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    App to increase followers on Instagram

    Tips to increase followers on Instagram

    App to increase followers on Instagram

    Before resorting to little "honest" gimmicks to increase your number of followers, I recommend that you implement the tips listed below. I am sure that by following these "tips" your number of followers will increase. Of course, you can't expect this to happen overnight, but with a little patience and constant commitment you too will be able to achieve the desired results over time!

    • Post interesting content on a regular basis - If you publish a post every now and then, you will hardly be able to "hit the mark". Therefore, regularly post well-made photos, take care of every little aspect of your shots and use the filters and other tools provided by Instagram to make the images you share with the community more attractive.
    • Get a cue from popular content - if you suddenly have a "creative block", take a look at the most popular content posted on Instagram. Maybe you could find some interesting ideas to start with to publish new interesting photos. To do this, you can use the internal search included directly on Instagram, or use third-party services, such as Iconosquare.
    • Use the right hashtags - by using the most popular hashtags on Instagram you can be more likely to appear in searches made by other users and, by gaining more visibility, you can increase your chances of getting new followers. To find out which are the most popular hashtags, you can use some online services such as Top Hashtag and All Hashtag. Furthermore, in the last part of this guide, you will also find some apps that can help you easily find the most popular hashtags. Make good use of it!
    • Connect your social profiles - if you share the content you post on Instagram also on other social networks, Facebook in the first place, you can increase the chances of having new followers for a very simple reason: your photos will be shared with a greater number of people.
    • Interact with other users - Instagram is, first of all, a social network and as such favors dialogue and communication (at least in theory!). Therefore, don't just like the content posted by other users; rather interact, comment and create interesting and relevant discussions. You will see that you will be noticed by other users, perhaps by those who have the same passions and interests as you, and maybe over time they may even become your fans.
    • Make good use of Live - take advantage of Instagram Live to interact more directly with the community. You could use this tool to ask users what content you would like them to cover on Instagram and, why not, even some suggestions on what to improve and how.

    If you want to read the "extended version" of this little vademecum, consult the article in which I explain how to be followed on Instagram: there you will find many interesting ideas that could really help you increase the number of people who follow you. It may also be useful to read the article on how to increase your visibility on Instagram.

    App to increase followers on Instagram

    If you are reading this second part of the article, obviously the advice I gave you in the previous paragraphs did not satisfy you (or you simply preferred to switch to the most "comfortable" solution, but certainly not the best). If so, you can install one of the following app to increase followers on Instagram and follow my instructions to make the best use of them. The solutions I am about to propose allow you to "buy" follower packages through virtual credits. Before folding how they work, however, I want to tell you that buying "fake" followers is of very little use. If you want to be really successful on Instagram, you would do well to implement the advice above; they are much more effective.

    Please note: The apps listed below allow you to have more followers as long as you become a follower of other users yourself. Also, after purchasing a follower package, it may take several minutes or even hours before you see your Instagram followers increase. Furthermore, the followers obtained with this kind of applications may stop following you at any moment.

    Real Followers Pro (Android)

    App to increase followers on Instagram

    One of the apps you can try to increase followers on Instagram is Real Followers Pro, a free solution that allows you to "buy" packages of followers with some virtual credits. To use this app you need to authenticate using your Instagram login credentials and follow the instructions I'm about to show you below.

    After installing Real Followers Pro on your device, start the app by tapping the button apri or by pressing on its icon located on the home screen and, on its home screen, enter your Instagram login credentials and then connect your account with the app using the button Login with Instagram.

    In the screen that opens after logging in, you will be offered Instagram profiles that, like you, have registered with Real Followers Pro. By pressing the button Follow, you will become a follower of the Instagram profile displayed and earn 3 coin thanks to which you will be able to buy 1 follower. If you don't like a certain profile and therefore want to switch to another, press the button Skip until you see a user you like.

    Once you have obtained a minimum of 30 coin, pig sul sul bottone Reedem (below), tap the green button Add [X] Followers and, as if by "magic", your Instagram profile will begin to populate with new followers who, like you, have become followers of someone else in order to obtain new virtual coins that can be spent on followers.

    Tips for Get Instagram Likes (Android)

    App to increase followers on Instagram

    Another application that allows you to artificially get followers is Tips for Get Instagram Likes. Don't be fooled by the very long name of this free solution, because its operation is quite simple. All you have to do to get new followers with Tips is to log in using your Instagram login credentials and like some content that is shown to you to get new ones. coin which you can use to gain new followers.

    After installing Tips for Get Instagram Likes on your smartphone or tablet, start the app, tap the center of the screen to log in, enter your Instagram login credentials in the screen that appears and tap the button Login. Once logged in, presses on the symbol of little heart to add your like to the content you see in the center of the screen and in this way you will get coins (+1 or +5).

    As soon as you have obtained a minimum of 100 coin, you will be able to buy new followers. To do this, press on the voice Followers (below) and, in the screen that opens, tap on +10 Follower if you want to get 10 new followers by paying 100 Coins or press on one of the other available packages (based on the coins in your possession and based on how many followers you want to buy).

    Other apps for Instagram

    In addition to the applications that promise to get new followers more or less easily, I would like to bring to your attention some free solutions that can help you find the best ones hashtag per Instagram, in such a way as to increase the number of people who follow you using a strategy that, in my opinion, is much more effective, intelligent and also honest.

    HashTags for Instagram (Android)

    App to increase followers on Instagram

    HashTags for Instagram is one of the best apps to search for the most popular hashtags on the well-known photo social network. Using this free solution is very simple: just identify a category of your interest, choose the most popular hashtags, copy and paste them on the posts you want to publish on Instagram.

    After downloading HashTahgs for Instagram on your smartphone or on your Android tablet, start the app and press on one of the many categories available (taking into account the topic covered in your post): Popular, to select the most popular hashtags at any given time; Nature, to use the hashtags used by nature lovers; Animals, to select the "labels" most used by animal lovers and so on.

    Once you have identified the hashtags that are right for you, tap the button Copy to copy all the tags you have selected to the clipboard and paste them into the Instagram post you were writing by keeping your finger pressed on the post and pressing the command Paste that appears on the screen.

    Likes for Instagram (Android)

    App to increase followers on Instagram

    Another very useful resource for searching for the most popular Instagram hashtags is Likes for Instagram, a free application that can be used after connecting your Instagram account to the app itself.

    After completing the download of Likes for Instagram on your device, start the app, enter your Instagram login credentials - username e Password - in the appropriate fields and presses the button Login with Instagram to authenticate you. After that, you will find yourself in front of an interface characterized by some boxes, each of which contains the hashtags belonging to a certain topic or sector.

    After identifying the topic that interests you the most (eg. Most Popular, Beach, Sunset, Good Morning, etc.), presses the button Copy to copy all the hashtags in the selected box to the clipboard and paste them into the post you were writing on Instagram by making a long tap on the post and pressing the command Paste that you see on the screen.

    Top Tags (Android/iOS)

    App to increase followers on Instagram

    Top Tags, a free app available for Android and iOS, is a valid alternative to the solutions I have proposed to you in the previous paragraphs. Top Tags offers a very simple and intuitive interface characterized by categories that have all the words in English. The operation of Top Tags is quite simple: you choose a category, copy the hashtags included through a special button and paste them into the post on Instagram.

    After downloading Top Tags on your device, start the app, scroll down the home screen and choose one of the categories from those available: Most popular, Natura, Pets, People, etc. After you have identified a topic that is quite suitable for the post you are writing on Instagram, tap on the item Copy and paste it into the post using the function Paste of your device. Nothing simpler!

    App to increase followers on Instagram

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