interesting, it could receive several "likes" and, therefore, be noticed by the VIP on duty.

    If you do not know how to comment on a post on Instagram, log in to your account through the social network app or through its official website, locate the profile and the post published by the user of your interest and then press on thefumetto icon, to view all comments. Now, type your comment in the text field that is shown below and click on the button Send, to send it.

    Send a private message

    After becoming familiar with the famous person of your interest, you can try to get noticed by sending her a private message (although, as mentioned, it is difficult to get noticed in this way). If you've already had previous contact with the user in question, however, you may have a better chance of receiving a response.

    To start, therefore, access Instagram through the smartphone app or through its official website, then press on theairplane icon located in the upper right corner. Then, in the menu that is shown to you, tap on thepencil and sheet of paper icon and type, in the next text field, the name of the user with whom you want to get in touch.

    Then refer to the text field at the bottom to type the message text and press the button Submit, to send it.

    More tips to get noticed by a famous person on Instagram

    After having implemented all the tips I told you about in the previous chapters, would you like other useful tips to succeed in getting yourself noticed by a famous person on Instagram? In this case, take a look at the general suggestions that you find in the following lines.

    • Don't be pushy and be patient: if you have contacted a very famous person on Instagram, it will be difficult for them to answer you or, at least, to do so in a short time. Therefore, I advise you to be patient and not to be insistent. Don't keep writing her other messages, in case she doesn't reply immediately: otherwise, you could get the opposite effect from the one you want and, indeed, in the worst case scenario you could even be blocked.
    • Be polite and polite: one of the general suggestions I want to give you is to always be kind and polite to people, whether it is to interact privately or publicly with them. Good manners always come first and are the basis of any type of relationship and communication.
    • Don't make grammar mistakes and don't use abbreviations: a good command of grammar and spelling are certainly an excellent business card. Therefore, pay attention to the form of the messages you send, otherwise your attempts to get noticed could lead you to be considered, but in a negative rather than a positive perspective.
    How to get noticed by a famous person on Instagram

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