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    How to appear in someone's Instagram tips

    How to appear among the suggestions of Instagram

    Before explaining to you how to appear in someone's Instagram tips, I have to give you some preliminary information about it.

    First, you need to know that when you start following a person on Instagram some suggestions of similar profiles are shown based on your contacts, interests and other parameters. These are, therefore, automatic suggestions that depend on the algorithm of Instagram and which cannot be adjusted on the basis of specific preferences.

    However, in order to appear among the suggested profiles of Instagram it is necessary to activate a special feature, available only on PC, on the official Instagram website and in its application for Windows 10. It is not possible to proceed through the Instagram app for Android and iPhone.

    To start, therefore, log in to your Instagram account, press onicona dell'omino or tuo profilo miniature located in the upper right corner and, in the menu that is shown to you, click on the item Profile.

    Now, tap on the item Edit the profile, put the check mark on the item Enter your account when you recommend similar accounts that people may want to follow and finally, press the button Send per confermare l'operazione.

    Tips on how to appear in Instagram tips

    After activating the feature relating to the possibility of appearing in Instagram suggestions, all you have to do is wait for the social network to recommend your profile to other people based on its algorithms. While waiting for this to happen, you can put in place some tricks for grow on Instagram, achieve greater popularity and thus have a better chance of appearing in the suggestions of others: here are some tips in this regard.

    Understand how Instagram algorithms work

    Understand how Instagram algorithms work, which determine what to show to other users, can help you make your profile more visible. Among the most important parameters taken into consideration by the algorithms of the famous photographic social network, we find those listed below.

    • Information about the content - among these are the popularity of the content (for example how many interactions it received), when it was published, whether it is a video or a photo, what geotag it has (if any), etc.
    • Information about the person who posted the content - one thing that affects a lot is how many times people have interacted with that person in the last few weeks.
    • Your own business - this helps Instagram algorithms understand what you might be interested in and includes signals such as the number of posts they liked.
    • Your interaction history with a user - this gives Instagram's algorithms an idea of ​​how interested you are in seeing a particular person's content.

    Taking these (and many other variables) into account, Instagram tries to predict how you might react with content. For more information on how the Instagram algorithm works, I invite you to read the post I dedicated to the topic, as well as the official Instagram blog.

    Create quality content

    The first tip I want to give you is very simple: constantly engage in the realization of high quality creative content.

    To do this, you must have a complete mastery of the well-known photographic social network, since only by knowing its functioning in detail will you be able to make the most of all its tools to create content that captures the interest of users.

    I am referring, for example, to the fact that su Instagram it is possible to range in the publication of different types of content, such as posts, stories, but also reels and IGTV videos. The difference between these types of content lies not only in the format, since, just to give an example, i post are contents that remain permanently in the Feed (unless you decide to delete them), while the stories are contents that remain visible to users for only 24 hours.

    In order to be able to create high-quality content, it is also essential to use the right tools both at the software and hardware level: I recommend that you evaluate the purchase of a professional camera or a smartphone with a high-level camera. 'last to be used in conjunction with apps that allow you to manually control shooting parameters, such as Camera FV-5 for Android or Halide for iOS.

    On the PC side, however, I suggest you use programs such as Photoshop, GIMP for photo retouching e Da Vinci Resolve for video editing. In the mobile environment, you can use graphics and video editing apps such as Snapseed (Android and iOS / iPadOS) or InShot (Android and iOS). Do not forget also, the possibility of using apps that help create stories in a more captivating way, such as Insta Story for Android and Made for iPhone.

    Get inspiration from trending content

    You have a creative block and have no idea what content is most popular on Instagram? To find the right inspiration, you can go to the section Explore, in order to immediately see at a glance what are the most popular contents on the photographic social network.

    To do this, first log in to Instagram via the smartphone app or its official website, then press theicona della lens d'ingrandimento located in the menu below (if you are using the smartphone app) or click on thecompass icon (from Web).

    You will thus be able to take inspiration for the creation of content in line with the most popular ones: I recommend, however, not to copy the works of others, but create your own style that stands out for its uniqueness.

    Interact with the community

    To achieve popularity on Instagram it is equally important to interact with the community, with the intent of building a relationship with your followers and also to get new ones.

    Precisely as regards the interaction, the well-known photographic social network owned by Facebook provides various tools, starting from "likes" and comments to shares, which can be made with regard to posts and / or stories of others. Set a good example to the community and be the first to interact with the content you deem worthy.

    To stimulate user interaction with the content you publish, however, you can use the tools made available in the stories, such as quizzes and surveys. In addition, you can also ask and / or receive questions, using the appropriate sticker and have a direct relationship with the community through live broadcasts.

    Use hashtags

    As for the possibility of reaching users, the advice I suggest you to implement is to make good use of the hashtag, i.e. labels that are used to categorize posts and to help Instagram users to easily identify the content of their interest.

    In the caption of Instagram posts you can enter a maximum of 30 hashtags: these, however, must be relevant with the published content, in order to avoid penalties: the massive insertion of irrelevant hashtags could in fact be considered an attempt to spam.

    In order to carefully select the hashtags to be included in the post description, it is possible to use online services such as Top Hashtag e All-hashtag, which allow you to search for specific keywords, in order to view related hashtags.

    Alternatively, you can use free apps for smartphones and tablets that perform a similar function: some that I recommend you use are HashTags for Instagram for Android (downloadable for free from Play Store but also from alternative stores) and Top Tags for iOS / iPadOS.

    Increase the coverage of your content

    Increasing the reach of published content and reaching a larger number of people is easier than expected - just use the default tool of Instagram which allows you to expand your audience by connecting your Facebook account.

    This feature can be activated through the use of the Instagram for smartphone. To get started, then, launch the app in question and log in to your account. Once this is done, press onicona dell'omino or tuo profilo miniature which you can see in the lower right corner and, reach the screen related to your profile.

    Then tap onmenu icon located in the upper right corner and press on the item Settings. Then reach the section Accounts> Linked Accounts and press on the item Facebook. At this point, all you have to do is log in to your profile or Facebook page.

    To terminate the link and activate the automatic publication of the content you publish on Instagram (both in post that in the stories) also on the main social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg, move on ON the levers located in correspondence with the words Share your Story on Facebook e Share your posts on Facebook.

    For other suggestions, then, I invite you to consult my guide on how to increase followers on Instagram.

    How to appear in someone's Instagram tips

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