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    How to follow on Instagram

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    Follow people on Instagram

    If you want to know how to follow on instagram first you have to keep in mind that there are several ways to do this. In the next few lines, therefore, we will first see together how to proceed from a smartphone, using the free app of Instagram for Android and iOS.

    Alternatively, to follow people (but also hashtags) you can act as a computer by downloading the application of Instagram through the Microsoft Store, if you have a computer with Windows 10 operating system or by connecting to the web version of the social network. I'll explain how to do it in this case too.

    Android and iOS

    If you want to follow people on Instagram, via the social network app, after downloading to your device, via the Play Store of Android or theApp Store of iOS, start it by pressing on its icon added to the home screen and / or to the drawer screen.

    Then log in to Instagram, by typing the account login data (username e Password) that you have previously registered; if you have created an account through your Facebook profile, log in with the latter by pressing on the item Continue like [tuo nome].

    Once logged in, you can follow people on Instagram by referring to the entry Advice for you which shows you a preview of some user profiles. If among these there is someone of your interest, click on the button Follow, to start following him.

    Alternatively, you can rely on the advice on the screen Suggested people which you can see by pressing on the wording Find people to follow located inside the screen with the symbol of a small house. If this item is not present, tap onicon of a little man located in the bottom menu, click on the symbol () that you find in the upper right corner and then, in the menu that is shown to you, tap on the item Suggested people.

    Through the cards suggested e Contacts (eventually consent to Instagram requests, by clicking on the item Connect your contacts) you can identify the names of some suggested people.

    To follow them, press the button Follow, in correspondence with a name or, through the form Contacts, do tap su Follow them all, to follow all the people on your contact list in the blink of an eye.

    The tips of Instagram present in the screen Suggested people are also visible in the section Tu which you can see by pressing onheart icon located in the menu below. Again, to follow them just press the button Follow, in correspondence with their name.

    Also, if you have recently joined Instagram, you can follow some people on Instagram starting from their stories. Go back to the main section of the social network (the symbol of a cottage), in order to see the stories posted by some Instagram users who, according to the algorithm, may be of interest to you.

    Then tap on the story and, if the user publishes content of your interest, press the button Follow which you can find at the top right, so you can start following it.

    The simplest method of all to follow people on Instagram is to locate their profile, through the internal search engine of the social network. To do this, press onmagnifying glass icon and then, in the text field that is shown to you, type the username of the person you are looking for, for example you can search for me by typing instagramleague.

    Once you have identified the user's profile, you can start following him by pressing the button Follow. After this operation you can also press on Follow, in correspondence with other users who are immediately suggested to you.

    To find other people to follow you can use the section Explore (visible by pressing the magnifying glass icon) which shows the most popular content uploaded by users. After tapping on the content of your interest, you can start following the profile of the person who published it, by pressing the button Follow.

    In addition to people, on Instagram it is possible to follow hashtags and to do this you have to use the search engine. For example, to follow the hashtag Milan and thus see in the stories of Instagram the corresponding contents published by users, press theicon of the lens of ingrandimento located in the menu at the bottom and, in the text field at the top, type #Milan. Then tap on the corresponding search result and press the button Follow that is shown to you.

    Also I remind you that, at any time, you can stop following a person or a hashtag on Instagram. To do this, just locate his profile, as previously explained and first press the button Follow already and then Don't follow anymore in the menu that is shown to you. In this regard, in case of doubts or problems about this last procedure, read my guide in which I explain how to stop following on Instagram.


    If you do not have the possibility to use Instagram through its free app for Android and iOS, to follow people or hashtags you can act from a computer, by downloading the application of Instagram through the Microsoft Store, if you have a computer with Windows 10 operating system or by connecting to the web version of the social network.

    In the first case, the use of the Instagram application for Windows 10 is identical to the app for Android and iOS. Then follow the instructions I gave you in the previous chapter, to identify the users on the social network and start following them.

    If, on the other hand, you have decided to use the Web version of the social network, access it through its official website, enter your login data, then use the text field at the top to type the name of the person you want to search for (to example you can find me how instagramleague). Once this is done, to follow a user, click on the button Follow in correspondence with his profile.

    You can also use Instagram's internal search engine to follow hashtags: in the latter case, type in the topic of your interest, for example #Milan and, once located, click the button Follow, to see the related content posted by users in Instagram stories.

    Alternatively, click thecompass icon located in the top menu: the section is shown to you Explore and also a short list of suggested people. First press on Show all, corresponding to the item Suggested people, to see a list of suggested users on the screen. To start following a person, click on the button Follow in correspondence with his name.

    In the Explore you can also see the most popular posts posted by some users. In case there is someone of your interest, click on it and start following the Instagram profile that published it, by pressing the button Follow in correspondence with his name.

    Do you want to unfollow a person or a hashtag on Instagram? No problem: locate the user's profile or hashtag via the search engine above and press the button Follow already. In case of doubts or problems, refer to my tutorial on how to stop following a person on Instagram or read my guide dedicated to the functioning of the social network.

    Follow all your Facebook friends on Instagram

    If you want to follow only Facebook friends on Instagram and you want to do it through the social network app or from your computer, you must have registered with Instagram through the latter or you must connect it later.

    Once this is done, from Android and iOS, go to the screen Suggested people, visible by pressing the ☰ icon on your profile screen and then tap on the tab suggested that is shown to you. Through the latter you can see the list of people recommended by Instagram. Friends of Facebook they are indicated to you by the wording Friends on Facebook: then press the button Follow, to follow the user you want.

    Via the Instagram app for Windows 10 the list of friends of Facebook subscribers to Instagram is visible in correspondence with the section Facebook friends, visible by first pressing on thelittle man icon at the bottom right and then onicon of the gear top right. Then press, also in this case, on Follow, to follow a desired user or on Follow them all, to follow them all at once.

    Acting through the version Web of Instagram, on the other hand, press compass icon in the top menu and displays the list of people suggested by clicking on the item Show all. Now press on Follow, to follow people marked with wording Friends on Facebook.

    Follow a private profile on Instagram

    Follow a person who on Instagram has the profile set as private is possible and the procedure is exactly the same as already explained. What changes is that, being a private profile, after pressing on Follow, you will be able to see the contents published by the user only if the follow request is accepted by the latter.

    Only follow those who follow you on Instagram

    Do you want to return the follow to Instagram users and follow those who follow you? It is possible and it takes very little time to do it.

    By acting through the Instagram for Android and iOS, but also from a computer (both via the app Windows 10 than from the site Web of Instagram), go to your profile and tap on the wording follower, so you can see the list of users who follow you. Then press on Follow, to return the follow and follow them in turn.

    In this regard, if you want to increase the number of followers, read my guide in which I give you some tips on how to do it.

    Follow on Instagram without being seen

    If your goal is to secretly follow someone on Instagram, know that you can't do it, or at least, not in the strict sense of the thing.

    Starting to follow a person on Instagram via the button Follow, the latter will be notified. That said, the only way to follow a person without being seen is to look at their profile, manually searching for them through the social network's search engine.

    But I remind you that, if you look at a user's story on Instagram, your name will be shown in the list of people who have seen it. So either you just look at the photos that you post in the feed, or, if you want to remain completely anonymous, you have to use tools that are used to see the stories without being seen.

    For example, among these is the Chrome extension IG Story Plus, which I told you about in this tutorial of mine, or the Story Saver for Instagram app, which I mentioned in my tutorial on how to see stories on Instagram without being seen.

    Other useful tips

    On the Internet there are various tools, such as software, applications for Android and iOS or online tools that are used to follow users on Instagram. Often, in fact, these are used to follow or stop following people, through automatic operations that are performed en masse.

    Their use, however, violates the terms of service of the social network and those who do not respect the rules are easily identified. In case of improper use, in fact, the social network team could limit some actions of your account, for example preventing interaction with other users. More serious cases can result in the temporary or permanent ban of the account. In this regard, I strongly advise against using such tools.

    How to follow on Instagram

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